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8/22/16 | 10:53 AM
“Acid rain” is one of those terms that we occasionally hear about, but don’t quite understand. Mark Nilles is a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. He says pure water in a clean atmosphere has a pH of 5.6.  Anything below 5.6 is considered to be acid rain. ... listen now
8/22/16 | 3:13 AM
In Indian folklore, owls represent many things: wisdom, helpfulness, the underworld, and the power of prophecy. But, on a farm, they’re pretty practical because they catch mice and other vermin. They live in the cavities of old, hollow trees, but do appreciate a homemade nest to raise their... listen now
8/22/16 | 1:39 AM
Muscovy ducks have become popular animals to have on a small farm. People enjoy their lean, nutritious meat that is comparable in taste to sirloin steak. Muscovy ducks are prolific egg layers, producing up to 180-eggs-per-year. And the ducks are excellent for bug control.   Dennis Smith is... listen now
8/22/16 | 12:00 AM
I can’t imagine the horror of the pioneers years ago when they saw a raging wildfire coming at them and there was nothing they could do.  Fires can start by Mother Nature, or just by our own dumb nature.   Thank goodness for fire departments, because most of us can’t afford... listen now
8/15/16 | 2:11 PM
Fish die from a variety of causes and a few dead fish floating on the surface of the farm pond isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm. But if there are a lot of dead fish and you see others gulping for air at the surface, you’ve got to find the cause. Charlie Lee is an extension... listen now
8/15/16 | 10:55 AM
There’s a lot of information out there on using natural garden remedies for everything from battling bugs and diseases, to super-duper growth concoctions. I’ve crushed up eggshells to add calcium to my tomato plants. It seems harmless, but you still have to be as careful with homemade... listen now
8/15/16 | 10:36 AM
Dwight and Marilee Johnson tried everything they could to help their young son Chance find relief from eczema, an itchy skin inflammation. They found the remedy in their goat pen. The Bend, Oregon couple started making soap using the milk from their two goats, and Chance’s eczema cleared up... listen now
8/15/16 | 10:30 AM
If your tomato plants are suddenly turning brown and dying, they might be victims of late blight. Beth Berlin is an extension horticulturist at the University of Minnesota. She says late blight spores are spread by wind and water, and can travel several miles from field-to-field with the right... listen now
8/15/16 | 10:14 AM
When I need more gas for my push mower, I fill up my two-gallon gas tank with E-10 fuel. This means it’s 10-percent ethanol and 90-percent petroleum. Ethanol has been demonized when it comes to small engines, but I’ve never had a problem. Ray Bohacz is the engine answer man for... listen now
8/15/16 | 10:01 AM
Eli Rogosa of Colrain, Massachusetts is a food anthropologist who wanted to bake with ancient, artisan wheats. But she couldn’t find any. Eli worked in Palestine and Israel in the winter for years with farmers’ organizations and to advance ecological farming. While there in the... listen now


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