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3/6/17 | 12:44 AM
After a harsh winter with a lot of snow, our lawn is always pretty beat up. Iowa State University Extension Plant Pathologist Mark Gleason says grass packed down under heavy snow is a perfect place for mold to grow. It's an odd fungi attacks grass when it’s dormant. If you have snow... listen now
2/27/17 | 10:56 AM
Rotational grazing is raising livestock on a pasture that’s been divided into sections called paddocks. Animals are rotated between the subdivided areas to prevent overgrazing and let the pasture regrow. One of the issues, however, is how to deliver water to each paddock. Jake Overgaard is... listen now
2/27/17 | 10:48 AM
Sheep and goat producers who live in warm, humid conditions need to be aware of a blood-sucking parasite called the barber pole worm. It causes anemia, and in worst cases, even death.   David Fernandez is an Extension livestock specialist at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. He says... listen now
2/27/17 | 10:32 AM
If you want apple trees but don’t have the space, grow them on a trellis. Ross Penhallegon is an Extension horticulturist emeritus with Oregon State University. He says if you don’t have a fence to attach them to, create a trellising system that is similar for growing grapes.... listen now
2/27/17 | 10:13 AM
People create food plots for wildlife for different reasons. Maybe it’s to attract deer to harvest, or just to keep the wildlife fed and healthy. Becky McPeake is an Extension wildlife expert at the University of Arkansas. She says when you’re selecting a site for a food plot, look... listen now
2/27/17 | 10:04 AM
Hoop houses, or high tunnels, protect plants from inclement weather. But the soil conditions are just like a desert, so plants need to be watered. Drip tape minimizes evaporation, and you can add fertilizer and nutrients through the system when needed. Joe Hannan is an Extension horticulture... listen now
2/27/17 | 9:55 AM
Greg Graves was out helping his friend dig some topiary at a nursery near Graham, Washington, and was captivated by the charm of the century-old farmhouse, gardens, pasture, and mature trees. When it went up for sale, Greg and his partner Gary Waller became the owners of the place they call “... listen now
2/20/17 | 10:38 AM
During World Wars I and II, men in rural America were called off the farm to serve their country. In response, millions of women came together to maintain the nation's food supply. Stephanie Carpenter is an associate professor of history at Murray State University. She researched and wrote a... listen now
2/20/17 | 9:26 AM
I rarely use an entire packet of vegetable seeds every year. Garden seed gets expensive so I hang onto them, thinking I’ll use them again the next year but I’m never sure if they’ll still germinate. Ward Upham is an Extension horticulturist at Kansas State University. He says a... listen now
2/20/17 | 9:17 AM
When there’s lots of snow on the ground and you’re just a little mouse, it’s tough finding your next meal. But if you happen to be scampering around fruit trees, dinner is served. Apple trees especially have thin bark and are very easy to chew on. Ward Upham is an Extension... listen now


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