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10/26/15 | 1:37 AM
You want to make sure cows are getting the right nutrition – especially before they calve. Body condition scoring is a helpful re-breeding management tool. Rick Rasby is a beef cattle specialist with the University of Nebraska. He says by rating the condition of the cow's body, you... listen now
10/19/15 | 11:42 AM
Many of you take the batteries out of lawn tractors, boats, and other equipment to store for the winter.  Somebody told me once that you can't store a deep-cycle lead-acid battery on concrete or it will lose the charge after a few weeks. Shane Louwerens is a John Deere Ag Tech... listen now
10/19/15 | 10:17 AM
There are lots of old windmills dotting the rural landscape. The metal towers and fan blades were used long ago by farmers to pump water from their wells. Phil Gehman with Great Plains Windmill Service says the iconic countryside markers are making a comeback. Landowners want an alternative,... listen now
10/19/15 | 9:56 AM
Go to the meat case in the average grocery store and you’re bombarded by over 135 different types of products. And on each of those products is a label. Maybe it says “natural,” “organic,” or “free-range.” What are those labels telling us and how in the... listen now
10/19/15 | 9:50 AM
A healthy chicken is alert and active, with a good appetite. If you have a bird that’s not gaining weight, seems to have a lack of energy, and looks pale, it might have a bad case of worms.   Donna Carver is an extension poultry veterinarian at North Carolina State University. She... listen now
10/19/15 | 9:48 AM
When Canada thistle sprouts up in my flower gardens I dig it out as soon as I can. Getting the upper hand on it is easy in that situation. But when it spreads around fields and pastures, it’s a different story. Bill Johnson is an Extension weed specialist at Purdue University. He says... listen now
10/19/15 | 9:40 AM
The hazelnut is a highly sought-after nut. It has many uses such as a nutritious additive in human food, livestock feed, and can also made into biodiesel. The problem is, the only place hazelnuts grown commercially is in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Scott Josiah is the State Forester for... listen now
10/19/15 | 9:19 AM
For decades, the state of Maine was the number-one potato-growing state in the country. When water was introduced in the West, other states started their own spud production, with Idaho now as number one. But in Maine, Sue McCrum and her family grow about 4,000 acres of potatoes on a farm called... listen now
10/12/15 | 12:04 PM
Several years ago, one of my co-workers became very ill with a strange lung infection. After lots of testing, he found out that breathing the spores of a fungus living in his garden mulch had made him sick. Fungal Aspergillosis is extremely rare, but it can make you really miserable with a... listen now
10/12/15 | 11:58 AM
The weather phenomenon called “El Nino” is here and is expected to hang around until at least early 2016. In a nutshell, El Nino is the warming of waters in the central Pacific Ocean which affects weather over much of the Western hemisphere.   Jerry Lehnertz is a vice president... listen now


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