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12/19/14 | 3:40 PM
When chicks hatch, some of them might have feet that don’t look quite right. Phil Clauer is an extension poultry specialist at Penn State University. He says some chickens are born with genetic foot and leg disorders. However, they can also become lame from poor management of their... listen now
12/15/14 | 9:24 AM
The Christmas cactus is a popular fall-and-winter-flowering houseplant that blooms in a wide array of colors for weeks at a time. There are cacti in the same family that bloom at Thanksgiving and Easter as well. James Baggett is the editor of Country Gardens magazine, and also grows holiday... listen now
12/15/14 | 9:17 AM
Chickens are social animals that enjoy the company of a flock. However, they do form social status relationships and establish a pecking order. It becomes an issue when one hen asserts too much dominance and is aggressive enough to the point of harming others. This behavior often involves the alpha... listen now
12/15/14 | 9:09 AM
A cow that’s hobbling around might be suffering from foot rot. This happens when bacteria in the soil get into a cut in the skin between their toes, and create an infection. Gregg Hanzlicek is a veterinarian at Kansas State University’s veterinary diagnostic laboratory. He says foot... listen now
12/15/14 | 8:51 AM
The quality of water from private drinking water wells is not regulated by the federal government, or in most states. If you want to know if your well water is safe for human consumption, it’s up to you to have it tested. The do-it-yourself water testing kits you can buy online and in farm... listen now
12/15/14 | 8:43 AM
So where does your food come from? Duane Dahl of Seattle, Washington had that question too, and founded a website called “Agrilicious” to connect consumers with local and organic farmers nationwide. Making good food choices is a priority for everyone, so his goal is to help advance the... listen now
12/8/14 | 10:26 AM
In our family, Christmas is officially over when the tree comes down. It’s a shame because we kind of get attached to the tree and it’s a shame to toss it out. Joe Lamp’l is the host and executive producer of the show “Growing a Greener World,” which airs on public... listen now
12/8/14 | 10:14 AM
Every year when I’m asked what I want for Christmas, I pick out something I can use for gardening. I’ve received a soil test kit, a bulb planting tool, and even a compost bin. It’s stuff that I probably wouldn’t buy for myself, but is very nice to have. Dennis Patton is... listen now
12/8/14 | 10:02 AM
Oxen have been the beasts of burden for centuries. Their ability to work the land and plod their way across the countryside helped build our nation. Despite all the machinery and technology we have today, there are those who still choose to work their farms with oxen. Rob Collins is the... listen now
12/8/14 | 9:50 AM
Charlene Spoth of Clarence, New York, was an ag education major in college. But when she and her husband, Patrick, took over her family’s farm, Charlene wanted to teach agriculture her way, rather than what the state of New York said she had to do. They have 115 acres with hay fields,... listen now


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