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2/20/17 | 10:38 AM
During World Wars I and II, men in rural America were called off the farm to serve their country. In response, millions of women came together to maintain the nation's food supply. Stephanie Carpenter is an associate professor of history at Murray State University. She researched and wrote a... listen now
2/20/17 | 9:26 AM
I rarely use an entire packet of vegetable seeds every year. Garden seed gets expensive so I hang onto them, thinking I’ll use them again the next year but I’m never sure if they’ll still germinate. Ward Upham is an Extension horticulturist at Kansas State University. He says a... listen now
2/20/17 | 9:17 AM
When there’s lots of snow on the ground and you’re just a little mouse, it’s tough finding your next meal. But if you happen to be scampering around fruit trees, dinner is served. Apple trees especially have thin bark and are very easy to chew on. Ward Upham is an Extension... listen now
2/20/17 | 9:08 AM
When Keith Helland goes camping, there’s fishing, hiking, and s’mores. And gardening. Keith and his wife JoAnne live in their RV at Three Fingers Campground near Forest City, Iowa, from April till October. He loves to grow things so when new owners took over the campground a few... listen now
2/20/17 | 9:02 AM
The vegetables you ate for dinner last night were probably a lot different than the veggies your grandparents would have eaten. Our food changes over time and so does our response to those changes. According to a study by the University of Texas, the nutrient content in food has declined... listen now
2/13/17 | 10:51 AM
If your garden or your crops haven’t been doing well, grab a handful of your soil. What do you see? You’ll probably say “dirt” and maybe even an earthworm, but soil has a lot going on that the eye can’t detect. What happens underground directly affects what’s... listen now
2/13/17 | 10:29 AM
Stan and Janetta Bauer of Bloomington, Illinois, started out raising sheep on their acreage. They hoped to spin the wool into yarn. But sheep weren’t the perfect fit the couple was looking for. Then a friend suggested they try alpacas.  Stan says twelve years ago, they bought two of them... listen now
2/13/17 | 10:21 AM
The term “stockmanship” is one of those words that’s hard to define. It’s usually associated with low-stress livestock handling while getting animals to do what you want them to do. However, it involves the whole life of the livestock in our care. Lee Jones is an... listen now
2/13/17 | 9:45 AM
Efficiently and economically producing crops and vegetables on a small-scale commercial farm is highly dependent on the tools that help you do the job. Andy Pressman is a sustainable agriculture specialist with the National Center for Appropriate Technology. He says when looking for the right... listen now
2/13/17 | 9:27 AM
A lot of our equine companions spend a good part of the day confined to their stall. A horse that’s coughing, wheezing, and has nasal discharge might appear to have a cold, but could in fact be reacting to dust in the barn.   Katy Ivester is a veterinarian at Purdue University. ... listen now


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