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4/25/16 | 2:31 PM
Bluegill and other sunfish are common species in ponds, but there are benefits to stocking hybrid sunfish. Michael Masser is a fisheries specialist with Texas Agri-life Extension. He says the most common hybrid sunfish is a cross between a bluegill sunfish and a green sunfish. Pond owners like... listen now
4/25/16 | 10:59 AM
When I was at my local nursery last spring, I saw they had celery transplants. I’ve never tried growing celery so I thought what the heck, I’ll give it a try. We had a fairly wet summer, so it grew pretty well. Brad Bergefurd is an extension horticulture educator at Ohio State... listen now
4/25/16 | 10:49 AM
Chicken feeders come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  One problem with tube feeders is that they can become clogged if you’re feeding mash, and the chickens can’t get to the feed. Wayne Martin is an extension alternative livestock systems specialist at the University of Minnesota... listen now
4/25/16 | 9:59 AM
Backyard beekeeping is a popular hobby, and people who breed honeybees are working hard to ensure you’ll have successful hives for years to come. Jim Tew is the state beekeeping specialist for Alabama Cooperative Extension. He says there are two basic herds of honeybees – managed,... listen now
4/25/16 | 9:48 AM
The land on Polyface Farm of Swoope, Virginia has been worked for over two-centuries. You’d think it would be tired out, but owner Daniel Salatin says they’re healing the land and the food it produces. All they’re doing is following nature’s template to capture nutrients... listen now
4/25/16 | 3:12 AM
Sometimes creating a good wildlife habitat is about taking away rather than adding.  Strip disking gets rid of thick mats of grass, briars, and shrubs. It stimulates the soil and regenerates valuable cover and food. Wildlife Specialist Brian MacGowan at Purdue University says strip disking... listen now
4/18/16 | 4:15 PM
American Lowline cattle are a great fit for a small acreage owner who wants to raise beef but doesn't have a lot of space. Lowlines are related to the Angus breed but more compact, with shorter legs and smaller bodies. A full-grown Lowline cow weighs about 900-pounds, and stands about 45-inches... listen now
4/18/16 | 12:49 PM
I have a large bin composter that turns my kitchen scraps into black gold for the garden. I know many of you have compost piles. But if you don’t have the room or don’t want the sight of it, dig a trench and bury your compost pile underground. Earthworms and microorganisms in the soil... listen now
4/18/16 | 12:40 PM
There is tremendous value in timber. It can fund your dreams or become a legacy for your grandchildren. It also brings out crooks who steal trees or don’t pay you for what they’re worth.   Jesse Randall is an extension forester with Iowa State University. He says timber prices... listen now
4/18/16 | 12:33 PM
Given the opportunity, goats will eat just about anything. But that doesn’t mean they should. Goats need good nutrition to be healthy just like any other animal. Susan Schoenian is an extension sheep and goat specialist at the University of Maryland. She says when the pasture’s... listen now


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