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2/23/15 | 9:48 AM
The first droppings from newly-hatched baby chicks are naturally sticky, but stress and other factors can make it a real problem. Feces that aren’t the right consistency will stick to the bird on the vent area and clog up their system. It’s called “pasting,” but also known... listen now
2/23/15 | 9:42 AM
Living in the country means wide-open space, fresh air, and peacefulness. No wonder people are flocking in from town. But many don’t realize that there’s also mud, livestock diseases, and an ever-changing climate to deal with. Violet Stone is the program coordinator for the small... listen now
2/23/15 | 9:34 AM
It can be hard to tell whether a horse is getting too fat or too thin unless you give it a body condition score, which is a method of estimating the amount of fat on the animal’s body in degrees from one-to-nine. A new app is available to help you evaluate your horse right from your phone... listen now
2/23/15 | 9:27 AM
I love walking into greenhouses, especially in the cooler months of the year. The warm temperatures and humidity make them so inviting. Unfortunately the bugs think so too, and can wreak a lot of havoc on the plants if they’re not controlled. Ric Bessin is an extension entomologist at the... listen now
2/23/15 | 9:20 AM
A 1970’s experiment crossing Tunis and Barbados Blackbelly sheep had an unexpected result – a new hybrid animal with remarkable coloring. The breed was named “California Red.” Lyn Brown is the registrar for the California Red Sheep Registry. She says lambs are born a... listen now
2/23/15 | 9:12 AM
You’ve just bought a new tractor and the dealer recommends using a synthetic oil. However, it’s more expensive than petroleum oil. What's the difference? Jim Wills is a biosystems engineering professor at the University of Tennessee. He says crude oil from an oil well has to go... listen now
2/16/15 | 9:59 AM
Nothing can turn off my craving for pancakes quicker than opening up the box and finding little bugs squirming in the pancake mix. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, tiny moths, beetles, and other creepy-crawlies love to dine on the buffet in your pantry. They typically feed on things... listen now
2/16/15 | 9:53 AM
Most plants thrive in well-drained soil. But if your soil is sandy, that’s over-kill. Water and nutrients run through it quickly, and plants have a hard time surviving in this kind of environment. Fortunately, there’s a fix for turning your barren soil into a thriving garden. Gene... listen now
2/16/15 | 9:42 AM
Who says you have to slow down in retirement? Not Joel Tira. The Coal City, Illinois man retired from being a middle school shop teacher – and now he’s busier than ever. Joel and his wife Cindy bought 27-acres with rolling hills, pastureland, and 200-year old oak and hickory trees.... listen now
2/16/15 | 9:37 AM
My cousin lives in a suburban area with tiny yards. But down the street from her is a parcel of land that has been divided up into individual garden plots. The neighborhood has developed a community garden, bursting with all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s also become a social... listen now


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