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3/7/16 | 12:38 AM
Livestock have a keen sense of hearing – and a good memory. Loud voices and yelling can scare them more than clanging gates, and they’ll remember you the next time you want them to do something. When cattle are calm, they eat better, drink better, and respond better to vaccines. Your... listen now
2/29/16 | 10:03 AM
Take a good look at the buildings on your farm. If they’re showing their age, they may be draining your bank account. Outdated design and technology is prevalent in many farm structures, increasing operating costs. Making improvements to these buildings could save you lots of money down the... listen now
2/29/16 | 9:57 AM
People get into beekeeping for a variety of reasons. Maybe they want the honey, need the bees for pollinating a fruit crop, or just to help increase the declining honeybee population. It’s wise for new beekeepers to start out small with just a couple of hives. You will also need a hive tool... listen now
2/29/16 | 9:50 AM
I have to swat enough flies during the summer, so I don’t appreciate being bothered now, too. But, unfortunately, a balmy day or two this time of year literally draws flies out of the woodwork. Barb Ogg is an extension educator emeritus at the University of Nebraska. She says there are two... listen now
2/29/16 | 1:00 AM
Trees growing on your property are always searching for moisture and nutrients. Unfortunately, they might find them in your septic system. If there’s any seepage from the pipe feeding the tank or the discharge pipe leading to the drain field, tree roots are relentless in their quest to get... listen now
2/29/16 | 12:38 AM
At my county fair, raising bucket calves is a popular program and gets kids interested in livestock. The calves are usually purchased when they’re 1-to-10 days old from dairy or beef producers. They are orphans, or sold for other reasons. Duane Lienemann is an extension educator at the... listen now
2/22/16 | 10:07 AM
Regular maintenance of your compressor is a necessary step to make sure the air is always there.   Bob Hunter is the tools editor for WOOD Magazine. He says most of the maintenance is basic. An oil-lube compressor should have the oil changed twice a year. With the oil-free compressors, you... listen now
2/19/16 | 10:51 AM
Rachyl Travis of North Scituate, Rhode Island is only 13-years old, but can tell you everything you want to know about making soap from goat milk. She got her very first dairy goat when she was seven-years-old, and two-years later, that number rose to ten. Rachyl says as the herd grew, she had a... listen now
2/19/16 | 10:41 AM
We don’t often think of cattle as becoming infected with rabies, but it does happen and producers need to be aware of that. Wildlife such as skunks, raccoons, and foxes are typical carriers of the disease. If they wander into the pasture, they could bite a curious cow and pass along the... listen now
2/19/16 | 10:36 AM
The growing season begins early when you have a greenhouse. Getting the seeds and transplants off on a healthy start depends a lot on how you manage your watering schedule. Tim Coolong is an extension vegetable specialist at the University of Georgia. He says especially for the small-scale... listen now


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