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6/20/14 | 2:04 PM
In my house when the smoke alarm goes off, it means dinner’s ready. We turn on the ceiling fan, open the windows, and hope the neighbors don’t call the fire department.   Debbie Hanson is the director of external affairs for First Alert. She says new technology features can help... listen now
6/20/14 | 1:32 PM
Many greenhouses sit idle in the winter months. But in Fairfield, Iowa, a special greenhouse is growing food year-round to feed the local school kids. Jan Swinton manages the greenhouse. She got a USDA farm-to-school grant for a partnership between manufacturing and schools, and the greenhouse... listen now
6/20/14 | 1:11 PM
When you’re planning to buy a few acres in the country, be sure you know of any environmental issues before signing on the dotted line. If the land is contaminated, its value can be greatly reduced and you can be held liable for cleanup costs. Susan Klein is with the Environmental... listen now
6/18/14 | 10:25 AM
A tiny fly native to North America has been known to parasitize native bumblebees and wasps. But just in the last few years, it’s been discovered attacking non-native honeybees. John Hafernik is a professor of biology at San Francisco State University and studying what’s known as the... listen now
6/18/14 | 10:11 AM
Walk through a woodland and notice the diversity of plants. Trees, shrubs, and other perennials grow together like a solid family unit. You can have that same kind of synergy in an edible garden. Dave Jacke has written books about the ecology and design of home-scale food forests. He says the... listen now
6/18/14 | 9:44 AM
Jack Hanna is a name you might be familiar with. He has several TV shows featuring many different kinds of animals. One episode in particular sparked the interest of Scott and Theresa Ellinger of Centerburg, Ohio. Jack was talking about a pet he had as a boy – a miniature donkey named “... listen now
6/18/14 | 9:35 AM
A stream running through a pasture often has lush grass, shade trees, and plenty of water. It can be an ideal place for cattle to hang out, but it’s not a good idea on a continual basis. Steve Higgins is the director of animal compliance at the University of Kentucky. He says livestock... listen now
6/18/14 | 9:25 AM
When trees mature and get shady, the area underneath them becomes bare. Since bare spots aren't often tolerated in landscaping, many people fill the void by building a ring around the tree and adding flowers or other plants. It may look nice, but you're ultimately shortening the life of the... listen now
6/18/14 | 9:13 AM
Extending the living space to the outdoors has been a big trend over recent years. Fernanda Pedroso works in research and development for Belgard Hardscapes. She says for 2014, homeowners are looking for contemporary design. This includes gravitating to oversized pavers, which can make a small... listen now
6/9/14 | 10:25 AM
Wild berries grow all over the United States, ranging from raspberries and blueberries, to gooseberries and currants. Toss them into your mouth seconds after picking or bring them home to make jams, pies, and other goodies. Brian Elliot is a botanical consultant in Wyoming and has written a book... listen now


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