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11/12/18 | 2:54 PM
You don’t need a composter to add beneficial compost to the garden. Pile on a few inches of raw material and either till it in or let it sit on top of the soil, and it’ll be broken down by spring. Organic matter improves tilth, aeration, and how quickly the soil takes up water. In sandy... listen now
11/5/18 | 3:15 PM
Controlled grazing, rotational grazing, getting animals out of the mud – these are reasons to invest in temporary fencing so livestock can be easily moved from one place to another. The type of temporary fence you choose depends on the species of livestock you’re penning in as well... listen now
10/29/18 | 10:05 AM
When was the last time you really took a hard look at the condition of your pasture? By giving a numerical value to its parts and uses, you’ll have a good idea of pasture performance overall. Dan Undersander is an Extension forage specialist at the University of Wisconsin and helped... listen now
9/18/18 | 10:48 AM
The devastating avian influenza outbreak from late 2014-to-mid-2015 was linked to migratory wild birds, especially waterfowl that can carry highly pathogenic avian influenza and Newcastle disease. They shed the viruses in their saliva, nasal secretions, and feces as they fly south for the winter.... listen now
9/10/18 | 9:29 AM
Apples mature over a long period of time, depending on the cultivar. Some are ready now, others are weeks out. When to pick apples depends on if you’re going to eat them right away or store them for later. Teryl Roper is an Extension horticulture specialist at Utah State University. He... listen now
9/4/18 | 9:12 AM
There are a lot of traditions in college football, but one in particular really touches the heart. Fans in Kinnick Stadium at the University of Iowa stand in the first quarter, and wave to young patients at the Stead Family Children’s Hospital, which overlooks the stadium.  This fall,... listen now
8/24/18 | 10:26 AM
I’ve got a few spots in my yard where turf grass has a hard time growing. Most of them are under mature trees that have a thick canopy, which reduces sunlight penetration to the ground. John Fech is an Extension educator at the University of Nebraska. He says the species of turf grass in... listen now
8/20/18 | 11:44 AM
The fresh mushrooms you bought from the grocery store likely came from Pennsylvania. Sixty-four percent of the nation’s mushrooms are commercially grown in that state. Gale Ferranto is a 3rd generation mushroom farmer, on the board of the Mushroom Council, and the president of Buona foods... listen now
8/13/18 | 9:38 AM
Sore mouth is a pox virus that lives indefinitely in the soil, and affects most sheep and goat operations at some point. Dr. Reid Redden is a state sheep and goat specialist with Texas A&M Agrilife Research and Extension. He says the virus presents with crusty scabs on the mouth which heals... listen now
7/30/18 | 10:03 AM
Black walnut trees are prized for wood and walnuts, but fruit and vegetable crops planted near walnut trees can be afflicted with a disorder known as walnut wilt. Ward Upham is an Extension horticulturist at Kansas State University. He says black walnuts release a naturally-occurring chemical... listen now


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