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4/23/18 | 9:40 AM
I have a lilac bush that is probably one of the ugliest I’ve ever seen, but when I bury my nose in the flowers and drink in that amazing smell, it doesn’t matter what they look like. We can deepen our sensory experiences in the garden by planting for sight, taste, feel, smell, and... listen now
4/16/18 | 1:09 PM
Farm equipment innovator Steve Heckeroth has been tinkering with designs to build electric vehicles for 26-years. Small and mid-sized farmers from all over the world and share his enthusiasm for reducing their use of fossil fuel. Heckeroth’s company, Soletrac, is building utility tractors and... listen now
4/9/18 | 10:37 AM
There aren’t many insects as captivating as the hefty, fuzzy bumblebee. Honeybees get all the pollinator attention, but bumblebees are an excellent alternative or a supplemental pollination source of many crops. Elaine Evans is an Extension educator at the University of Minnesota. She says... listen now
4/2/18 | 10:45 AM
We all have those spots in the garden that don’t ever seem to dry out. These areas are hard on plant roots due to low oxygen levels in the soil. Poor water drainage can result from a number of reasons, including heavy clay soil, a lot of compaction, or low spots where water naturally collects... listen now
3/19/18 | 10:00 AM
Migratory birds and insects need a place to rest and raise their young in an area that’s not disturbed, has a diversity of plants, and something to eat.  The pastures that livestock graze are the same ecosystems and habitats that grassland birds rely on. There are several grazing... listen now
3/9/18 | 12:12 PM
Like most gardeners, I get tired of planting the same old stuff in the garden. Every spring I look for something new to try whether it’s a vegetable or flower. This year, you’re going to find lots of flowers and veggies with unusual color variations. Diane Blazek is the executive... listen now
3/6/18 | 2:20 PM
It won't be too much longer until your fingernails finally have dirt under them. Get the growing season off to a good start now by spring cleaning your gardens. Radio interview source: Dr. Lelia Scott-Kelly, Consumer Horticulture Specialist, Mississippi State University Spring maintenance... listen now
2/27/18 | 9:00 AM
Prescribed burns indirectly impact wildlife by changing vegetation structure and composition. They impact how much food is available, and the amount and quality of cover for wildlife. Jarred Brooke is an Extension wildlife specialist at Purdue University. He says knowing your management... listen now
2/19/18 | 9:12 AM
Innovations in agriculture are going on worldwide. Teachers and students in the United States have access to a free curriculum that follows an “Ag Cultures” team as it investigates the world’s food puzzles. Tera Fair is a communications specialist with the CHS Foundation, which... listen now
2/12/18 | 1:56 PM
Starting a backyard chicken flock is fun for the whole family. The hard part is deciding on the type and breed of bird. Your reasons for raising chickens will influence your list of breeds. They’re generally grouped according to their purpose such as meat, eggs, and ornamental. Jeff Smith... listen now


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