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12/14/15 | 9:56 AM
I’m not a fan of houseplants. Not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I overwater, forget to water, or my cat eats them. I’ve seen air plants for sale in a local nursery, just hanging out in bowls of glass or on some other cutesy thing – and there’s no soil... listen now
12/14/15 | 9:46 AM
Reindeer are cousins of caribou, and can run about 50 m.p.h. They're a little shorter than white-tailed deer, and both female and male reindeer have antlers. The antlers fall off every winter. Daryl Simon raises reindeer in Minnesota, and makes money selling reindeer calves and renting the... listen now
12/14/15 | 9:39 AM
Quite often during my commute to work, I’ll see a few wild turkeys strutting their stuff in a field looking for seeds and bugs. The normal range of a wild turkey is about one-square mile. Seems like plenty of space for them to roam, but there are some things landowners can do to provide a... listen now
12/14/15 | 9:28 AM
Benji Ballmer wants you to ask yourself every day, “Who grew my food”?  The Mount Vernon, Ohio man created the Yellowbird Foodshed, a venture that networks with small farmers and helps them get their goods to local consumers. He contracts with 35-to-45 growers - and can tell his... listen now
12/14/15 | 9:16 AM
I think the hardest part of caulking is deciding which product will best fit the job. My head spins when I walk into a home improvement store and see all the different choices. Jenny Johnson is a group product director for DAP. She recommends choosing by project. A caulk that’s meant for... listen now
12/14/15 | 9:03 AM
As we ask ourselves who will be farming in the future, there is an emerging funding model that could help people get into agriculture. The “slow money” movement matches local food and artisanal products with investors. This also has the potential to unlock environmental and cultural... listen now
12/13/15 | 11:00 PM
Rabies is a deadly disease for animals and humans, and is most predominant on the East Coast, where raccoons and other wildlife live in close proximity to people. For the past 20-years, the USDA has been dropping rabies vaccination packets from airplanes to cut down on the spread of the disease.... listen now
12/7/15 | 12:56 PM
This is a sugar addict’s favorite time of year. Making candy to give as gifts to others – or to eat yourself – is a fun and tasty way to enjoy the holidays. Lynn Blanchard is the director of the Better Homes and Gardens test kitchen. She says having the basic pieces of... listen now
12/7/15 | 12:42 PM
Bonnie Lander has had a paintbrush in her hand since she was a small child. Her father grew gourds of all shapes and sizes in the suburban family garden. Bonnie became fascinated with dried gourds of all shapes and sizes. She started painting on them and says it was love-at-first-brushstroke. Her... listen now
12/7/15 | 12:25 PM
My uncle has three ponds on his farm. One is designated for raising hybrid bluegill and another is for nesting waterfowl habitat. But my favorite pond is the first all-purpose one he built. We have family get-togethers to fish and enjoy the peacefulness at the cabin. Nick Morrell is with the... listen now


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