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7/6/15 | 9:24 AM
Crystal Schmidt of Hudson, Wisconsin grew up hunting, foraging, and tending to a garden and beehives. For her, it was a natural step to become a homesteader as an adult. Crystal and her fiancée bought 19 acres of land a year ago, and are working on their goal to grow as much of their own... listen now
7/6/15 | 9:16 AM
When I was in middle school, there was a small creek behind the school building that was chock-full of crawdads. We had a great time at recess catching them, and then freaking out the teachers when we brought them inside! Greg Lutz is an aquaculture professor at Louisiana State University's... listen now
7/6/15 | 9:08 AM
I raised cattle in 4-H for nine-years. On show days, our calves were so well-groomed and pampered it was like one big bovine beauty parlor. They were washed, blow-dried, trimmed, and the hooves were painted. My mom’s job was to rat the ends of their tails into a perfect, round, ball of fluff... listen now
7/6/15 | 1:46 AM
A home that has loose or peeling paint and was built before 1978 poses a risk for lead poisoning. Mary Jean Brown is the chief of the Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning branch of the Centers for Disease Control. She says children from 12-to-24-months of age are most at risk. because they tend to put... listen now
6/29/15 | 10:04 AM
We love fireworks because of the loud booms and dazzling displays in the sky. Pets hate them because of loud booms and dazzling displays in the sky. Dr. John Ciribassi is with Chicagoland Veterinary Behavior Consultants. He says cats and dogs tend to stress out over fireworks because it’s... listen now
6/29/15 | 9:54 AM
If something is munching on your tomato plants, it might be a tomato hornworm. Hornworms are large, green caterpillars with a “horn-like” tail that gives them their name. They can grow up to four-inches in length, have voracious appetites, and will eat everything on the plant but the... listen now
6/29/15 | 9:30 AM
My neighbors have two small dogs that stay in the house most of the time. But just by looking at the rough patches in their yard, I know exactly where the dogs “go” when they’re let out. Allison O’Connor is an extension horticulture agent at Colorado State University. She... listen now
6/29/15 | 1:46 AM
A friend of ours had a party awhile back and made smoked pork. It was the most delicious meat I’ve ever had. Smoking adds flavor, and it can turn some of the worst cuts of meat into a wonderful meal.     Ken Theobald runs a family-owned business in Maine that sells a wide... listen now
6/29/15 | 1:39 AM
Guinea fowl are like watchdogs. Whenever anything – a car, person, or animal  – comes down the lane, they’ll probably make a racket. But, you’ll love them because Guinea fowl control all kinds of creepy-crawlies including ticks, grasshoppers, and flies. Jeannette... listen now
6/19/15 | 3:16 PM
My back yard has a nice, big flower garden that is gorgeous during the day. I have lights in the garden that come on at night, giving it a very different look. Cruz Perez is the vice president of sales and marketing for Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. He says after the sun goes down,... listen now


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