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2/17/14 | 11:01 AM
Colostrum is the first milk produced by a mare after giving birth and is loaded with nutrients and antibodies. Foals need this immediate nutrition to give them an energy boost and help fight off disease. Some horse owners milk their mares if the baby isn’t able to nurse on its own,... listen now
2/17/14 | 10:45 AM
Years ago my husband’s boss found quite a surprise in her bathroom. She discovered an opossum hanging by its tail from the towel rack!  After getting over the initial shock, she called an animal control company and they removed it for her. Mike Bodenchuk with the Texas Wildlife... listen now
2/17/14 | 10:32 AM
Our family goes camping every summer and we enjoy the peace and quiet – until someone else in the campground fires up a loud, tooth-rattling generator.   Eric Loferski is the marketing director for Briggs and Stratton. He says an inverter generator produces DC power and transfers... listen now
2/17/14 | 10:21 AM
The power of healing doesn’t always come from medicine. Sometimes all you have to do is step out onto your front porch. That’s what Deborah Marqui discovered. She lives with her husband Buzz on an historic farm in St. Charles, Illinois, and has been through two bouts of cancer. To... listen now
2/10/14 | 11:08 AM
If you love houseplants but don’t have a lot of room for them, consider a terrarium. They’re most useful for small plants that don’t adapt well to normal home atmospheres. When properly planted, they offer a novel way to keep live greenery with minimal care. Terrariums are an... listen now
2/10/14 | 10:51 AM
I grew up on a small acreage in Eastern Iowa. We had a barn and plenty of room for a corral, so my siblings and I raised heifers and steers as our 4-H projects. Club calves were popular projects in my 4-H club and throughout the county. It was a good fit for us. Michelle Neff is an extension... listen now
2/10/14 | 10:38 AM
Chicken eggs with thin shells are unattractive, and very susceptible to damage. Danny Thornton is a retired poultry instructor at Mississippi State University. He says a thin egg shell will be almost transparent, more like a membrane than a shell. You might even see the yolk through it. Thin... listen now
2/10/14 | 10:13 AM
If you have a couple of dairy goats, you’ve got a nice supply of milk. And maybe more than you know what to do with. When a goat is nursing her young, the milk can also be used for other species that aren’t able to nurse from their own mothers. Susan Schoenian is an extension sheep... listen now
2/10/14 | 10:03 AM
Several years ago, I bought some Lily of the Valley plants off the internet. They arrived half-dead and much smaller than what the website said they would be. I sent them back, and fortunately was able to get a refund. Internet plant sales are booming. But, like anything else you purchase... listen now
2/3/14 | 10:44 AM
I’ve had pets all of my life, and have had to make tough decisions whether to pay for treating a serious illness, or putting the animal down. These were cases where having pet health insurance might have made our decisions a lot easier. Mike Hemstreet is the owner of Pet Insurance Review... listen now


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