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2/24/14 | 9:41 AM
My grandmother is in a nursing home and tells me her favorite days are when the dogs and cats come to visit. A kitty on her lap makes her feel like a little girl again. Animal therapy is used in nursing homes, hospitals, and in counseling centers to help boost an individual’s well-being... listen now
2/24/14 | 9:34 AM
A friend invited my husband and I over for dinner one night, and he roasted what we thought was a regular chicken. It was actually a “capon.” I’d never heard of it before, but it sure tasted good. Jacquie Jacob is an extension project manager at the University of Kentucky.... listen now
2/24/14 | 9:26 AM
The old tractor that you inherited from your grandfather is a still a tough work horse and gets everything done. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its dangers. A poorly-maintained tractor seriously injures or kills farmers every year. Scott Heiberger is a communications... listen now
2/24/14 | 9:15 AM
The lake I frequently cast a fishing line into is teaming with good-tasting bluegill and crappies.  I've never been concerned about eating the fish. They appear healthy, reproduce well, and the water quality is good. Nutrition experts are telling us we need to eat more fish for the... listen now
2/24/14 | 9:03 AM
Sometimes what you want isn’t what you end up with, and Dan Vollmer of Omaha, Nebraska is grateful. He salvaged wood from an old barn to put down as flooring in his house – but there wasn’t enough wood. Dan had a driveway piled with barn scraps and had to do something with it, so... listen now
2/24/14 | 8:57 AM
Having enough room to store everything on a small farm can be a challenge. Putting up an outbuilding can be the answer. It takes careful planning to get exactly what you want. The location needs to be considered, as well as permits and available utilities. As for the building itself, look at... listen now
2/17/14 | 11:11 AM
Fried eggs are a typical Sunday meal at my house. I think once or twice we’ve seen a tiny bit of blood in the yolk, but it didn’t bother us any. It was just part of the egg and we scramble it in. Jacquie Jacob is an extension project manager at the University of Kentucky. She says... listen now
2/17/14 | 11:01 AM
Colostrum is the first milk produced by a mare after giving birth and is loaded with nutrients and antibodies. Foals need this immediate nutrition to give them an energy boost and help fight off disease. Some horse owners milk their mares if the baby isn’t able to nurse on its own,... listen now
2/17/14 | 10:45 AM
Years ago my husband’s boss found quite a surprise in her bathroom. She discovered an opossum hanging by its tail from the towel rack!  After getting over the initial shock, she called an animal control company and they removed it for her. Mike Bodenchuk with the Texas Wildlife... listen now
2/17/14 | 10:32 AM
Our family goes camping every summer and we enjoy the peace and quiet – until someone else in the campground fires up a loud, tooth-rattling generator.   Eric Loferski is the marketing director for Briggs and Stratton. He says an inverter generator produces DC power and transfers... listen now


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