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Our 500 lb Puppy!

Best Pet!! Callisto- 6 month old black Angus bull calf. Callisto was born April 18th via c-section. His mom had fallen and broke her hip leaving us no other option but to take Callisto 3 weeks early. My father performed the c section along with myself and 2 brothers. It was a cold April night and we had a few neighbors commenting Callisto would never survive a day. 6 Months later he is a happy healthy calf that loves to sleep on our back porch. My wife is not fond of this as he is still a 500 lb calf not a puppy, but our kids love petting him. Callisto even made his way into the house one day when our 3 year old happily let him in. After that Callisto was put back in pasture to his dismay!

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