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5/8/15 | 3:49 PM
Millions of poultry around the country are being destroyed because of the avian influenza virus. Some states have declared a "state of emergency" as it spreads from farm-to-farm. Radio editor Jodi Henke talked with virologist Dr. KJ Yoon at Iowa State University's College of... listen now
5/4/15 | 10:38 AM
We had chickens when I was a kid and many of them became pets. They were eventually meant for the freezer, so it was a good lesson in the food chain and the circle of life. Melissa Caughey raises pet chickens in Massachusetts, and has written a book called “A Kid’s Guide to Keeping... listen now
5/4/15 | 10:27 AM
I’ve been growing raspberries in a container on my deck for several years. It’s a hardy, compact bush that puts out a few dozen berries. I just eat them right off the plant – if I can get to them before the birds do. Leonard Perry is an extension horticulturist at the... listen now
5/4/15 | 10:19 AM
It doesn’t matter if you have just a few grapevines or a vineyard that goes on for acres, there are diseases that will attack your grapes if you’re not vigilant in protecting them. Black rot, powdery mildew, phomopsis, and downy mildew are just a few of the fungal diseases that can ruin... listen now
5/4/15 | 10:08 AM
Valeria Barton Pitoni knew there had to be more to life than punching a clock and sitting at a desk all day long. With her children and husband Rich, the family bought a farm near Henderson, Tennessee. Over seven-years, they were busy renovating the house and buildings, and they added animals... listen now
5/4/15 | 9:50 AM
We have a gas grill and use it year-round. I’d love to add other appliances and have a kitchen outside on the patio. I’m not the only one. Consumers are adding small outdoor refrigerators and pizza ovens to reduce trips back into the kitchen. Jim Ginocchi is the president of Coyote... listen now
5/4/15 | 1:45 AM
I’ve seen lichens on some of my trees. I’m never sure if I should remove them, or if it means the tree is rotting. Extension educator David Goerig at Ohio State University says to leave lichens alone. They won't hurt the tree. He says to also think of lichens as the "canary... listen now
5/4/15 | 1:37 AM
As the weather warms up you’re probably planning how you’re going to condition and use your horses. We’re also not too far away from mosquito season and the diseases they can transfer. This is an excellent time to give your horses a spring wellness exam. Becky Bott is an... listen now
4/27/15 | 10:17 AM
I’ve been trying to get rid of a lilac bush that grew out of control and wasn’t in a good spot anymore. A couple of years ago I cut the whole thing down to ground level, thinking that should kill it. But no – it came back stronger than ever. Lilacs obviously enjoy a good haircut... listen now
4/27/15 | 10:07 AM
Erin Houghton of Adel, Iowa, was looking for a project for her three kids, ages 14, 7, and 8. The older child had been showing cattle and hogs, but the two little ones also wanted animals to care for on their 10-acre farm. They began researching rabbits and decided on the Angora breed. They... listen now


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