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6/18/18 | 3:06 PM
Kids have so much fun when they visit a farm or petting zoo. They climb on the playground, pet the animals, and then have something to eat and put their hands in their mouth. Yuk. Agritourism operations with handwashing facilities can help prevent customers from getting sick. Danelle Bickett-... listen now
6/11/18 | 3:45 PM
Dave Crinklaw and his father Bob started an orchard spraying business in 1982. As their California business grew, so did the challenges of finding labor.  Dave also wanted to increase efficiency, so he developed a driverless orchard sprayer. It’s called the Global Unmanned Spray System,... listen now
6/4/18 | 9:40 AM
This is the time of year when the risk of severe weather is high. Combine bad weather with oodles of patrons at your agritourism event, and you could have a real emergency to deal with. The time to prepare is when the sun is shining. Everyone involved in your operation should help with planning and... listen now
5/29/18 | 11:28 AM
Last summer was a bad one for Japanese beetles in my area. Thousands devoured my knock-out roses, green beans, and the leaves on our linden tree. Like blood to a shark, the smell of their favorite plants causes the nasty little beasts to go into a feeding-frenzy. James Quinn is a regional... listen now
5/21/18 | 9:26 AM
An invasive plant-hopping pest has been found in several Eastern states and has the potential to spread. It’s called the spotted lanternfly and got here from Asia in 2014. It’s a threat to hardwoods and timber, grapes, peaches, and more. Emelie Swackhamer is a horticulture Extension... listen now
5/16/18 | 2:48 PM
I love rabbits and enjoy watching them. But that affection comes to a halt if I see them ravaging my plants. They clip off shrub branches at 45-degree angles and the veggies growing in my garden are a sought-after bunny buffet. Dennis Ferraro is a conservation wildlife biologist at the... listen now
5/7/18 | 9:53 AM
Pumpkins come in all sizes, shapes and colors off the vine. If you really want to amaze your friends and family, grow yours on a stick. Kathleen Cue is an Extension horticulture educator at the University of Nebraska. She says the pumpkin-on-a-stick plant grows on stems that are about three-feet... listen now
4/30/18 | 9:53 AM
Niki Jabbour of Halifax, Nova Scotia, grows what most people do in the vegetable garden – peas, carrots, tomatoes, and beans. She also grows snake gourds for decoration and Halloween fun. But when her Lebanese mother-in-law came for a visit, she harvested the gourds and cooked some wonderful... listen now
4/23/18 | 9:40 AM
I have a lilac bush that is probably one of the ugliest I’ve ever seen, but when I bury my nose in the flowers and drink in that amazing smell, it doesn’t matter what they look like. We can deepen our sensory experiences in the garden by planting for sight, taste, feel, smell, and... listen now
4/16/18 | 1:09 PM
Farm equipment innovator Steve Heckeroth has been tinkering with designs to build electric vehicles for 26-years. Small and mid-sized farmers from all over the world and share his enthusiasm for reducing their use of fossil fuel. Heckeroth’s company, Soletrac, is building utility tractors and... listen now


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