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4/11/16 | 11:36 AM
Chickens have a particular pecking order and when you add new birds to the flock, everyone will be in a tizzy. But first, you have to quarantine the newcomers for two-weeks to a month to make sure they don’t have any diseases or health issues that the other chickens could catch. Put them... listen now
4/11/16 | 11:28 AM
You know how your digestive system feels when you’ve eaten too much rich food? Your horses can relate. When first put out on pasture in the spring after winter confinement, their metabolism isn’t accustomed to the lush forage, leading to uncomfortable side effects. Ann Swinker is an... listen now
4/11/16 | 9:39 AM
There is a small lake near my house that is a good place to catch panfish. In late spring, we can see the bluegill spawning in shallow, sandy areas. Their bowl-shaped nests look like dimples on a golf ball. Greg Lutz is an aquaculture professor at Louisiana State University's Agricultural... listen now
4/11/16 | 9:16 AM
Springtime means baby animals on the farm. Since it’s not always possible for them to get the nutrition they need from their mother, it’s a good idea to have milk replacer on hand to bottle feed the babies that aren't able to nurse.   Larry Van Roekel is a director of... listen now
4/11/16 | 9:05 AM
Mackenzie Childs is a designer and manufacturer of home furnishings based in Aurora, New York where they still make their handmade ceramics and hand-painted furniture. Its global headquarters aren’t located in a big city, the company sits on a 65-acre former dairy farm. Rebecca Proctor is... listen now
4/11/16 | 12:00 AM
When was the last time you sharpened the blades on your lawn mower? Look at the grass after you’ve mowed it. If the grass blades are ragged and torn, it’s time. Ag Engineer Bobby Grisso at Virginia Tech University says blades really should be sharpened at least once every mowing... listen now
4/4/16 | 3:31 PM
One of my favorite things to buy at the farmer’s market is onions. Green onions, sweet onions, and bulb onions. They’re also one of the easiest plants to grow in the vegetable garden. Brad Bergefurd is a horticulture extension educator at Ohio State University. He says you have the... listen now
4/4/16 | 3:15 PM
Years ago I was out for a walk and suddenly out of the blue, a large black dog came running after me and bit the back of my leg. His choppers ripped my pants and left a bruise, but fortunately no skin was broken. I was confused, why did the dog decide I was a target to be taken out? Bryan Bailey... listen now
4/4/16 | 3:09 PM
A garden pond is an interesting and relaxing feature in the landscape. Of course it does require maintenance, and early spring is the best time to clean it out before it wakes up from winter dormancy. Erik Tate is the operations manager of a website called He says one of the... listen now
4/4/16 | 3:01 PM
The United States is one of the few places in the world where the thought of eating bugs makes our stomachs turn. But Taylor Ferguson and Wendy Lu McGill of Denver, Colorado are hoping to convince us that cricket cuisine and mouthwatering mealworms have a place in our diet. The two have started the... listen now


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