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7/22/16 | 10:22 AM
It’s like being in a horror movie: You go for a swim in the pond and when you come out, your legs are covered with leeches. It’s alarming, but leeches don’t transmit diseases. In fact, they’ve been used for thousands of years for medical purposes. Either pick them off by... listen now
7/22/16 | 10:15 AM
There’s a big farmer’s market in my area that has some of the most beautiful cut flowers I’ve ever seen. They’re perfect – unlike the flowers in my garden – and I’ll bet they’re being grown under high tunnels.   Dave Dowling is the president... listen now
7/22/16 | 10:06 AM
Benjamin Kant has no background in farming, but he is an entrepreneur. He became interested in growing things and decided to prove that urban farming can be profitable. His vision is to grow fresh food in the same city where it’s eaten. Benjamin built a 10,300 square-foot commercial-scale... listen now
7/8/16 | 1:50 PM
Feral hogs are an invasive, destructive pest wreaking havoc from Canada to Mexico. They eat nearly everything in sight and are a serious threat to fish, forests, wildlife, and crops. A group of ten hogs can destroy 10-acres of cropland in one evening. They also carry many diseases that can be... listen now
7/8/16 | 1:40 PM
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and quite often through a camera lens. Kelly and Charlie Gerszewski of Manvel, Texas were looking for a quiet place for themselves and their young daughter, Grace. They found a stunning little farm on just under four-acres that was love-at-first-sight... listen now
7/8/16 | 1:32 PM
There is a big birch tree in my front yard that has become so shady, even weeds have a hard time growing underneath it. I’ve given up on grass completely. Lynn Steiner is a native horticulturist and author of a new book called “Grow Native”. She says one of the more difficult... listen now
7/8/16 | 1:27 PM
You don’t need a lot of land to grow healthy food for yourself or to sell to others. In fact, urban agriculture is rapidly growing due to the high demand for local food. In response, the USDA has developed what’s called the “Urban Agriculture Toolkit” for urban farmers and... listen now
7/8/16 | 1:20 PM
I always have a bag of pistachio nuts at my desk. They’re chock full of nutrition and fun to crack open and eat as a snack. Alison Nagatani grows pistachios in the San Joaquin Valley of California. The climate there is perfect – the nuts like cold winters but not freezing, and hot,... listen now
7/8/16 | 1:44 AM
There are some spots in my yard that have become so rough, my teeth rattle while I'm mowing.    Lawns can become rough and uneven over time, because the turfgrass compacts and thins. Freezing and thawing of the ground from season to season lifts up or "heaves" the soil,... listen now
7/8/16 | 1:42 AM
Time and gravity have undesirable effects on form, whether you're a human being or a suspended slab of wood. No matter how well you and your fence gate are built, you're both going to sag eventually! Sometimes a gate fix is as simple as checking the hinges. If the hinges are bent,... listen now


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