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3/28/16 | 9:09 AM
Tim Amlaw has never liked vegetables from the grocery store. And when he had a heart attack a few years ago, he decided it was time to look at growing fresh vegetables. Tim is an ag educator in Phoenix, Arizona. He began researching how he could bring new innovation to local vegetable production... listen now
3/28/16 | 9:02 AM
Feeding and management of your ewes in late gestation can determine the success of the lambing season. About 70-percent of fetal growth occurs during the last four-to-six weeks of pregnancy, so the ewe needs a more nutrient-dense diet. Dan Morrical is an animal science professor at Iowa State... listen now
3/28/16 | 1:51 AM
Whether for sport or for working on the farm, an ATV or UTV is a fun rig to drive. It can also make you miserable if you’re not paying attention to safety precautions. Steve Nessl is a marketing manager with Yamaha. He says it’s very important to be dressed for the ride so the off-... listen now
3/18/16 | 2:28 PM
If you’ve ever used a sandblaster, you know what it does to everything it hits. A researcher in Illinois has found a way to “repurpose” the sandblasting technique to kill weeds in vegetable crops. Sam Wortman is an assistant professor of crop sciences at the University of... listen now
3/18/16 | 2:03 PM
I love a quiet, summer day when I hear the mourning doves cooing to each other from tree-to-tree. Every year I see a few doves lazing on the rail of my deck close to the bird feeders. They get their name because of the soft, drawn-out call that sounds like a lament. When they fly away, their large... listen now
3/18/16 | 1:55 PM
Landon Walker of Idaho Falls, Idaho has been lactose-intolerant all of his life. He tried drinking rice milk, soymilk, and almond milk, but didn’t like anything he bought from the grocery store. As they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”, so Landon started making his own... listen now
3/18/16 | 1:51 PM
Bison are usually thought of as range-roving animals only seen on the plains. But in reality, they’re found in every state in the country from the big island of Hawaii to Long Island, New York. Dave Carter is the executive director of the National Bison Association. He says some people... listen now
3/18/16 | 1:53 AM
Hitching implements to tractors can be a high-risk activity, especially if another person is helping you. Dennis Murphy is a safety specialist at Penn State University. He says accidents often happen when one person is on the tractor seat and another is helping to line up the hitch, so both need... listen now
3/18/16 | 1:45 AM
Several years ago, we noticed one of our maple trees didn’t leaf out in the spring. It just suddenly died. A tree expert told us it died because of girdling root syndrome.   Gary Johnson is a professor of urban forestry at the University of Minnesota. He says this happens when root... listen now
3/18/16 | 1:36 AM
When a mare gives birth, everything usually goes okay. But immediately after the foal is born, there are some things you should pay attention to. You can't always have a vet there at the moment of birth, so it's important to know how to check newborn foals. Pamela Wilkins is with the... listen now


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