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5/18/15 | 9:44 AM
I learned about vertical gardening several years ago when someone posted a picture on Facebook of plants growing out of rain gutters. The gutters were attached to the side of a house and lettuce was growing out of them. Shawna Coronado has written a book called “Grow a Living Wall”,... listen now
5/18/15 | 1:50 AM
Enjoy your property even more by building a mountain bike trail on it. This might ben convince the kids to shut off the video games and go outside. Woody Keen is a past president of the Professional Trailbuilders Association.  He says a mountain bike trail can be a natural jaunt through the... listen now
5/11/15 | 11:04 AM
Fresh ginger is great to cook with and it’s not hard at all to grow. Buy the knobby-fingered herb once, and you’ll never go without. Joe Masabni is a small acreage vegetable specialist with Texas Agrilife Extension. He says you don’t have to buy it specially online, you can... listen now
5/11/15 | 10:54 AM
Good things often happen unexpectedly. Ryan Fitzgerald of Tulsa, Oklahoma, helped a friend of his parents fix computer issues on a tool called a “plasma cutter”. Ryan says when he discovered the tool would cut metal, one thing led to another, and he began using the plasma cutter to make... listen now
5/11/15 | 10:45 AM
I find pulling weeds by hand very therapeutic. It’s relaxing, it’s good for my garden, and I don’t have to think. But not everybody feels that way and would rather be doing anything but that. Fortunately, there are ways to make the process easier. Amanda Taylor is an extension... listen now
5/11/15 | 10:37 AM
A clean garden pond is a healthy garden pond. Even if the water looks pristine, there are areas the pond filter can’t get to because filters aren’t very good at removing settled debris. The muck that collects on the bottom and between the rocks can become a breeding ground for harmful... listen now
5/11/15 | 10:26 AM
After eating hay all winter, the cattle will be giddy the first time you turn them out on pasture. They’ll suck down the lush, green forage like it’s their last meal. Unfortunately it might be. A condition called “bloat” happens when gas develops from eating high-protein... listen now
5/11/15 | 10:05 AM
My friend Bob, uses the end products of his livestock to fertilize the fields. He has a manure tank with an injector for hog manure, and a manure spreader for the sheep manure and bedding. He applies as soon as the ground thaws and then works it into the soil. Tamilee Nennich is an extension... listen now
5/11/15 | 3:12 AM
I often see bats swooping around our backyard at dusk, going after insects. We don't mind the bats at all and enjoy watching them – as long as they don’t get in the house.     One way to discourage them from invading your space is to put up a bat house. Rob Mies is the... listen now
5/8/15 | 3:49 PM
Millions of poultry around the country are being destroyed because of the avian influenza virus. Some states have declared a "state of emergency" as it spreads from farm-to-farm. Radio editor Jodi Henke talked with virologist Dr. KJ Yoon at Iowa State University's College of... listen now


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