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11/10/14 | 11:59 AM
Paddlefish are found in 26 states that have a connection with the Mississippi River basin, but their numbers in the wild have been declining. However, this dinosaur-age fish, an ancient cousin to the sturgeon, is becoming a hot commodity in fish farming. Steve Mims is a professor of aquaculture... listen now
11/10/14 | 9:48 AM
After living in big cities and working for large companies for many years, Bob and Sally Fitz wanted to go back to Bob’s rural roots with a farm to call their own. They found 63-acres of beautiful terrain near South Amherst, Massachusetts, and grow pumpkins, garlic, and many varieties of... listen now
11/10/14 | 9:35 AM
Many honeysuckle species are revered for their sweet scent and beauty. The Amur honeysuckle is not one of them. It’s an invasive, aggressive shrub that can grow to 20-feet tall. Ryan McEwan is an associate professor of environmental ecology at the University of Dayton in Ohio. He says the... listen now
11/10/14 | 9:24 AM
Every year, producers have concerns about storing large round hay bales and how to reduce spoilage. Round bales usually suffer greater losses than smaller rectangular bales because they tend to stay outside and uncovered between baling and feeding. Karla Hernandez is a forages specialist at... listen now
11/10/14 | 12:37 AM
Take a good look at your corn before feeding it to livestock, and inspect it for clumps of mold. Moldy corn increases the risk of mycotoxin formation, which can cause health problems in animals that ingest it. Dairy Specialist Mike Hutjens at the University of Illinois says there are four common... listen now
11/4/14 | 10:28 AM
Just because winter’s coming on doesn’t mean you have to say farewell to your favorite outdoor container plants. Jane Miller is a senior associate garden editor for Better Homes and Gardens magazine. She says if you’re moving a tropical plant back inside for the winter, the... listen now
11/4/14 | 10:19 AM
Farming and tourism often go hand-in-hand. Or in some cases, “hay-in-hand”. Nick Hunter of Chariton, Iowa and other creative locals took part in a hay bale art contest throughout Lucas County. Giant snowmen, cats, and caterpillars are just a few of the 31 cleverly decorated sculptures... listen now
11/4/14 | 9:55 AM
When you’re working up a sweat doing the chores it shouldn’t be because of your clothes. Misty Otto is the public relations director for Dickies clothing. She says to think of yourself as an athlete when you’re working hard outside, because you’re looking for the same... listen now
11/4/14 | 9:42 AM
More and more land is being converted for growing crops. But with the rising price of all meat animals, livestock owners are looking to maximize productivity with the amount of grazing land available. Paying attention to the latest forage research and trends can help you achieve your goals.... listen now
11/4/14 | 9:33 AM
Our family moved to a bigger home several years ago, which also included a sloping,  expansive yard. I’m the one who usually mows and all we had was a push mower. I didn’t want to spend all day breaking up a sweat every time I mowed, so it was time to buy a lawn tractor. However,... listen now


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