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3/16/15 | 9:17 AM
Keep an eye on your pet from your smart phone. Most GPS pet trackers snap onto their collars, and communicate with a phone app. The information transmitted can lead you right to them if they decide to run off.   Jeff Zoltara is the vice president of marketing for a pet tracker company called... listen now
3/16/15 | 9:12 AM
When the burly Vikings settled in Iceland more than a-thousand years ago, one of their prized possessions was a chicken with reliable mothering skills and capable of feeding itself. Icelandic chickens nearly became extinct by the 1950s. Those that exist today are descended from a very small... listen now
3/9/15 | 9:48 AM
If the kids say they’re bored all summer, hire them to work on the farm or in your family business. It’s a win-win. Kids develop a work ethic, and learn money management skills. By providing a wage, parents benefit by shifting income to a lower tax bracket. Larry Gearhardt is the... listen now
3/9/15 | 9:41 AM
Moles are strange looking animals. These small, furry critters have beak-like noses, tiny eyes, and huge paddle-like front feet with large claws. They live their lives constantly burrowing in deep underground mazes, dining on insects, earthworms, and white grubs. Most people never know they’... listen now
3/9/15 | 9:33 AM
You can tell when family members are sick, even if they say they feel fine. They just don't behave right. Animals aren't much different. Dee Griffin is with the University of Nebraska's Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center.  He says when cattle feel ill, they are... listen now
3/9/15 | 9:27 AM
Where I live in the Midwest, there are few worries regarding pond fertility. The soil is nutrient rich and our farm ponds and lakes can produce ginormous fish. But in some parts of the country, particularly in the South, those nutrients are scarce and it might be beneficial to add them. Larry... listen now
3/9/15 | 9:16 AM
When Tom Reed retired from the U.S. Navy, he bought a five-acre hobby farm in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania. He wanted to raise chickens, but told his wife, Eydie, that they would not be given names or taken to the vet. So far the birds haven’t needed to see the vet, but most of them do have names... listen now
3/9/15 | 9:09 AM
Locally-owned electric utilities have delivered reliable and affordable electricity to rural Americans for 80 years.   Andrew Cotter is the program manager for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. He says many of these utilities are looking for new technology to meet their... listen now
3/9/15 | 9:01 AM
The 2012 Census of Agriculture shows the big picture of farming in the U.S. It counts farms of all sizes, the age of the operators, the commodities they grow, and provides a lot of valuable information. Chris Messer is chief of the USDA’s Census Planning Branch. She says they’re... listen now
3/2/15 | 9:44 AM
Chris Soules lives and farms in Arlington, Iowa – population 450. If you’ve watched ABC’s “The Bachelor” these past few months, you’ve watched him looking for love from a pool of beautiful women. Chris says becoming “Prince Farming” wasn’t... listen now


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