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3/11/16 | 12:39 AM
When your backyard geese aren’t lazily floating around in the pond, put them to work. Geese can help you get rid of pesky grasses and weeds in fields, pastures, and orchards. Chinese geese are the favorites for weeding purposes, but any breed will eat vegetation. Their nimble necks allow them... listen now
3/7/16 | 9:54 AM
Deciding which roses to grow in the garden is a highly personal choice based on fragrance, color, and the time you’re willing to spend on their care.  I’ve had the best luck with the Knockout-type of shrub roses. I can pretty much leave them be and they’re happy all summer... listen now
3/7/16 | 9:36 AM
Cover crops are gaining in popularity in fields all over the country. They restore nutrients in the soil, prevent erosion, and choke out weeds. But there comes a point where you have to kill the cover crop. All plants want to reproduce, and if the cover crop is allowed to seed it can build up a... listen now
3/7/16 | 9:18 AM
Do you find that after weeding a row of flowers you have more energy, or after harvesting vegetables you feel a sense of peace?  You’ve experienced the therapeutic benefits of horticulture. Patty Cassidy is a registered horticultural therapist in Oregon, and president of Friends of... listen now
3/7/16 | 9:07 AM
Alli Kelley has always wanted to live on a farm. When she left her suburban life for college, she wanted to learn everything she could about horses and livestock so she could own her own farm someday. When she started working on her master’s degree in animal nutrition, Alli and her husband... listen now
3/7/16 | 8:59 AM
Occasionally, a farm store will have a good deal on motor oil and it’s not a bad idea to stock up to save money. But, you may be wondering about the shelf life of oil, and the best way to store it. Jim Wills is a biosystems engineering professor at the University of Tennessee. He says... listen now
3/7/16 | 2:08 AM
When the pond isn’t completely surrounded by plants, it’s a lot easier to get in there to fish, swim, and launch a boat. Tadd Barrow is a water quality specialist with HAB Aquatic Solutions in Nebraska. He says rather than using chemicals to kill aquatic plants, prevent them from... listen now
3/7/16 | 12:38 AM
Livestock have a keen sense of hearing – and a good memory. Loud voices and yelling can scare them more than clanging gates, and they’ll remember you the next time you want them to do something. When cattle are calm, they eat better, drink better, and respond better to vaccines. Your... listen now
2/29/16 | 10:03 AM
Take a good look at the buildings on your farm. If they’re showing their age, they may be draining your bank account. Outdated design and technology is prevalent in many farm structures, increasing operating costs. Making improvements to these buildings could save you lots of money down the... listen now
2/29/16 | 9:57 AM
People get into beekeeping for a variety of reasons. Maybe they want the honey, need the bees for pollinating a fruit crop, or just to help increase the declining honeybee population. It’s wise for new beekeepers to start out small with just a couple of hives. You will also need a hive tool... listen now


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