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3/10/17 | 1:22 PM
When you bring livestock onto your acreage, you need good fencing that will protect the animals and your property. Monte Stauffer is an Extension educator at the University of Nebraska. He says the main consideration to make when deciding on fencing material is the species of livestock you... listen now
3/10/17 | 1:10 PM
The most common reason for early failure of a septic system is treating the toilet like a garbage can. The only thing that should go in it is what we add as humans, toilet paper, and water. If you flush non-biodegradable things, they don’t break down, clog it up, and you’ll have to pump... listen now
3/10/17 | 1:03 PM
Swine producers large and small need to be on the lookout for the Seneca Virus-A, or Seneca Valley Virus. The number of cases has been on the upswing, and the reason this disease is so important is because it looks just like foot and mouth disease. We haven’t had foot and mouth in the United... listen now
3/10/17 | 12:56 PM
About a third of the nation’s farmland is farmed or co-farmed by women. There are many more acres owned by women who lease their land to other farmers. These women tend to be deeply committed to conservation, soil health, and productivity, but may find obstacles in accessing conservation... listen now
3/10/17 | 12:39 AM
When you order a batch of chicks, they usually come from the hatchery to the post office in a cardboard box with air holes. Transporting them safely is always a concern. Extension Poultry Specialist Scott Beyer at Kansas State University says there is no hard and fast rule as to the best type of... listen now
3/6/17 | 10:20 AM
When you grow the same family of vegetables in the same location year-after-year, you’re inviting a host of problems that include bacteria, insects, and troublesome soil pathogens. Bob Polomski is an Extension horticulturist at Clemson University. He says solarization is a natural way of... listen now
3/6/17 | 10:15 AM
If you raise rabbits, put them out on pasture so they can have all the fresh greens they want. Keep them in a wire cage on the ground, and move it at least once a day. They’ll eat just about anything, but alfalfa is high in protein. Diane Schivera is an organic livestock specialist with... listen now
3/6/17 | 10:08 AM
If there’s one thing I refuse to eat, it’s a hot chili pepper. I don’t like food that feels like I’m chewing on molten lava. What makes a pepper painful is a substance called capsaicin. The heat is rated in what’s called Scoville units. Currently the hottest pepper... listen now
3/6/17 | 9:56 AM
Years ago my husband took a one-day blacksmithing class and made a triangle dinner bell. He did a great job, but told me I couldn’t use it to call him for supper. Garry Kalajian owns a blacksmithing business in New Hampshire and also teaches classes on the craft. He says there are a few... listen now
3/6/17 | 9:16 AM
As soon as they saw the little blue house, the pasture, the creek, and the barn, Carrie and Jerod Davis knew they found home. The young couple wanted away from the city where they spent the majority of their life indoors. Most importantly, Carrie wanted her five-year-old son Grayson to grow up... listen now


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