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4/21/14 | 9:54 AM
If you’re like me, you want every blade of grass to look perfect after you’re done mowing -- just like a carpet. But no matter how often you mow, an even cut is only possible if the mower deck is set correctly and in the best condition it can be. Mike Ballou is a product manager... listen now
4/21/14 | 9:27 AM
Every spring the first thing I plant is leaf lettuce and spinach, and I do my best to keep the weeds out. They reduce yields by competing for nutrients, water, and light. They can also act as a host for insects and disease pathogens.   Nathan Johanning is an extension educator at the... listen now
4/21/14 | 9:18 AM
Bill Heidig of Spotsylvania, Virginia used to travel back and forth to France for business. He noticed the climate and growing conditions for growing grapes in France was similar to those on his farm. After a lot of thought, Bill and his wife Ann planted a six-acre vineyard in 1980 with the... listen now
4/14/14 | 10:12 AM
The Connell family of Columbia, Missouri lives on 10-acres with chickens, horses, goats, and cattle. But it’s the chickens that are having all the fun, and the family is having a great time watching them. Jennifer Connell says four-years ago, her husband Brian added a covered, fenced-in... listen now
4/14/14 | 10:04 AM
Every spring I fill in the bare spots around my flower gardens with red cedar mulch. It looks nice and smells good, too. Dan Sullivan is an extension soil scientist at Oregon State University. He says the prettier and more uniform the chips are, the more you’ll pay for it. People tend to... listen now
4/14/14 | 9:54 AM
When you buy landscaping plants, do you gravitate to the standards that are widely available and seen in everyone else’s yard? Don’t overlook something different -- it might be a wise choice. Troy Marden is a professional garden designer who has seen his fair share of disasters... listen now
4/14/14 | 9:43 AM
Every year I go to the local nursery for tomato seedlings and every year I’m overwhelmed with the number of choices. There are literally thousands of tomato varieties grown in the United States. Bob Westerfield is an extension horticulturist at the University of Georgia. He says as you... listen now
4/14/14 | 9:21 AM
When the sheep are sheared every spring, all that wool has to go somewhere. You might as well try to sell it. There are plenty of wool crafters and fiber manufacturers looking for fleece. Gary Erickson with Mid-States Wool Growers says before wool goes to the buyer, it has to be as clean as... listen now
4/7/14 | 11:07 AM
Crop mobs are sprouting up around the country to offer free labor on acreages and urban permaculture farms. Lorig Hawkins is a co-founder of the Texas Young Farmer Coalition, which is a networking group for new and beginning farmers. She says the people who take part in their crop mob are a... listen now
4/7/14 | 9:39 AM
There’s little doubt that the weather has been extreme all over the country the past few years, making it tough on farmers. Flooding erodes away valuable topsoil and nutrients, and drought dries out the soil. Jerry Hatfield is the director of the USDA’s National Laboratory for... listen now


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