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11/23/15 | 9:25 AM
Exactly when is a horse considered a horse and not a pony – and vice versa? There are many people confused about the two, and rightly so. Pat Comerford is an equine extension specialist at Penn State University and says in general, ponies are small-sized members of the horse family, but... listen now
11/23/15 | 9:16 AM
Remember all the news about bedbug infestations not too long ago? The outbreaks have quieted down, but the bugs are still out there. Sarah Zukoff is an Extension entomologist at Kansas State University. She says the most common place to find bedbugs is in hotels, both plain and fancy. When you... listen now
11/16/15 | 9:52 AM
My cousin Dave has been collecting farm toys with his dad since he was a kid. They had a huge display in the basement with miniature tractors, combines, wagons and other miniature pieces of machinery. I visited my aunt and uncle last Christmas, and it was all still there. Knowing how old my cousin... listen now
11/16/15 | 9:44 AM
Farmers raising pigs for niche markets are sometimes prohibited from using farrowing crates. The crates prevent the 450-pound sow from lying on her five-pound piglets. Consumers are also expecting pork production year-round. It can be tough for new and small producers to farrow pigs without losing... listen now
11/16/15 | 9:37 AM
Mom always said to wear your hat and gloves when you go outside in the snow – and then she put a cheap pair of boots on you that made your feet freeze. A good pair of winter boots with the right insulation for your needs is critical for staying warm, dry, and comfortable. Jeff Wunn is a... listen now
11/16/15 | 2:08 AM
The pond on your property may be deep, but if you’ve never dredged it, you might need to if it’s been filling in with sediment. Water Quality Specialist Bryan Swistock at Penn State University says dredging removes the sediment layer, making the pond deeper. Less sunlight penetrates... listen now
11/16/15 | 12:43 AM
When a big snow storm rolls in, we get some huge drifts on our drive, especially when the wind is howling just right. If we had a snow fence, we might not have to work so hard with the snow blower! Ag Engineer Greg Brenneman at Iowa State University says a proper snow fence has half-solid and... listen now
11/16/15 | 12:00 AM
One of the challenges of winter is keeping the water pipes from freezing in your outbuildings, especially when they’re not heated. Even if you live in a moderate climate, a long cold snap will give you headaches if the pipes burst. Richard Beard is an ag engineering specialist at Utah... listen now
11/9/15 | 12:42 PM
Every forest floor is loaded with tree seeds just waiting for the right soil conditions to germinate. You could use a rake or a scarification tool to turn over and mix up the mineral soil underneath, but that’s a lot of work. Get some turkeys instead and let them do it. Brett McLeod is... listen now
11/9/15 | 12:33 PM
My grandfather was one of John Wayne’s biggest fans. He loved movies where the actor rode his horse across rugged terrain, ate beans cooked over the fire, and was the consummate cowboy. You don’t have to be an actor to do these things. Colleen Hodson is the executive director of the... listen now


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