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3/24/14 | 9:38 AM
When you’re ready to work up the garden for spring planting, having a tiller or cultivator sure beats shoveling the dirt or hoeing by hand. Many people use the terms “cultivator” and “tiller” interchangeably, and think they’re the same thing. They’re both... listen now
3/24/14 | 9:30 AM
My dad is nuts about blueberries. My mom wanted to get him his own blueberry plants, but they wouldn’t have much luck growing them in the soil on their acreage. She got him some honeyberry bushes instead.   Bernis Ingvaldson of Bagley, Minnesota, and her husband, Jim, grow and sell... listen now
3/24/14 | 9:21 AM
Putting chickens out on pasture is a popular management method for many small flock owners. The birds can freely scratch and peck over a large area, eating to their heart’s content. Jim Hermes is an extension poultry specialist at Oregon State University. He says the best pasture for... listen now
3/10/14 | 10:13 AM
My house seems to be the choice location for lady beetles to hang out over the winter. I’ll find dozens of them loitering in the windowsills and even on a ceiling fan. Steve Jacobs is an urban entomologist at Penn State University. He says multicolored Asian lady beetles are an insect... listen now
3/10/14 | 10:04 AM
Through a process called imprinting, a newborn foal will learn to relate well to humans and accept new things with interest, rather than suspicion. Imprinting is the first step toward a well-trained horse.   Although it's tempting to fuss over and touch the foal right after its birth... listen now
3/10/14 | 9:52 AM
After pruning, a heavy storm or high winds, you might be wondering what to do with all the tree branches that are laying on the ground – or maybe even the tree itself.   Jesse Randall is an extension forester at Iowa State University. He says how you deal with the debris depends on... listen now
3/10/14 | 9:34 AM
Before Europeans came to North America, wildflowers grew with wild abandon and knew how to survive for thousands of years. Miriam Goldberger and her husband Paul Jenkins are striving to bring them back. The couple farms 100-acres of wildflowers in Ontario, Canada. The business started over 25-... listen now
3/10/14 | 9:21 AM
One way to disinfect the water in your home is to install an ultraviolet light radiation system. UV systems expose your water to a light that’s found naturally in a spectrum that comes from the sun. This wavelength has germicidal properties capable of inactivating common viruses and bacteria... listen now
3/10/14 | 8:49 AM
When the high tunnel growing season begins, producers have to make sure the equipment inside the tunnel has been disinfected to prevent the spread of disease and control weeds. This should also include the soil. Steam pasteurization has been used for over 100-years and is still a hot soil... listen now
3/3/14 | 10:35 AM
Last year at my local farmer’s market, one of the vendors was selling jars of homemade sauerkraut. Normally I would have passed by this booth, but they were offering samples. I tried it, liked it, and bought a jar.   Tim Woods is an extension ag economist at the University of... listen now


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