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6/12/15 | 3:31 PM
Container gardening is very popular right now and if you want to really make a statement with it, try “containerscaping.” The goal is to make your pots look cohesive with each other and the surroundings. Diane Blazek is the executive director of the National Garden Bureau. She says... listen now
6/12/15 | 3:23 PM
Flooding from a prolonged heavy rain, swollen rivers, and even levee breaches can ruin crops and create a real mess in farm fields. Farmers are left with the challenge of how to manage and revitalize their agricultural land so it’s productive again. Ken Olson is a retired soil scientist at... listen now
6/12/15 | 3:08 PM
It’s a hard life for honeybees. A tick-like parasite called the Varroa mite makes them sick, a lack of forage and habitat affects their nutrition, and even genetic weaknesses are stressing them out. Becky Langer is the manager of the North American Bee Care Program with Bayer Crop Science... listen now
6/12/15 | 3:01 PM
What documents and valuables would be hard to replace or leave you devastated if you lost them? Titles and deeds, savings bonds, birth certificates, and family heirlooms are just a few examples of things that should be protected in a safe. Having one in your home means fewer trips to the safe... listen now
6/12/15 | 2:52 PM
Smile at your garden and it’ll smile back at you – especially if you’re growing sunflowers. It’s interesting to watch them as they grow. The large flowers turn their faces toward the sun rising in the east when the plant is young. Once the stem becomes woody, the flowers... listen now
6/12/15 | 2:43 PM
JMB farms of Samson, Alabama has been in the Baxley family for 100-years. Joseph Baxley and his wife Melissa are the fourth generation to work the 80-acres of timberland and pasture. Joseph says his father and grandfather were in the cattle feeding business, but when he inherited the farm, he... listen now
6/8/15 | 9:29 AM
There have been many occasions where I’ve looked at the back of a vegetable seed packet and thought the plant spacing recommendation was ridiculous. If I followed it, I wouldn’t have enough room to get the yield I wanted. Larry Caplan is an extension horticulture educator for Purdue... listen now
6/8/15 | 9:17 AM
The next time you see a tree stump, count the rings and notice how they’re shaped. Trees don't say much, but they tell you a lot. Steve Leavitt is the associate director of the Laboratory of Tree Ring Research at the University of Arizona. He says the rings are loaded with lots of... listen now
6/8/15 | 9:02 AM
Moore Farms has been a locally-owned family farm in Manor, Georgia, since the 1940s. The original 30-acres of land grew tobacco and corn. Over time, the farm grew into several hundred acres of row crops and produce. Tim and Barbara Moore took over the farm in 2006 and converted it completely... listen now
6/8/15 | 8:57 AM
I have several sprinklers. There’s an oscillating unit to water my long, rectangular flower garden. I’ve got a small, circular sprinkler that puts out a fine spray for grass seed, and a pulse-jet sprinkler that the kids used to run through when they were little. Eric Liskey is a... listen now


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