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7/21/14 | 11:08 AM
Springtime is my favorite time of year to fish because they’re spawning, easy to find, and will bite like crazy. Come the dog days of summer, I’m lucky if I even get a nibble. Where do they go and how do you catch them? Bob Lusk is a fisheries biologist and editor of Pond Boss... listen now
7/21/14 | 10:59 AM
Fresh ears of sweet corn are a staple at my house in the summer. Sometimes when I’m husking, I’ll find a green or gray striped worm munching on the tip of the corn. It’s not pleasant, but I just cut off the damage and go on. Rick Foster is an extension entomologist at Purdue... listen now
7/21/14 | 10:49 AM
The spotted wing drosophila is a new insect that enjoys fresh fruit as much as you do. Amy Dreves is a research and extension entomologist at Oregon State University. She says the bug is a type of fruit fly that was discovered in California in 2008. Since then, it’s spread to nearly every... listen now
7/21/14 | 10:40 AM
When you go to a farmer’s market or buy produce off the farm, you assume a certain level of quality. When a farmer grades his crop, he’s basically telling the consumer what to expect in terms of produce size and quality. Patrick Byers is an extension horticulture specialist at the... listen now
7/21/14 | 10:30 AM
When Nick Klein moved from a cattle farm in Wisconsin to a small lot in Queen Creek, Arizona, he still had the desire to raise livestock. He bought a few rabbits, which quickly multiplied into many rabbits, and created a business. He markets them as breeding stock, sells cages, and also teaches... listen now
7/11/14 | 2:14 PM
The varroa mite is a very serious pest of honeybees, destroying colonies worldwide. All hives have varroa mites, it’s just a matter of how many -- because if left to get out of control, they will kill the hive. You have to monitor the hives from time-to-time to determine if treatment is... listen now
7/11/14 | 2:03 PM
There are three bacterial diseases that tomato growers don’t want to find on their plants: Speck, spot, and canker. If they show up, it could mean the end of the entire crop. Mohammed Babadoost is a fruit and vegetable pathologist at the University of Illinois. He says prevention is the... listen now
7/11/14 | 1:53 PM
It drives me crazy when I find a spider in the shower and ants in the kitchen. Where do they come from and how did they get in? Shayne Wetherall is the CEO of Envance Technologies, a company that develops non-toxic pest control solutions. He says moisture helps build a perfect environment for... listen now
7/11/14 | 1:44 PM
There are a few spots in my yard where the soil is rock-hard. Needless to say, nothing will grow there, either. Soil compaction is the worst environmental condition for plants. Air pockets in the soil are crushed and water doesn’t drain, so plants aren’t able to get the water, nutrients... listen now
7/11/14 | 1:34 PM
Angie and Paul Myer of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania both grew up around cattle and decided they wanted the same quality of life for their children. The young family now lives on a 30-acre farm, and rent pastureland from neighboring farmers to focus on producing pasture-raised beef. Paul says... listen now


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