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2/19/16 | 10:51 AM
Rachyl Travis of North Scituate, Rhode Island is only 13-years old, but can tell you everything you want to know about making soap from goat milk. She got her very first dairy goat when she was seven-years-old, and two-years later, that number rose to ten. Rachyl says as the herd grew, she had a... listen now
2/19/16 | 10:41 AM
We don’t often think of cattle as becoming infected with rabies, but it does happen and producers need to be aware of that. Wildlife such as skunks, raccoons, and foxes are typical carriers of the disease. If they wander into the pasture, they could bite a curious cow and pass along the... listen now
2/19/16 | 10:36 AM
The growing season begins early when you have a greenhouse. Getting the seeds and transplants off on a healthy start depends a lot on how you manage your watering schedule. Tim Coolong is an extension vegetable specialist at the University of Georgia. He says especially for the small-scale... listen now
2/19/16 | 9:46 AM
If you saw the movie “Farmland”, you know it was meant to connect viewers with people who grow and raise our food. Many people have never stepped foot on a farm and don’t know that 95-percent of the farms in the U-S are family-owned. Nancy Kavazanjian with the U.S. Farmers and... listen now
2/19/16 | 9:39 AM
Crop insurance is a safety net for farmers to protect them from the adverse effects of unpredictable weather. It’s typically been designed for traditional commodities such as corn and soybeans. Growers that produce fruits and vegetables and other specialty crops haven’t had many options... listen now
2/19/16 | 9:33 AM
Talk to any landowner and you’ll probably get an earful about fences. There is no perfect fencing that will fit everyone, especially when livestock and pasture needs change over time. However, cross fences provide pasture management flexibility. They’re installed inside a perimeter... listen now
2/15/16 | 10:23 AM
Got a pasture that’s looking beat up with a lot of bare spots? Spread seed on it now and you’ll have new growth in the spring. This renovation method is called “frost seeding”. Duane Miller is an ag Extension educator at Penn State University. He says seed is put down... listen now
2/15/16 | 10:14 AM
The ring bearer of a wedding in Virginia last summer was really hairy. His name was Tryion and his buddy Sonny – equally as hairy – walked up the aisle with him for moral support. These two are alpacas, owned by Jim and Lisa Beck of Goode, Virginia. The Beck’s have 22 alpacas... listen now
2/15/16 | 10:08 AM
People who live within city limits but want to raise chickens, bees, and other agricultural products are often prohibited from doing so by local zoning ordinances. Gary Taylor is an Extension community and regional planning specialist at Iowa State University. He says most zoning codes that... listen now
2/15/16 | 9:57 AM
Good nutrition and a balanced diet are important for all dogs, but especially for pregnant dogs that need the extra energy. Sarah Abood provides nutritional consultations for small animal patients at the Michigan State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. She says gestation in most dogs... listen now


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