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8/3/15 | 3:08 AM
If you’ve never siphoned water from your pond to water livestock, it's not a bad idea. Gravity flow systems can do this, and is the most inexpensive way of moving large volumes of water. Water Quality Specialist Bob Broz at the University of Missouri says for an existing  pond,... listen now
7/17/15 | 12:55 PM
Trees are never easy to take down, especially when they’re in tricky spots like along a fence row. A lot of landowners use their utility tractors to remove logs and other debris, but you have to be very careful. Dennis Murphy is an extension safety specialist at Penn State University. He... listen now
7/17/15 | 12:44 PM
I’ve canned a lot of tomatoes and salsa. I process the jars in a hot water bath using a big pot on the stove. Canning has become a lost art in recent years, but it’s coming back. Janine Moore is the senior brand manager of fresh preserving with Jarden Home Brands. She says the... listen now
7/17/15 | 12:37 PM
Herbicides work well when they’re used correctly. But sometimes because of wind, rain, and other factors out of your control, they can cause injury to other plants. The trick is knowing if the plants were affected by the herbicide or something else. Gail Ruhl is a senior plant disease... listen now
7/17/15 | 12:32 PM
Do you call it “cantaloupe” or “muskmelon”? The terms are interchangeable for the most part. If you have some growing in the garden you may be wondering how soon they can be harvested. Gilbert Miller is an area extension vegetable specialist with Clemson University. He... listen now
7/17/15 | 12:25 PM
Move over, man cave. Here comes the “she shed”. Women all over the country are finding their own sanctuaries in backyard sheds, treehouses, even converted chicken coops. You could probably say that Sandy Foster of Rosendale, New York, was an early pioneer in the concept. She... listen now
7/17/15 | 11:36 AM
I see wild ducks all the time around a lake near my home. I’ve noted several species that come back year-after-year. Unfortunately, vital duck habitat is quickly disappearing in the United States. Conservation efforts by landowners are the key for nesting waterfowl. Jennifer Kross is a... listen now
7/17/15 | 1:41 AM
My parents have a nice screened in porch with furniture. It’s nice to sit out there and enjoy the breeze without the bugs.  Sleeping porches date back well over a-hundred-years when nobody had air conditioning. Dave and Mary Morris own a website that offers porch design from... listen now
7/13/15 | 10:14 AM
A walk through the woods or even playing in the yard could expose you to ticks. They can be harmful, but it’s important to understand the facts – and the myths about them in order to protect yourself. Dr. Michael Dryden is a University distinguished professor of veterinary... listen now
7/13/15 | 10:03 AM
One of the best parts of my day is when I can survey my kingdom – my flower gardens. I walk around each one, taking in the blooms and smells. They’re certainly far from perfect, but good enough for me. So many of you have thrown up your hands and walked away from your gardens because... listen now


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