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3/27/17 | 12:56 PM
Too much surface water, very little vegetation, manure, and lots of hoof traffic. This is a recipe for a muddy pasture. It’s a pain for owners, unsightly for the farm, and it’s no picnic for the animals, either. Melissa Fery is an Extension small farms assistant professor with Oregon... listen now
3/27/17 | 12:44 PM
In 2010, Sara Pearson and a few of her girlfriends put up a high tunnel on her family’s farm in Wesley, Iowa. She planted vegetables and enjoyed the benefits of an extended planting and harvesting season. Unfortunately, the high tunnel came down four-years later when high winds tore the... listen now
3/27/17 | 12:39 PM
If a chicken, duck, or other backyard poultry is favoring a wing, it might be broken. Jacquie Jacob is a poultry Extension project manager at the University of Kentucky. She says the bone structure in a bird’s wing is very similar to human arms. The humerus is the large bone that starts... listen now
3/27/17 | 1:38 AM
Whether you're raising a small herd of cattle to sell or to use as beef for your table, it's important the animals grow at an economical rate. Dan Loy is an extension beef specialist at Iowa State University. He says if cattle aren't gaining weight, they're not adding value. Feed... listen now
3/20/17 | 10:32 AM
Every year I get itchy to plant something long before it’s warm enough outside to do so. I have a fixture with a couple of fluorescent bulbs set up in my house for seed starting and to grow some salad greens. Ward Upham is an Extension horticulturist at Kansas State University. He says... listen now
3/20/17 | 10:25 AM
Wooly sheep happily grazing on lush pasture often seem the picture of health. But, forages alone don’t provide all the nutrition that sheep need for optimum health. There are specific nutrient requirements for sheep in various stages of productivity, and some trace minerals have to be... listen now
3/20/17 | 10:14 AM
Farming is one of the riskiest professions in the world. Weather, insects, price fluctuations, and other conditions out of our control make it hard to make a living. When you have many specialty crops, it gets expensive to insure each one. Brian Venteicher is the director of operations for... listen now
3/20/17 | 10:00 AM
Leanne Lauricella of Annandale, New Jersey, drove by cute little farms every day on her commute to New York City for what she calls a very stressful job.  One day she stopped to visit a farm with baby goats. Leanne says she was immediately addicted – she bought two baby goats, which... listen now
3/20/17 | 9:37 AM
Go find farmers today, give them big hugs, and thank them for the food and fiber they produce for our nation. Today is National Ag Day and the theme this year is “Food for Life.” I’m proud to say that my employer, Meredith Agrimedia and Living the Country Life, are sponsors of... listen now
3/10/17 | 1:37 PM
Raised beds are the answer to a lot of gardener’s prayers. The soil warms up quicker for planting in the spring, it isn’t compacted from foot traffic, and the beds are easy to maintain. However, for the best performance, the soil you fill them with should match your climate, your native... listen now


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