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12/7/15 | 12:45 AM
I have a bunch of garden tools that could probably use a good sharpening. It’s not hard to do and I’ll thank myself come spring when I’m ready to use them again. Craig Saxe is an Extension ag agent at the University of Wisconsin. He says sharpening garden tools is an art. But,... listen now
11/30/15 | 11:39 AM
I love looking at all the poinsettia colors during the holidays. They certainly make a statement and it’s too bad that it takes a lot of effort to keep them growing and blooming. Christmas poinsettias are native to Southern Mexico and have a tough time in northern climates. Julie Marcus is... listen now
11/30/15 | 11:32 AM
One of my favorite pastimes is looking out on my deck and watching the birds come to the feeders. I often wonder though, if I have the right feeders in the right place. Steve Kress is the vice president for bird conservation at the National Audubon Society. He says to think of bird feeding in... listen now
11/30/15 | 11:25 AM
Every now and then you’ll hear of an outbreak of dog flu. Canine influenza is a highly contagious virus that’s easily spread from dog-to-dog through direct contact, nasal secretions, and contaminated objects. Drew Hanzlicek is an assistant professor of small animal internal medicine... listen now
11/30/15 | 11:16 AM
How many times have you heard one chirping cricket and want to kill it so you could get some sleep? Crickets are music to Barry Farmer’s ears. The Leopold, Indiana, man is an entrepreneur at heart. He tried raising morel mushrooms, but morels only grow where they want to so Barry decided to... listen now
11/30/15 | 11:07 AM
Some of my fondest memories of childhood were when a fierce winter storm knocked out power and the roads were closed for days. We sat around the fireplace to keep warm, and rode the snowmobile into town because that was the only way to get there. I don’t recall having issues with food and... listen now
11/30/15 | 11:00 AM
Slopes on your land can present several challenges. Rainwater flies downhill creating gullies, and vegetation doesn’t have a chance. One way to solve this problem is by building a swale. Swales are basically water-harvesting ditches with flat bottoms that are built across a hillside. But... listen now
11/30/15 | 10:45 AM
Sheep have wool coats, and cattle grow thick hair, but when the winter winds pick up, you might find them huddled against the trees in your pasture. A stand of trees can do a good job of blocking the worst of the harsh weather. If your livestock are in an open feedlot, windbreaks can make a huge... listen now
11/23/15 | 9:43 AM
I make really good strawberry jam and my neighbor makes mouth-watering Kringla. If we got together with others in our area to trade our specialty foods with each other, we’d have what’s known as a “food swap”. Kate Payne, from Austin, Texas, is the originator of the food... listen now
11/23/15 | 9:32 AM
As we’re bundling up for colder temperatures, your rabbits are wondering what the big deal is. They’re hardy critters, and it’s fine to leave them outside in their hutches as long as they’re protected from rain, snow, and wind. Bob Bennett raises rabbits and has also... listen now


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