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3/30/15 | 10:41 AM
Spring is at our fingertips and everything’s starting to green up. Feed is the number one cost of raising livestock, so producers are antsy to get their animals grazing on pasture. But hold your horses – before you cut them loose, make sure the forage is ready to be munched on. Plants... listen now
3/30/15 | 10:15 AM
In my area of the country there are plenty of nutrients that wash into ponds and other bodies of water. Sometimes it causes stinky water and a goopy layer of decomposing organic material on the bottom.  Toss in a block of bacteria and let it take care of the problem. Todd Rosendahl is with... listen now
3/30/15 | 10:08 AM
Unlike traditional field crops like corn and soybeans, vegetable growers have the advantage of growing vegetables in different seasons with different maturity dates. This provides the flexibility to incorporate cover crops throughout the growing season. Ajay Nair is an assistant horticulture... listen now
3/30/15 | 9:48 AM
David Grote of Iron River, Wisconsin, doesn’t see his small farm in the same way as most people. He considers it a work of art. His 14-acres are just 15-miles from Lake Superior, in an area that was settled by Scandinavian immigrants. David and his partner wanted to reflect that, so they... listen now
3/30/15 | 9:40 AM
If your horse’s coat seems to be shaggier than usual, and he’s lethargic and losing muscle mass he may have Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction, or PPID. It was formerly known as Cushing’s disease. Dr. Janice Kritchevsky is a professor of large animal medicine at Purdue... listen now
3/30/15 | 9:29 AM
Pruning trees, fixing fence, and other general maintenance chores require hauling a lot of heavy tools around. If you don’t have a ready power supply, those jobs out in the back-40 are more difficult. Make it a lot easier by accessorizing your utility vehicle as a rolling tool shop. Jeremy... listen now
3/30/15 | 1:42 AM
Septic system drain fields aren't supposed to look like a bubble bath. If your drain field is bubbling, or the septic is backing up into the house, your laundry habits may be the culprit. Jim VonMeier is the education director for Septic Protector. He says doing laundry may cause any number... listen now
3/23/15 | 10:30 AM
One night last summer my cat was growling outside our bedroom window. I went to see what she was all upset about, and found a raccoon staring at me on the other side of the glass. The next day was garbage collection, and our garbage can was out on the curb. The raccoon probably wanted more where... listen now
3/23/15 | 10:22 AM
Every year about this time I plant peas. Sometimes it’s too early, but it’s fun to try.   Charlotte Glen is an extension horticulture agent with North Carolina State University. She says peas are sensitive to heat, and will become starchy and tough when temperatures reach the 80... listen now
3/23/15 | 10:14 AM
If you have a bad case of acne, rub lard on your face. It sounds disgusting, but James Henderson of Concord, Virginia swears that it just might work. He says a friend once told him about the skin healing powers of lard. James raises pigs on his farm and is committed to using every part of the... listen now


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