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9/6/16 | 1:25 PM
My gardens are shabby by this time of year. I’m pretty good with weeding till about August, then give up. This year I'm making an effort to keep going, because fall is the time when perennial weeds explode in root growth and seed production. For example, one Canada thistle will produce... listen now
9/6/16 | 12:34 PM
When you hear the term GMO, do you understand what it is? GMO stands for “Genetically Modified Organism”, which is a specific trait added to a plant to provide a benefit such as insect and disease resistance, drought tolerance, and weed resistance. GMOs were created to help farmers be... listen now
9/6/16 | 12:28 PM
The leaves on the linden tree in my back yard are looking pretty chewed up. They’re shredded and have lots of holes in them. This is normal for that tree, but some people become alarmed by what can look like severe damage. Kelly Feehan is an Extension horticulture educator at the... listen now
9/6/16 | 12:22 PM
I love the smell of candles, and those made from beeswax have a natural, sweet aroma. If you have beehives you can make your own candles. Honeybees bring nectar to the hive and eat it. Their wax glands convert the sugar into wax. It seeps through their pores as tiny flakes, and the bees use it to... listen now
8/29/16 | 4:18 PM
Land owners can tell a lot about the health of the water in a stream or pond by color, water clarity, and dissolved oxygen levels. But there’s another good indicator – bugs. Dip a cup of water and look closely at the sample. It should be teaming with tiny life. If you have pollution,... listen now
8/29/16 | 4:12 PM
The benefits are many when you grow produce under a high tunnel. Season extension, pest management, harvest quality, and yield.  But one disadvantage of a high tunnel is soil sustainability. When you grow several crops and do a lot of tilling, you’re quickly depleting the soil. Joe... listen now
8/29/16 | 4:06 PM
Livestock will need a vaccine or other medications at some point in their life, and some producers do the injecting themselves rather than hiring a veterinarian. It may save time and money, but it also creates the risk of an accidental needle stick in you if you’re not careful. Jeff Bender... listen now
8/29/16 | 3:58 PM
Lexi Delaney has been around hogs and cattle all of her life. She grew up raising the animals on the family farm near DeWitt, Iowa. Lexi showed pigs in 4-H and FFA, and is now an animal science major at Iowa State University so she can continue her passion for pigs in a future career. But there... listen now
8/29/16 | 3:53 PM
I have a variety of pruning tools that I use for deadheading flowers, trimming bushes, and snipping off unwieldy small tree branches. Sometimes I wonder why I need all these different devices, but it’s important to have the right one so you make clean cuts and not injure the plants.  ... listen now
8/29/16 | 11:21 AM
I've put young dandelion leaves on my salad before. It's interesting how a common weed can add so much flavor. I know there are more wild plants I could eat, and I'd like to learn what they are and how to do it. John Kallas is the director of Wild Food Adventures. He educates people... listen now


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