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1/16/17 | 10:43 AM
Drinking water from a well is supposed to be crystal-clear and not crunchy. If the water is cloudy or you see grit accumulating on the bottom of your glass, you may need a sediment filtration system. Bruce Dvorak is an Extension environmental engineering specialist at the University of Nebraska... listen now
1/16/17 | 10:23 AM
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a dog that only weighs 25-to-30-pounds, has very short legs, fox-like ears, and not much of a tail. They’re considered a dwarf breed, but they are captivating canines and can run rings around anything that moves on the farm. Nissa Lindstrom raises Corgis in... listen now
1/16/17 | 10:15 AM
Honeybee populations are down, but the Mason bee is more than qualified to handle the pollination duties. The bee is a metallic blue-black color, and about a half-inch long. They are native to North America and will pollinate anything, but their specialty is collecting pollen from fruit trees.... listen now
1/16/17 | 2:13 AM
I know there are bald eagles living in our area. I’ve seen them from a distance around a lake near my house. My friend Bob, a veterinarian, has had clients bring injured bald eagles to his clinic, and he always contacts the Department of Natural Resources. Jody Millar is the Bald Eagle... listen now
1/9/17 | 11:11 AM
Lainey Morse owns some beautiful land near Corvalis, Oregon. While hosting a child’s birthday party, she struck up a conversation with a parent who was a yoga instructor. With the scenic view of the mountains, she told Lainey it would be a perfect spot for a yoga class. But there was one... listen now
1/9/17 | 11:04 AM
There is a huge farmer’s market in my area and I’m seeing more and more fresh cut flowers available from local producers. David Trinklein is the state floriculture specialist at the University of Missouri. He says cut flower production is a lucrative business, often bringing income... listen now
1/9/17 | 10:54 AM
It can be very rewarding to grow your own small grains – from food for the table, to straw bedding for livestock. Julie Dawson is a horticulture professor at the University of Wisconsin. She says there are a lot of small grains to choose from, such as rye, oats, barley, wheat, emmer,... listen now
1/9/17 | 10:44 AM
I showed cattle in 4-H and after the county fair was over, some of them were sold in the auction ring. I would lead the steer around so bidders could see the animal, and the auctioneer would get the best price he could for it. Kristen Parman with the Livestock Marketing Association says auctions... listen now
1/9/17 | 10:27 AM
A four-year college degree isn’t for everybody. The skilled trades are looking for workers, and the education needed for these occupations doesn’t require as much time. According to the American Welding Society, the average age of current welders is 55-years old. They estimate a... listen now
1/9/17 | 10:19 AM
My parents have miniature horses. This time of year they’re fat and fluffy with a long hair coat, and like to be out in the cold weather despite having a cozy shed to stay in. There are blankets made to help keep horses warm, but most don’t need them. Ann Swinker is an Extension... listen now


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