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2/6/17 | 11:30 AM
Josh Volk worked as an engineer in the Silicon Valley of California, and also volunteered in gardens that were growing in the poor areas of East Palo Alto. He saw the positive impact those gardens were having on the residents, and became interested in food production as a community-building tool,... listen now
2/6/17 | 11:03 AM
On a sunny winter day a few years ago, my kids and I went out to the woods to look for deer antlers. We didn’t find any, but it was nice to get out of the house.   White tail bucks naturally shed their antlers when testosterone levels drop after the breeding season. They grow a new set... listen now
2/6/17 | 10:55 AM
I love to wander around craft shows and I’ve noticed an uptick in cacti and other succulents that people are selling in the cutest containers. The nice thing about these plants is they’re relatively maintenance- and pest-free. And you can choose the look you want - their shapes,... listen now
2/6/17 | 2:13 AM
I can hear the woodpeckers at work on the trees. Sometimes they like to ratta-tat-tat on the eaves of our house. Woodpeckers are beneficial birds because they eat a lot of insects. Bill Golden designs woodpecker feeders and says if you want to attract these birds to your yard, you have to offer... listen now
1/27/17 | 2:37 PM
Turmeric is an herbaceous perennial plant native to South Asia, particularly India. For thousands of years it’s been used not only to spice up food, but for a wide range of medicinal purposes. Until recently, turmeric has been imported from outside the United States. It’s now considered... listen now
1/27/17 | 2:25 PM
Mules are the product of a male donkey and a female horse. On the flip side, a hinny is the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey. Hinnies aren’t nearly as common, but if you saw one you probably wouldn’t know it. Amy McLean is an equine reproduction specialist at the... listen now
1/27/17 | 11:08 AM
If you love houseplants but don’t have a lot of room for them, consider a terrarium. They’re most useful for small plants that don’t adapt well to normal home atmospheres. When properly planted, they offer a novel way to keep live greenery with minimal care. Terrariums are an... listen now
1/27/17 | 2:08 AM
I love to ice fish. The excitement of reeling a nice crappie out of the ice is a thrill that keeps me hooked on the sport.   Chris Larson is the regional fisheries supervisor with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. He says the most important part of ice fishing is to make sure the ice... listen now
1/27/17 | 12:46 AM
There is a four-lane highway not far from our place that has quite a few accidents. I know people who like to drive on the back roads because they believe they're safer. That might be true, but then again, maybe not. Lee Munnich is the director of the Center for Excellence in Rural Safety at... listen now
1/23/17 | 2:27 PM
A few teachers from my past inspired me to pursue journalism and broadcasting as a career. Teachers motivate the next generation of young leaders, problem solvers, and entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough educators in agriculture in grades seven-through-12. A program called the... listen now


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