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10/31/16 | 1:37 AM
It’s a bad habit when horses nip at visitors. In the horse world, nipping and biting is how they play, groom, and investigate. But it's not good communication with humans. Cherry Hill is a horse expert, and has written many books about them. She says to prevent nipping and biting, to... listen now
10/31/16 | 12:00 AM
A roaring fire makes the cold weather cozy. The best species to burn in your area is the one that’s most plentiful. However, soft woods such as pine throw out only about half of the heat as hardwoods. Softwoods also burn faster, and tend to produce a lot of creosote. Some of the best woods to... listen now
10/31/16 | 12:00 AM
If you have oak trees, you probably dread the acorns that litter the ground. Aron Flickinger is the manager of the state forest nursery in Iowa. He says there are ways to pick up acorns without getting a backache in the process. "You can use a simple thing such as a rake, you can rake up... listen now
10/24/16 | 1:34 PM
The lane that takes you from the road to your home is also a welcome mat for visitors. Ben Pequeno owns a paving company and offers advice on his website, He says when designing a lane, usually it's a simple straight run from the road to the garage, or wherever you want it to... listen now
10/24/16 | 11:35 AM
You’re done harvesting grapes from your grapevines, the winemaking process is underway, and you’re enjoying a few sips. But before you get too comfortable with that bottle of wine, there is still some work to do in the vineyard. Repair damage to stakes and trellises, check for pesky... listen now
10/24/16 | 11:29 AM
I have a large flower garden that started out as a patch of grass. I put newspaper down in the fall, added wood mulch on the top, and the next spring I planted my perennials. The grass was gone, the newspaper was composting underneath, and I didn’t have hardly any weeds to deal with. Mary... listen now
10/24/16 | 11:15 AM
Many landowners welcome hunting and fishing on their land, but want to know who is on their property. An internet-based service called the Hunting Lease Network pairs landowners with hunters. It provides income for the landowner, and the sportsman has a private, secure place to hunt. It also helps... listen now
10/24/16 | 11:04 AM
Linda Zimmer and her husband Don Olson live on 80-acres in Blue Rock, West Virginia. Their farm sits at a three-thousand-foot elevation in the mountains, which creates a perfect climate for growing a stand of sugar maples. Linda says they’ve been tapping their 800 trees since 2009, and were... listen now
10/24/16 | 12:00 AM
Mice and rats are creatures of opportunity. The contents of your outbuilding or shed might be their good fortune. Bob Pierce is an Extension fish and wildlife specialist at the University of Missouri. He says droppings and signs of gnawing on the walls are indicators of rodent activity. The... listen now
10/24/16 | 12:00 AM
I love fall, but it’s sad to see my flowers fade and die. Drying these beauties is a perfect way to preserve and hang on to them. David Trinklein is an Extension floriculture specialist at the University of Missouri. He says the best time to harvest flowers for drying is when they’re... listen now


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