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1/3/17 | 11:38 AM
My son is a deer hunter and we have lots of venison in the freezer. My favorite way to cook deer steak is to marinate it in Italian dressing, and then grill it for just a few minutes on each side. Chris Hull is an avid sportsman, and a communications specialist with South Dakota Game, Fish and... listen now
1/3/17 | 11:29 AM
There is a lake about a mile from my house, and every year right after the holidays someone’s Christmas tree is laid on the ice. The neighbors make bets on the day the ice melts enough for the tree to fall through. It then sits on the bottom of the lake where it becomes a refuge and feeding... listen now
1/3/17 | 12:50 AM
When the kids are bored, tell them to go climb the walls. Steve Lage is the owner of Indoor Climbing, a website that provides climbing wall information, and says the sport also helps with strength, balance, coordination, and problem solving. If you're thinking of building one, start with a... listen now
12/19/16 | 10:22 AM
Help out your feathered friends this winter by making homemade suet cakes for them. It provides a high-energy source of fat and protein during increased energy needs in colder weather. Pure suet is the fatty tissue around a cow’s kidneys. You could also use pork lard, lamb fat, or even Crisco... listen now
12/19/16 | 10:05 AM
Spinning animal fiber into yarn is an age-old practice. Wool from sheep and alpacas, angora from rabbits, and cashmere from goats can provide clothing for your family or to sell to others. Kathleen Mower and her husband Kerry raise sheep near Stanley, New Mexico, and she is accomplished in fiber... listen now
12/19/16 | 9:53 AM
A man named John Sanborn had one of the most important farms in 18th century Loudon, New Hampshire. He had water rights to operate a grist mill and saw mill. In 1997, Colin and Paula Cabot bought the farm, which had everything still intact from the mid-19th century. Colin says he thinks one of... listen now
12/19/16 | 9:44 AM
When corn is expensive, many cattle producers are being pushed to feed more forages. However, bad growing conditions can also increase the cost of hay. Any waste in your feeding program is going to hit the bottom line. Rick Rasby is a beef cattle specialist at the University of Nebraska. He says... listen now
12/19/16 | 9:37 AM
A strawberry grower near me has his plants growing in long, raised beds covered with black plastic. The berries are large and stay clean because they don’t touch the soil. They’re grown with a method called plasticulture - which is the combination of two words – plastics and... listen now
12/19/16 | 9:29 AM
When all that’s left of the pasture is mud, livestock can quickly ruin it. And the mud is no picnic for them, either. When a pasture is bare from drought, muddy from too much rain, or you just need to give it a break from the animals, have a “sacrifice area” ready to go. This is a... listen now
12/19/16 | 9:21 AM
On a chilly winter day my cat likes to snuggle up in the recliner next to the fireplace. I keep telling her how lucky she is that she’s not an outside cat. Drew Hanzlicek is an associate professor of small animal internal medicine at Oklahoma State University. He says some people think if... listen now


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