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6/8/15 | 8:57 AM
I have several sprinklers. There’s an oscillating unit to water my long, rectangular flower garden. I’ve got a small, circular sprinkler that puts out a fine spray for grass seed, and a pulse-jet sprinkler that the kids used to run through when they were little. Eric Liskey is a... listen now
6/8/15 | 8:48 AM
Around ten-years ago we put a new deck on the back of our house. It’s the typical rectangular design and looks like every other brown, wooden deck. The latest decking trends indicate if we were to build it now, it would probably look a lot different. Adam Zambanini is the vice president of... listen now
6/8/15 | 8:41 AM
The Agricultural Conservation Easement Program, or ACEP, is helping farmers and ranchers stay in agriculture while protecting wetlands, wildlife, and plant species on their land for future generations. Jessica Groves is the acting director of the Easement Programs Division of the Natural... listen now
6/8/15 | 1:37 AM
What kid isn't excited when they get a new horse? Unfortunately, children often can't separate their excitement from safe behavior. Without proper safety education, there's the potential for tragedy. David Schweitz is the executive director for Farm Safety-4-Just Kids. He says the... listen now
6/1/15 | 10:42 AM
The next time you're in the library, see if you can check out garden seeds along with your books. Seed lending libraries are sprouting up around the country to offer free packets of seeds, with the intent that the borrower bring back some seeds from the next generation of plants. Some of the... listen now
6/1/15 | 9:51 AM
There once was a sassy woman named Lucy Morrison Moore who homesteaded her own sheep on a ranch during the 1880’s in Wyoming. She was known as the “Sheep Queen of Wyoming”. According to legend, it was a man’s world and she had to overcome many things in order to hang onto... listen now
6/1/15 | 9:41 AM
You’re probably familiar with companion planting in the garden, where two or more species of plants are in close proximity to each other to provide natural pest control. For example, collards planted around cabbage have been shown to protect the cabbage from the diamondback moth. Annette... listen now
6/1/15 | 9:32 AM
Hedges are quite useful in the landscape. They can provide privacy, hide an unpleasant view, trap snow, and provide habitat for wildlife. Spring is the best time to plant a hedge. Richard Jauron is an extension horticulture specialist at Iowa State University. He says the main consideration when... listen now
6/1/15 | 9:25 AM
When you’ve spent a lot of money and time on koi and other fish for your garden pond, the last thing you want is some critter fishing them out for a meal. Erik Tate is the operations manager of a website called He says garden pond predators vary, depending on what area of... listen now
6/1/15 | 9:20 AM
One of my favorite vegetables is called the “lunch box pepper.” I’ve bought them at the farmer’s market, and love their small size because it makes them perfect for a quick, healthy snack. Steve Bellavia is a researcher with Johnny’s Selected Seeds company in Maine... listen now


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