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3/28/14 | 2:25 PM
I always look forward to the first time we mow the yard. The smell of freshly cut grass is so pleasant, and immediately makes me think of summer – even if it’s still a long time off! But before the mowing happens, we have to put the mower through a spring maintenance routine that... listen now
3/24/14 | 2:15 PM
Growing a bed of asparagus takes some patience in the beginning, but a well-prepared garden patch will be prolific for years.   It’s best to start an asparagus crop with one-to-two-year-old crowns. Look for thick storage roots, which will provide the energy for developing ferns and... listen now
3/24/14 | 2:05 PM
My favorite time to go fishing is early in the spring when the ice is gone, the water is clear, and the algae hasn’t taken over yet. If algae is a constant problem in your pond, nip it before it gets out of control.   Bryan Swistock is an extension water quality specialist at Penn... listen now
3/24/14 | 1:55 PM
We have a canoe for paddling around the lake in our town, and also use it for fishing. It's nothing fancy, just a nice stable boat, and it's what we were looking for when it was purchased. Jeff Holmes is the owner of Canoe Sport Outfitters in Indianola, Iowa and says canoes vary by... listen now
3/24/14 | 1:47 PM
I know how I feel when I slip on the ice. Animals that slip on a barn floor and end up with legs-akimbo need help to get back on their feet. Some are so seriously injured they have to be euthanized. Smooth concrete floors don’t have enough traction, especially when they’re wet. To a cow... listen now
3/24/14 | 1:39 PM
Peter Cook of Wolcottville, Indiana grew up taking a number of trips to Yellowstone National Park with his family. He became fascinated with the bison and did a lot of research. Peter eventually convinced his father that raising these wild critters on their 83-acre farm was a good idea. The... listen now
3/24/14 | 1:30 PM
The Natural Resources Conservation Service, or NRCS, wants to prove that voluntary conservation efforts by farmers are valuable to everyone. A project called “Edge of Field Monitoring” will provide data on how these conservation practices have a positive effect on water quality.... listen now
3/24/14 | 10:08 AM
Starting a small farm isn’t usually something you can jump right into. It’s been a winding road for Lyndsay and Brad Constable of Farmville, Virginia. They both had plenty of experience working on farms, but no family land to inherit, and no capital to buy their own. They would not... listen now
3/24/14 | 10:02 AM
Every so often, you hear about a deck collapsing and people getting hurt. Experts say there are 40-million wooden decks in the U.S., and half of them are in need of repair or replacement. A lot of people put this off because of economic reasons, and aren't aware of how close to collapse their... listen now
3/24/14 | 9:48 AM
If you have a woodlot of 10-acres or less, bulldozing your way through it to take out a few trees can do more harm than good. Using horses to haul logs out of the timber allows you to be selective with the harvest, and avoid damage to the environment caused by large machinery.   Joe... listen now


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