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5/13/19 | 11:00 AM
The state of California produces 99% of the nation’s prunes, which start out as plums. While all prunes are plums, not all plums can be dried into prunes. Joe Turkovich is the chairman of the California Prune (Dried Plum) Board, and is also a full-time prune farmer on 220-acres in... listen now
5/6/19 | 12:19 PM
Anyone looking for certified organic row crop farmland is going to have a hard time comparing prices with comparable conventional farmland. Data service company Mercaris is partnering with People’s Company and Midwestern BioAg. They’ve launched an initiative called “Mercoterra... listen now
4/29/19 | 10:57 AM
When I was in 4-H, I had a simmental heifer that won several shows and went on to mother several nice calves. If you have high-value show animals and livestock, the ability to reproduce those coveted qualities in the next generation is important for your goals. What they eat matters because there... listen now
4/22/19 | 1:12 PM
Need some background income from your land? Make money growing elderberries on as little as an acre. Native elderberries grow wild in the United States and have been treasured for their anti-viral and anti-inflammation properties for thousands of years. The health benefits coupled with improved... listen now
4/15/19 | 3:24 PM
Martha Stewart was raised on a 5th of an acre in Nutley, New Jersey. The lifestyle mogul says her father was a backyard gardener. She developed a love and passion for growing things, and he taught her the foundation of practices she now uses on her 150-acre property in Bedford, New York. Stewart... listen now
4/5/19 | 3:21 PM
The Asian Longhorned tick is considered an invasive pest and was reported for the first time in New Jersey in 2017. However, researchers examined older tick collections and found that the Asian longhorned tick has settled in since 2010. The tick has spread to at least a half-dozen eastern states... listen now
4/5/19 | 3:10 PM
Rain, melting snow, mud, and tractors don’t play nice together. A tractor that becomes mired down in the muck will surely bring some high drama and a few choice words. But take a deep breath and figure out a plan that is safe and won’t damage the equipment. Kent McGuire is an ag... listen now
3/25/19 | 10:34 AM
Maintaining farm machinery isn’t as extensive as it was years ago, but there is a list of things to check before you fire it up for the first time in the spring. Ray Bohacz is Successful Farming magazine’s engineman. He says to do a thorough visual inspection on everything. Over the... listen now
3/11/19 | 11:11 AM
Far too many people these days are unaware of the role of agriculture in their daily lives, and what it really takes to have food on their dinner table. March 14th is National Ag Day. Go find farmers, give them big hugs, and thank these men and women for the food and fiber they produce for our... listen now
3/4/19 | 9:42 AM
You may have seen the little badge on a vehicle that says it’s has flex-fuel capabilities, or maybe you even own one. But how does this differ from a regular engine? Ray Bohacz is Successful Farming’s engineman. He says a flex-fuel engine allows the ability to run on any ratio of... listen now


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