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10/12/15 | 11:58 AM
The weather phenomenon called “El Nino” is here and is expected to hang around until at least early 2016. In a nutshell, El Nino is the warming of waters in the central Pacific Ocean which affects weather over much of the Western hemisphere.   Jerry Lehnertz is a vice president... listen now
10/12/15 | 11:34 AM
There’s a bacterial disease in wildlife called rabbit fever that’s been around for a long time and reported in every state except Hawaii. It can be transmitted to humans and make you really sick. Kelly Rockwell is the manager of the Wildlife Medical Clinic at the University of... listen now
10/12/15 | 11:16 AM
I’m not a fan of spiders. I know they’re beneficial to have around, but just the sight of them makes me cringe. If I ever see a black widow, I’ll probably pass out. Holly Schwarting is an entomology research assistant at Kansas State University. She says black widows are fairly... listen now
10/12/15 | 3:07 AM
I can't imagine what it's like to spend hundreds of dollars on fish for your garden pond and watching a blue heron snatching it out of the water. I have seen a few blue herons at my local lake snatching bluegills. They’re beneficial by eliminating the smaller fish, allowing others to... listen now
10/2/15 | 4:30 PM
A couple of years ago my son’s friend hit a deer. Fortunately, Lucas wasn’t hurt, but the front end of his car wasn’t so lucky. As deer move between their bedding and feeding areas, they sometimes cross the road and end up in the path of a vehicle. Terry Messmer is an Extension... listen now
10/2/15 | 1:07 PM
It should be obvious to people that they shouldn’t hunt, fish, or simply wander on to private property without the owner’s permission. But, we don’t live in a perfect world. And sometimes folks honestly don’t know that they’ve crossed onto your land. Posting “no... listen now
10/2/15 | 10:34 AM
Jennifer and Jason LittleBear of Copley, Ohio, are providing their community with innovative food from old-world animals. Jennifer is the 4th generation on a 22-acre farm that has been in her family for over 100-years. She says they refer to it as a “heritage farm” because of its... listen now
10/2/15 | 3:07 AM
A couple of years ago I saw my cat crouching, and sitting very still. She was obviously intrigued by something. My investigation found that she was watching a stream of ants marching into my kitchen. Holly Schwarting is an entomology research assistant at Kansas State University. She says it may... listen now
10/2/15 | 1:53 AM
It makes me nervous when I see someone mowing a steep ditch, or just driving a tractor sideways across a hill. It takes a lot of safety-sense to avoid turning over on the machine. Dick Parish is an ag engineering consultant and says the first thing you need to do when operating on a slope is to... listen now
10/2/15 | 1:46 AM
My favorite activity in the fall is going to a bonfire. We roast hotdogs and marshmallows and everybody has a great time. Tony Collins is a fire marshall for Clive, Iowa. He says before you strike the first match, find out if it's legal to build a bonfire on your property.  You may need... listen now


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