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11/11/13 | 9:07 AM
If there’s a swarm of bees to be caught in southeast Iowa, call Joy Westercamp in Farmington. She’s only in the 8th grade but has the expertise to do it – and her teachers don’t mind the interruption. Joy and her sister Grace go to school at home by logging in to the Iowa... listen now
11/11/13 | 9:00 AM
Late fall and early winter is a good time for pond management, such as removing silt to make the pond deeper, vegetation control, or to get rid of unwanted fish species. This often requires draining some or all of the water. Bryan Swistock is an extension water quality specialist at Penn State... listen now
11/11/13 | 8:51 AM
When I was little, the farm we lived on had a windmill that pumped water into a cistern. That old windmill became a relic of the past like many that you see around the countryside. But, they’re making a comeback. Jose Zayas is the director of wind and water power technologies at the U-S... listen now
11/4/13 | 10:20 AM
My husband Ken likes to brew beer. He looks like a mad scientist in my kitchen with the buckets, hoses, and other equipment he uses for brewing, but the end result is fantastic. Gary Glass is the director of the American Homebrewers Association. He says home brewing as a hobby is catching on... listen now
11/4/13 | 10:10 AM
When you till the soil, you’re manipulating it to provide the right conditions for crop growth. Methods such as conservation tillage and traditional plowing all have their place and can work well. However, if you choose the wrong method or till at the wrong time, it can lead to soil... listen now
11/4/13 | 9:57 AM
Around the time of the First World War, the state of South Carolina was one of the nation’s largest producers of asparagus. The Fallaw family of Monetta, South Carolina, is working to bring that status back. Andrew Fallaw says their asparagus roots go back to 1913 and are five... listen now
11/4/13 | 9:46 AM
If you find yourself on an organization’s entertainment committee, or just looking to have some fun with your friends, why not host a square dance? You could also call it a “country hoedown” or a “barn dance,” and watch how the faces light up as they learn the steps of... listen now
11/4/13 | 9:36 AM
Warts are a common skin problem in young cattle. There are several types of bovine papilloma virus that cause warts, and they’re contagious in cattle herds. Dr. Mel Pence is a retired professor of veterinary medicine at the University of Georgia. He says the warts appear cauliflower-like... listen now
10/28/13 | 12:46 PM
We grow a lot of things well here in the northern United States, but citrus fruits aren’t on the list. They might do okay in the summer, but it’s just too cold in the wintertime.   Lance Walheim is the garden expert with Bayer Advanced. He says if you live in a climate-... listen now
10/28/13 | 12:35 PM
People who live in Texas, Louisiana, and Southwestern areas of the country are fighting leaf cutter ants. They’re also known as “town ants” because they make huge craters in the ground and there might be ten-or-more craters in a 100-square-foot area. They can live in colonies of... listen now


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