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11/25/13 | 9:02 AM
Many landowners manage the operation and business affairs of their farms, but others can’t. Maybe they live too far away to visit, or only bought the land as an investment. Farm managers are often hired to handle the details. Kirk Weih is an Accredited Farm Manager with Hertz Farm... listen now
11/25/13 | 8:50 AM
In 1949, two off-colored Khaki Campbell ducklings were hatched. The owner then started selectively breeding for the color mutation, which is known today as the Welsh Harlequin breed. John Metzer of Gonzales, California, raises and sells Welsh Harlequin ducks. He says they’re well-known... listen now
11/18/13 | 9:16 AM
There are certain chores that a tractor should be used for, but a four-wheeled utility vehicle, or UTV, can tackle many of the same tasks when you add attachments. Joe Greving is the president of Cedar Rapids Tire in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He says there is a multitude of attachments and accessories... listen now
11/18/13 | 8:55 AM
The right tool for a project always makes a huge difference – and so does the power supply. Pneumatic, or air tools, are powered by air compressors. They have more torque and speed, are less expensive, and lighter in weight when compared to electric or battery-powered tools. Bob Hunter... listen now
11/18/13 | 8:46 AM
The Serama Bantam is the smallest bantam chicken in the world. It’s a relatively new breed, developed in Malaysia. Jerry Schexnayder raises Seramas in Vacherie, Louisiana. They’re not considered a meat bird or egg producer, but are raised to exhibit at shows and keep as pets.... listen now
11/11/13 | 9:34 AM
Owls have always been linked with superstition and folklore. Barn owls are probably the reason why. They only hunt at night, and have heart-shaped ghostly-white faces. Their eerie, raspy calls are nothing like the familiar hoots of their cousins. Barn owls like empty buildings, hollow trees, and... listen now
11/11/13 | 9:22 AM
Living the Country Life is a sister brand with Successful Farming magazine. I ran across some old SF issues from 1933 and was fascinated with a section called All Around the Farm – handy tips that farm folks sent in to share with other readers. Common sense and ingenuity span the test of time... listen now
11/11/13 | 9:07 AM
If there’s a swarm of bees to be caught in southeast Iowa, call Joy Westercamp in Farmington. She’s only in the 8th grade but has the expertise to do it – and her teachers don’t mind the interruption. Joy and her sister Grace go to school at home by logging in to the Iowa... listen now
11/11/13 | 9:00 AM
Late fall and early winter is a good time for pond management, such as removing silt to make the pond deeper, vegetation control, or to get rid of unwanted fish species. This often requires draining some or all of the water. Bryan Swistock is an extension water quality specialist at Penn State... listen now
11/11/13 | 8:51 AM
When I was little, the farm we lived on had a windmill that pumped water into a cistern. That old windmill became a relic of the past like many that you see around the countryside. But, they’re making a comeback. Jose Zayas is the director of wind and water power technologies at the U-S... listen now


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