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3/11/19 | 11:11 AM
Far too many people these days are unaware of the role of agriculture in their daily lives, and what it really takes to have food on their dinner table. March 14th is National Ag Day. Go find farmers, give them big hugs, and thank these men and women for the food and fiber they produce for our... listen now
3/4/19 | 9:42 AM
You may have seen the little badge on a vehicle that says it’s has flex-fuel capabilities, or maybe you even own one. But how does this differ from a regular engine? Ray Bohacz is Successful Farming’s engineman. He says a flex-fuel engine allows the ability to run on any ratio of... listen now
2/26/19 | 9:32 AM
There’s no denying the bond between humans and livestock. Lisa Foust Prater is the family and farmstead editor for Successful Farming magazine. She lives on 40-acres in Iowa with her husband, three sons, and about a dozen cattle. A calf was born on the coldest day of 2018, and the kids named... listen now
2/19/19 | 3:51 PM
Every year, FFA chapters around the country celebrate National FFA Week. It’s a time for members to celebrate the role agriculture plays in their lives and share the message of agricultural education. This week, these young leaders will participate in activities with their state and local... listen now
2/13/19 | 11:02 AM
Before she gives birth, a cow should be in the best condition possible. Body condition scoring a pregnant cow gives you a good estimate of her nutritional status and energy reserves. Calf vigor at birth, the immune system response, and colostrum production are all closely related to the condition... listen now
1/14/19 | 9:51 AM
Remember when you had to use bunny ears to tune into a TV channel? If you tried it now you’d just get white noise because the channel frequency isn’t being used. A coalition of rural advocates called “Connect Americans Now” is working with Microsoft and other partners to... listen now
1/7/19 | 10:45 AM
Pigs don’t mind being out in cooler weather but when it’s downright freezing outside, they should be protected from the wind and provided with bedding. Unfortunately, pigs in close quarters spread diseases to each other, and if there’s a ventilation system, it provides an... listen now
12/17/18 | 10:47 AM
When you buy new tires for your vehicle, chances are they’ve been sitting on the shelf for years and they’re not new at all. All tires have an expiration date and if it’s been six-years or longer since their date of manufacture, tire integrity declines and safety becomes a gamble... listen now
12/10/18 | 1:21 PM
Fly fishermen depend on the right feathers in their flies to catch trout. Tom Whiting of Delta, Colorado is using his background in genetics to breed chickens that make good fly tying feathers. He sells his feathers in 42 countries and is one of only a few in the world who raise chickens for this... listen now
12/3/18 | 9:41 AM
An increasing number of plant fertilizer products touting microbes as the primary active ingredient are being marketed to growers. Claims are made that they’ll enhance anything from crop growth to nutrient uptake. Matt Kleinhenz is a professor and extension vegetable specialist at the Ohio... listen now


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