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11/4/14 | 12:46 AM
My grandparents had a long, gravel lane that was in constant need of a blade. There always seemed to be big holes, even though they had a pile of gravel handy to fill them in.   Russ Lanoie is a Private Contractor and says since water is a huge contributor to a bumpy road, it's... listen now
10/27/14 | 3:08 PM
Long ago, children in both Native American and Colonial American families used cornhusks to make dolls. The activity has stood the test of time, and today our kids can make and play with the same toy as their ancestors. Kathy Gauler of Palm Bay, Florida, is a member of an organization called... listen now
10/27/14 | 3:00 PM
Over the past few years there’s been a huge increase in ownership of backyard chickens. Gathering your own fresh eggs and being greeted by happy, feathered friends is enjoyed by many. But sometimes, that dream turns into a burden. Phil Clauer is an extension poultry specialist at Penn... listen now
10/27/14 | 2:52 PM
Pumpkins are fun for fall decorating, and yummy to cook with – unless the kids have cut them up. Carving exposes the pumpkin flesh to bacteria and other creepy-crawlies, so a pumpkin meant for food should be left whole. The kids can draw on it with markers if they insist on giving it a face... listen now
10/27/14 | 2:44 PM
A hereditary condition called Myotonia Congenita can cause muscles in your legs to stiffen up when you’re tense. Myotonic goats, also known as fainting goats, stiff-legged goats, or wooden-legged goats also have this condition. Tara Lawrence runs the Myotonic goat online registry. She says... listen now
10/27/14 | 2:35 PM
Jack Maloney is a corn and soybean farmer in Brownsburg, Indiana. He also educates people about farm safety. Several years ago, Jack lost his lower left arm in a grain auger while preparing corn for a milling plant. "They required so many things. The combine had to be cleaned up, the grain... listen now
10/27/14 | 2:15 PM
Clouds are classified by their height and appearance from the ground. Fortunately most clouds are harmless, and they can help you decipher what the weather is doing. Brenda Brock is the Chief Meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Des Moines, Iowa. She says cloud types are categorized... listen now
10/20/14 | 10:49 AM
My folks have had miniature horses for years and they are the most adorable creatures. Their names are Dolly, Biscuit, and Apache. Miniature horses were first used to pull coal from the mines because of their stout build and the ability to pull loads many times their own weight. Their coal days are... listen now
10/20/14 | 10:01 AM
The largest edible fruit native to the United States is the paw paw. It’s a mango-like fruit that grows on trees mostly east of the Mississippi. It’s not something you’ll readily find in the grocery store, but you might at a farmer’s market. Sheri Crabtree is a research... listen now
10/20/14 | 9:39 AM
Lisa Steele’s family has been raising chickens for five-generations, and she now has her own small flock on her Suffolk, Virginia, farm. She’s also a writer and thought others would be interested in the old-timer’s tips and tricks on caring for chickens. Several years ago she... listen now


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