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11/24/14 | 9:41 AM
The slow cooker gets used a lot in my house. I’ll throw something in before I leave for work and we have a meal waiting for us when we get home. Londa Nwadike is a food safety specialist for the Kansas State and University of Missouri extension services. She says the right preparation is... listen now
11/24/14 | 9:32 AM
When was the last time you looked at the bottom of your chore boots? My guess is there’s a lot of dirt, manure, and other crud that’s been there awhile, providing the perfect home for bacteria. As you walk from place-to-place, you’re spreading that bacteria which can make your... listen now
11/24/14 | 9:25 AM
Long ago, guinea hogs were the most popular pig breed found on early American homesteads in the southeast. Over time they lost favor with big pork producers who became more interested in much larger, commercial breeds. Today the guinea hog is listed as a threatened heritage breed with the American... listen now
11/24/14 | 9:14 AM
Olivia Wenger of Paso Robles, California, is keeping a close eye on the drought situation. Her family farm is Limerock Orchards, which includes 23-acres of heirloom English walnut trees. The trees were planted nearly 45-years ago, but never irrigated. The family is keeping with the “dry... listen now
11/24/14 | 9:09 AM
Twelve-volt batteries are used in everything from your car, to the tractor, to the fishing boat. If you find yourself in a situation where the battery is dying and needs to be recharged, you’ll need a battery charger. Not all chargers are the same so be sure to read the instructions and be... listen now
11/17/14 | 1:19 PM
Elizabeth Millard and her partner Karla Pankow run Bossy Acres, a 5-acre community supported agriculture operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They started the farm in late summer and got the soils ready for the next year, but felt very restless from having to wait to plant anything. So while the... listen now
11/17/14 | 1:12 PM
Nearly all goats have two coats. The top layer is called guard hair, and the undercoat is a down. Some goats have such exquisite down that it’s turned into highly-coveted cashmere. Beth Bohnert raises goats for cashmere on her small farm in Tennessee. She says cashmere isn’t a... listen now
11/17/14 | 12:29 PM
Don’t seal up the chicken coop in cold weather to keep your birds warm. They’ll be toasty, but they’ll also get sick. Sheila Purdum is an extension poultry specialist at the University of Nebraska. She says inadequate ventilation can allow a hazardous build-up of ammonia and... listen now
11/17/14 | 12:21 PM
The river that supplies your town with drinking water – is it polluted? Or how about your favorite lake – is it safe for swimming and fishing? A website and smartphone app called “How’s My Waterway” will give you that information on thousands of lakes, rivers, and... listen now
11/17/14 | 12:09 PM
Having a shop in the barn or the shed is a time-saver for maintenance and making repairs, but safety should be your number one priority. Dave Mowitz is a shop specialist with Successful Farming magazine. He says many shops don’t have the right lighting, which is a safety hazard if you can... listen now


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