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4/17/17 | 9:23 AM
There are three types of soybeans grown in the United States – one is grown by farmers for oil and livestock feed, some varieties are grown as forage, and the third is found in frozen food sections of the grocery store and on salad bars. It’s called “edamame.” These edible... listen now
4/17/17 | 9:15 AM
Jeff Frank and Kristin Illick live on land that has been in her family since the late 1800s. The Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, farm grew processing tomatoes for the Campbell Soup Company until the 1960s. The land became fallowed and trees took over the fields. A few decades later, Kristin and Jeff... listen now
4/17/17 | 9:09 AM
Strawberries are the most popular fruit in the home garden. They’ll grow nearly anywhere on any size plot, and even in containers. With proper care, each strawberry plant can produce a full quart of berries. Sarah Browning is an Extension horticulture educator at the University of Nebraska... listen now
4/17/17 | 12:00 AM
An heirloom, rare breed of pig called the Tamworth is regarded by many as the aristocrat of the pig world. This long-legged ginger pig with large pricked-up ears is suited to free-ranging and forest grazing, a perfect porcine for anyone who has a piece of overgrown land that needs clearing. They... listen now
4/10/17 | 3:03 PM
There’s a wide selection of lawn and garden fertilizers available, but you have to know what’s in the bag for the best results. On the label, you’ll see three letters - N,P, and K. “N” is nitrogen which supports green and leafy growth. “P” is phosphorous... listen now
4/10/17 | 2:50 PM
I’m like a kid in a candy store when spring comes and the garden centers are open. All too often I bring home a flowering plant that catches my eye and put it in the ground without thinking of how it will look in the grand scheme of things. Martha Smith is an Extension horticulture... listen now
4/10/17 | 2:41 PM
In 2009, Dan Dean and his wife, Laura Kelly, bought land for their dream farm in Winslow, Arkansas. Both are trained architects and built a cabin, canning shed, and greenhouse. In February of 2015, their dreams came to a screeching halt when Dan slipped and fell off the roof of the cabin. He was... listen now
4/10/17 | 2:30 PM
A garden tiller can be an important tool in cultivating weeds, working in compost, and starting new beds. As you’re shopping for one, consider the size and scale of the garden, how much money you want to spend, the soil type, and your own strength. Shane LaBrake is a consultant and expert... listen now
4/10/17 | 3:12 AM
There are three species of weasels in the U.S., and they're all good mousers. Stephen VanTassel is a wildlife damage management expert. He says weasels can best be described as paper towel tubes with legs – they're long, thin creatures. The long-tailed weasel can be as long as 17... listen now
4/3/17 | 10:33 AM
The spring flowers are poking out of the ground, you’ve been cooped up all winter, and you can’t wait to inspect them. Just don’t take your cat or dog out to the garden with you. Dr. Tina Wismer is the medical director for the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. She says their... listen now


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