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6/27/14 | 11:40 AM
A highly-contagious virus called Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea, or PED, has been spreading rapid-fire through American swine herds. The disease is transmitted from pig-to-pig through fecal material and close contact. As local and state fairs open their gates this summer, some people wonder whether... listen now
6/27/14 | 11:28 AM
Annie and Walter Bernauer of Missoula, Montana wanted to become homesteaders. They dreamed of growing their own food and teaching their young daughter about living the simple life. As they were pursuing that dream, all they could afford was a fixer-upper, but in 2013 found four-and-a-half acres... listen now
6/20/14 | 2:35 PM
I have some knockout roses and a couple of butterfly bushes that become a Japanese Beetle buffet every summer. Japanese beetles have green heads and copper wings. As grubs, they destroy lawns and eat through plant roots. As adult beetles, they ravage plants. These insects are throughout the U.s.... listen now
6/20/14 | 2:22 PM
Like most people, I have bare space or thinning grass underneath a few of my trees. No matter how hard I try to get the grass to fill in, it doesn’t work. But another option is an edible ground cover. You make use of the space and sneak in something good to eat at the same time. Charlie... listen now
6/20/14 | 2:13 PM
When an electric fence is installed right, the shock it delivers is very effective in keeping predators out and livestock in. But, if the fence isn’t properly grounded, the electrical circuit isn’t complete and will be useless. Improving the grounding is a low-cost, effective way to... listen now
6/20/14 | 2:04 PM
In my house when the smoke alarm goes off, it means dinner’s ready. We turn on the ceiling fan, open the windows, and hope the neighbors don’t call the fire department.   Debbie Hanson is the director of external affairs for First Alert. She says new technology features can help... listen now
6/20/14 | 1:32 PM
Many greenhouses sit idle in the winter months. But in Fairfield, Iowa, a special greenhouse is growing food year-round to feed the local school kids. Jan Swinton manages the greenhouse. She got a USDA farm-to-school grant for a partnership between manufacturing and schools, and the greenhouse... listen now
6/20/14 | 1:11 PM
When you’re planning to buy a few acres in the country, be sure you know of any environmental issues before signing on the dotted line. If the land is contaminated, its value can be greatly reduced and you can be held liable for cleanup costs. Susan Klein is with the Environmental... listen now
6/18/14 | 10:25 AM
A tiny fly native to North America has been known to parasitize native bumblebees and wasps. But just in the last few years, it’s been discovered attacking non-native honeybees. John Hafernik is a professor of biology at San Francisco State University and studying what’s known as the... listen now
6/18/14 | 10:11 AM
Walk through a woodland and notice the diversity of plants. Trees, shrubs, and other perennials grow together like a solid family unit. You can have that same kind of synergy in an edible garden. Dave Jacke has written books about the ecology and design of home-scale food forests. He says the... listen now


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