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6/20/16 | 1:52 AM
After I’m done mowing with the lawn tractor, sometimes I notice that the cut seems to be uneven. We’ve installed new blades and leveled the deck with no luck. There must be something we’re overlooking. Shane Louwerens is a John Deere Ag Tech Instructor at Northwest Mississippi... listen now
6/20/16 | 1:45 AM
Before my family usually goes on vacation, I water the garden well and try to weed a lot. But, the garden is usually out of control by the time we return. Horticulturist Leonard Perry at the University of Vermont says when you're going to be gone for more than a few days, mulch the garden... listen now
6/13/16 | 11:03 AM
There’s a certain, putrid smell in the air that lets you know some unfortunate soul has suffered the wrath of an angry skunk. Hopefully it’s not the family dog or someone else who lives in the house with you! John Wilson is an extension educator at the University of Nebraska. He says... listen now
6/13/16 | 10:43 AM
I’ve had bee balm growing in my perennial garden for years and it’s just beautiful – until the leaves develop a white, powdery growth, turn brown, and die. The culprit is powdery mildew, a fungal disease that usually develops on the upper side of a leaf. The spores overwinter in... listen now
6/13/16 | 10:13 AM
Jacob Shuman had trouble learning and struggled in elementary school, especially with math. It was discovered that his birth mother drank during pregnancy, and he has fetal alcohol syndrome. His mom convinced him to join 4-H so he could meet people and develop new learning skills. That was 10-years... listen now
6/13/16 | 8:59 AM
As the saying goes, make hay while the sun shines. But there is always the chance that rain will disrupt the process. Dan Undersander is an extension forage specialist at the University of Wisconsin. He says the effect that rain has on hay quality and yield depends on how much rain falls, and... listen now
6/13/16 | 3:08 AM
My family and I love to camp. But with the increased popularity of public campgrounds, it's become somewhat difficult to find a nice spot where you're not right on top of the next campsite. Campers want to feel secluded, like they're a part of the great outdoors. If your land has the... listen now
6/13/16 | 1:44 AM
If the green in your lawn is moss and not grass, there's a problem. David Robson is a horticulture specialist at the University of Illinois. He says there are two conditions that make moss pop up – when the soil is moist, and when there's little light reaching the ground. Moss is... listen now
6/6/16 | 11:57 AM
This is the rainy season in my neck of the woods. Getting out to mow before my lawn grows into a tall prairie sometimes requires cutting the grass when it’s wet, even though I know I shouldn’t. Ward Upham is an extension horticulturist at Kansas State University. He says mowing wet... listen now
6/6/16 | 11:21 AM
Part of a forest management plan often involves marketing the mature trees. You can make a lot of money from your woodland. However, do not have a timber sale by yourself.  Most people don’t know the value of their trees and can easily be taken advantage of. Jesse Randall is an... listen now


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