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9/26/14 | 10:02 AM
When you visit a pumpkin patch and see pumpkins that appear more pink than orange, you’re not hallucinating. They really are pink. Farmers across the country are signing up with the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation to help in the fight against breast cancer.   Renee Mattingly is a board... listen now
9/26/14 | 9:54 AM
Gardening is chaotic in the spring. You want to start planting, but it’s too wet. You should really test the soil pH levels, but who has time for that when you’re in a hurry to get stuff in the ground? That’s why fall is a perfect time to prepare your garden soil for spring so you... listen now
9/26/14 | 9:48 AM
Baby chicks are cute, but some people want to start or add to a flock with adult birds. There’s no waiting time for eggs, and the setup might be easier and less expensive. But, there are other issues to consider. Phil Clauer is an extension poultry specialist at Penn State University. He... listen now
9/26/14 | 9:39 AM
Local food is on a roll. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Farmer’s Market Directory website lists 8,268 markets, which is an increase of 76-percent since 2008. But, there are even more avenues for consumers to buy local food and the USDA is taking note. Anne Alonzo is... listen now
9/26/14 | 9:32 AM
Hession Farms is a multi-generation corn farm in Brownsburg, Indiana. Anthony Hession says until about 20-years ago, the family also had property in a flood plain that they couldn’t do much with - until his father ran into a Purdue university professor. Walter Beinecke had just developed a... listen now
9/22/14 | 10:07 AM
A majestic buck is truly a beautiful sight to see. Steve Demarais is a wildlife biologist at Mississippi State University. He says whitetail deer max out on antler growth when they're 5- to 6-years-old. However, the size of a buck's antlers depends nutrition, age, and genetics. In the... listen now
9/22/14 | 10:01 AM
Wine is an alcoholic beverage made with grapes, water, and yeast. Mead is sort of the same thing, except the fermentable sugars come from honey instead of grapes. Like wine, mead can be produced dry, semi-sweet or sweet. Vicky Rowe is the owner of a website called She says for the... listen now
9/22/14 | 9:55 AM
Canning your own meat means you’ll have a meal ready to heat up at the end of a long day. It eases up space in the freezer and you won’t lose the meat when the power goes out. The biggest benefit of canning meat is that it’s a time-saver. Load up the pressure canner once and you... listen now
9/22/14 | 9:50 AM
I see a lot of farm ponds that look more like chocolate milk than clear, pristine natural pools. P.J. Waters is an aquaculture specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. He says there are several reasons that a pond can turn cloudy. "Construction activities within the... listen now
9/22/14 | 9:32 AM
If you’re involved in a construction project, do what you can to avoid tree damage -- whether the trees have historical or cultural significance, or they are just your favorites. Karen Bennett is an extension forestry specialist at the University of New Hampshire. She says vehicles and... listen now


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