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4/13/15 | 1:07 AM
I heard about a guy in Minnesota who planted a grove of new trees on his acreage. He went out on his porch one morning to drink his coffee and found all the trees had been cut down by beavers overnight. Not only can beavers level a row of trees, their dams can raise the water level of your pond... listen now
4/13/15 | 12:08 AM
I love listening to the chorus of bullfrogs especially when we go camping. The male's call is deep and distinctive. It's designed to attract a mate and let other bullfrogs know where its territory is. They tend to live in vegetation along the edges of slow moving bodies of fresh water. When... listen now
4/13/15 | 12:00 AM
Keep your horses sure-footed with a regular pedicure. A hoof pick is probably the most important tool in a horse grooming kit. The hooves need to be picked out after every ride or walk to prevent infection and sore spots. Use the pick from the top of the hoof toward the back. Don’t go the... listen now
4/13/15 | 12:00 AM
Over a-hundred years ago, the red glow of a fire on the horizon would put fear into anyone who saw it.  It’s still shocking to see, but a controlled fire is one way to get rid of unwanted vegetation. Burning also releases the nutrients bound up in the plant litter, stimulating vigorous... listen now
4/6/15 | 11:37 AM
I admit, I’ve planted flowers in pots that I’ve used for years and years without ever even rinsing the pots out. Sometimes the flowers got sick. Was it because the plant was already infected, or was it because the pot was harboring something nasty? Brian Hudelson is the director of... listen now
4/6/15 | 11:28 AM
Chickens have almost become a status symbol for many homeowners. A lot of families are setting up chicken-keeping, and hopefully they’ve done their homework before taking on the responsibility.   Phil Clauer is an extension poultry specialist at Penn State University. He says all too... listen now
4/6/15 | 11:19 AM
The soft, fuzzy flowers that pussy willows produce are among the first signs of spring. The flower clusters are called “catkins,” and I remember picking them when I was little and rubbing them against my face. I still love the plant, but now I just have a few stems in a decorative... listen now
4/6/15 | 11:09 AM
I take great pride in my yard. As soon as spring starts to poke through, I pick up debris and rake the grass a bit to fluff it up if it’s matted down. Then, I move on a few other steps with the goal of having a nice, green carpet for the rest of the season. Lance Walheim is the garden... listen now
4/6/15 | 10:58 AM
Cutting up trees for firewood or milling lumber takes a lot of labor. Using a chainsaw is far easier than an axe, but you still have to drag the logs to where you want them, cut them up, and then lift them in the back of the truck. Kevin Boyle is a senior designer with WOOD magazine. He says a... listen now
4/6/15 | 10:41 AM
Real Kentucky moonshine is born from old family recipes. Wade Daniels of Waynesburg, Kentucky, and his wife Julie bought a 40-acre farm several years ago. He was ready for retirement and looking for something he could make money with on the farm. He knew he was good at making corn whisky, and... listen now


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