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10/2/15 | 1:46 AM
I grow a little patch of garlic every year. It’s a really hardy plant and its flavor never disappoints me. There are two types of garlic. The hardneck varieties, which I grow, are winter-hardy. Softneck varieties are what you find in the grocery store. They aren’t as winter-hardy,... listen now
9/28/15 | 4:17 PM
Raking up leaves and burning them robs you of valuable, free mulch for the garden. David Robson is an extension horticulture educator at the University of Illinois. He says leaves are organic matter, so they increase the fertility of the soil as they break down. Leaves also insulate the plants... listen now
9/28/15 | 3:54 PM
Several years ago we had a small pumpkin patch that produced maybe three pumpkins, but it was fun to watch them grow over the summer. The toughest part was figuring out when to pick them. Mike Roegge is a local foods and small farm educator at the University of Illinois. He says to harvest when... listen now
9/28/15 | 3:38 PM
The very first calf I raised in 4-H was a Charolais heifer named Mandy. I was eleven-years-old. Mandy was little when I got her, but she grew a lot bigger by show time – and I didn’t. Today, I see 4-H-ers and others with cows that come in a smaller package. They may look like baby... listen now
9/28/15 | 3:25 PM
We’ve been following Grace Tusha over the past year in the journey to her final cattle show at the Iowa State Fair. The 18-year old from Garner, Iowa, has been raising and showing cattle most of her life, along with her parents and two older sisters. Grace brought her two steers, Big Boy... listen now
9/28/15 | 9:55 AM
On the edge of the north woods in Wisconsin, you smell the earthy scent of timberland and the faint aroma of pizza. Kat Becker and her husband, Tony Schultz, own 150-acres near Athens, Wisconsin. They raise vegetables and fruit, beef, pork, maple syrup, small grains, and mushrooms. They sell... listen now
9/28/15 | 9:23 AM
I spent a lot of time outdoors when I was little. I jumped into the hay mow, collected frogs at the pond, dug in the garden, and was always around livestock. When you’re a kid, a farm is one big playground. Tammy Ellis is an education outreach specialist with the National Farm Medicine... listen now
9/21/15 | 9:46 AM
I look forward to the tulips, daffodils, crocus, and alliums that seem to magically appear in my garden every spring. It’s also fun to shop in the fall for different varieties of bulbs to experiment with. David Graper is an Extension horticulture specialist at South Dakota State University... listen now
9/21/15 | 9:37 AM
Some of the trees in my area have big, silky nests on the ends of the branches with wiggling caterpillars inside them. They’re fall webworms and while they might gross you out, they’re not harmful to the tree. The webworms feed on dozens of tree species, but one of their favorites is... listen now
9/21/15 | 9:28 AM
Community Supported Agriculture programs, or CSA’s, allow people to buy fresh produce directly from the farm each week. Folks in the Olympia, Washington, area wanted fresh mushrooms in their CSA, so Christian Kaelin and his wife Ria are filling that request. They also sell mushrooms to area... listen now


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