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4/4/16 | 3:01 PM
The United States is one of the few places in the world where the thought of eating bugs makes our stomachs turn. But Taylor Ferguson and Wendy Lu McGill of Denver, Colorado are hoping to convince us that cricket cuisine and mouthwatering mealworms have a place in our diet. The two have started the... listen now
4/4/16 | 2:55 PM
Produce farmers who want income from their crops for more than just a few months of the year should consider high tunnels. The structures are covered with plastic, which protects plants from bad weather conditions and capture’s the sun’s natural heat and light. However, they’re... listen now
4/4/16 | 2:47 PM
The past few months have been weird, at least in the weather department. Most of the country had a very warm fall, a balmy Christmas, and then wild fluctuations between warm and extremely cold through the winter. It confuses us, so just imagine what it does to your plants! Leonard Perry is an... listen now
4/4/16 | 1:52 AM
Mowing our yard is tricky. There are steep slopes on both sides of our house so it has to be done slowly and carefully, especially since we use a riding mower. Ag Engineer Bobby Grisso at Virginia Tech University is a safety specialist. He says when he thinks about the mistakes people make while... listen now
3/28/16 | 9:59 AM
I grew up on an acreage with cattle and horses. It was always exciting when a new four-legged friend showed up, but my parents were quick to make sure I had a good understanding of my limits around animals that were bigger than me. Tracy Schlater is the marketing director for Farm Safety for... listen now
3/28/16 | 9:47 AM
Leasing land is a great way to get into agriculture without the high cost of buying. For landowners, leasing provides a steady income from land they’re not using.   Setting the land rental rate usually depends on a few things: The type of land, the type of operation that is leasing,... listen now
3/28/16 | 9:34 AM
Every year, there are fish kills from manure runoff. State and federal laws require landowners to prevent water pollution. If you have horses or livestock close to a waterway, you should test the water periodically to be sure there are no problems with runoff, especially after a heavy rain or... listen now
3/28/16 | 9:20 AM
Pastures are coming out of dormancy and the grazing season will soon be upon us. Your animals will be giddy eating fresh forages again. Proper pasture management before you turn the animals out makes it feasible to have lush, green pastures and healthy livestock.   Jamie Foster is a forage... listen now
3/28/16 | 9:09 AM
Tim Amlaw has never liked vegetables from the grocery store. And when he had a heart attack a few years ago, he decided it was time to look at growing fresh vegetables. Tim is an ag educator in Phoenix, Arizona. He began researching how he could bring new innovation to local vegetable production... listen now
3/28/16 | 9:02 AM
Feeding and management of your ewes in late gestation can determine the success of the lambing season. About 70-percent of fetal growth occurs during the last four-to-six weeks of pregnancy, so the ewe needs a more nutrient-dense diet. Dan Morrical is an animal science professor at Iowa State... listen now


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