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9/26/16 | 9:51 AM
Like most country women, Toby Wollin of Norwich, New York, has many skills. A couple of years ago, Toby and her husband Darryl Wood bought 123 acres of abandoned farmland – and her skill set grew to include clearing out the honeysuckle and multiflora rose, and draining the swampy areas.... listen now
9/19/16 | 10:39 AM
Backyard beekeeping is a fun hobby for people who want to produce their own honey and have a handy supply of pollinators. The insects can be kept almost anywhere, but there may be instances when you have to move the hives to another location. Pat Ennis is the president of the Iowa Honey... listen now
9/19/16 | 10:31 AM
Scott Roush of Ashland, Wisconsin, is a blacksmith. Through his work he’s also become a bladesmith. He uses fire and a hammer to create artful, useful, heirloom steel blades for knives, axes, and swords. Scott has an interest in the early-iron age, and has learned how to make his own iron and... listen now
9/19/16 | 10:18 AM
Dogs get into tussles with other animals, and explore things they shouldn’t. As a result, they’ll often come home with minor puncture wounds and lacerations.  Fortunately, doctoring the dog isn’t much different than human first-aid. Bob Weedon is the shelter veterinarian... listen now
9/19/16 | 10:17 AM
I am proud of my garden and do my best to keep up with it, but by this time of year, the tomatoes and the weeds are out of control. Some people go into autumn kicking and screaming trying to save that last bloom or last bit of produce. But eventually, you just have to give up. James Baggett is... listen now
9/12/16 | 11:04 AM
  Every now and then we hear of a tragic explosion at a grain elevator. Grain dust is highly combustible. and under the right conditions it ignites. Carol Jones is an associate professor of stored products engineering at Oklahoma State University. She says there are three components that... listen now
9/12/16 | 10:37 AM
A wood stove is great in the winter for supplemental heat, or for the cozy atmosphere it provides. Now is the time to make sure it’s working properly so your investment doesn’t go up in smoke. Larry Brockman is the residential wood smoke team leader for the EPA. He says for safety... listen now
9/12/16 | 10:27 AM
There is a huge pile of tree branches and sticks in my back yard. I'll bet I could make a really nice hugelkultur bed. Paul Wheaton is a permaculture expert. He says hugelkultur, which is German for "hill culture", is nothing more than making raised beds filled with rotten wood.... listen now
9/12/16 | 10:04 AM
Kara Brook lives on the east coast of Maryland, and uses beeswax in her artwork. One day she accidentally boiled over a big vat of the wax and decided it would be more sustainable to raise her own bees. With the help of beekeeping mentors, she now has 20 hives on her farm where she collects and... listen now
9/12/16 | 1:51 AM
Our lawn tractor is 13-years old, and it’s starting to show its age. We bought it new, but maybe our next lawn tractor will be a used one. Ray Bohacz is the engine answer man for Successful Farming magazine. He says when you’re shopping for a used machine, do a visual inspection... listen now


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