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7/1/16 | 11:39 AM
Got holes in your cabbage plants? Caterpillars love to dine on cabbage and can cause some serious damage. There are several types of cabbage worm which include cutworm, imported cabbage worm, cabbage looper, diamondback moth larvae, and cross-striped cabbage worm. They will happily help themselves... listen now
7/1/16 | 11:33 AM
Pruning tomato plants through the growing season can keep the plants tidy and increase the size of the fruit. One common technique is to pinch off the suckers, which are little shoots that form where a leaf stem attaches to the main growing stem. Tim Coolong is an extension vegetable specialist... listen now
7/1/16 | 11:26 AM
We’re in the prime months of outdoor cooking. Most of us know to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold so we don’t get sick. But there are some precautions to take while you’re grilling the food as well. Liz Boyle is an extension meat safety and quality specialist at Kansas... listen now
7/1/16 | 1:50 AM
I have a favorite basket that I use every year when I’m picking produce in the garden. It's rectangular with a handle. Long ago, pioneers made folded bark baskets to transport food. Basket makers today use the same methods to make a variety of containers. Jim Widess owns a caning shop... listen now
6/27/16 | 2:43 PM
I plant chives and let some flower because I've heard they repel Japanese beetles. But I don't want to repel all insects from my garden because some of them eat bad bugs such as aphids and spider mites.    Kerry Smith is an extension horticulture specialist with the Alabama... listen now
6/27/16 | 1:30 PM
Testing the quality of water as it leaves a farm field helps farmers and the USDA understand which conservation practices work best at preventing sediment and nutrient runoff. Farmers in several states can volunteer for a project called “edge of field monitoring” to learn how they... listen now
6/27/16 | 10:59 AM
There’s an invasive earthworm wreaking havoc in northern woodlands – it’s called the Crazy Worm. Crazy worms disrupt the natural decomposition of leaf litter on the forest floor. They turn good soil into grainy, dry worm castings that understory plants can’t grow in. They... listen now
6/27/16 | 10:48 AM
In some areas of the country, good alfalfa hay is hard to come by and even harder to afford. Feeding a product called chaffhaye is an alternative to rounding up hay bales. Chaffhaye is green-chopped alfalfa. It’s dried to 50% moisture, lightly misted with molasses, and compressed into air-... listen now
6/27/16 | 10:37 AM
When was the last time you looked at someone’s house and thought, “Wow that’s a nice looking downspout”? My guess is never. A rain chain is a fun, elegant replacement for an ugly downspout. Scott Blevins is the CEO of He says it replaces the vertical... listen now
6/27/16 | 10:23 AM
Middle school students in Hamburg, Iowa asked if they could have a farm on school property, where they would be responsible for running it. The answer was “Yes”. Mike Wells is the school superintendent. He says their farm was started earlier this year when 60 chickens were hatched,... listen now


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