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9/14/15 | 10:39 AM
Ticks emerge in force in the spring, decrease in number during the heat of the summer, and often make a resurgence in the fall. If you’ll be walking through tall grasses and foliage, don’t forget the bug spray. Dr. Michael Dryden is a University distinguished professor of veterinary... listen now
9/14/15 | 10:28 AM
Sheep and goats on pasture are susceptible to a parasite called the “barber pole worm.” It feeds on blood from the animal’s stomach wall, which can result in anemia and other health issues. A scoring system called “Famacha” (FAHM’-ah-cha) can tell producers if... listen now
9/14/15 | 10:09 AM
When the middle and high school students sit down to lunch in Swanton, Vermont, they know where their cheeseburger came from. The school raises livestock on its grounds as part of hands-on agriculture education, and much of the meat is served in the school lunch program. The school has a license to... listen now
9/14/15 | 10:02 AM
Tens-of-thousands of women keep the wheels turning to produce food and fiber in the United States. Many of them are involved in an organization called American Agri-Women. This non-partisan group is the largest women’s agricultural coalition in the country. Their goal is to unite women in... listen now
9/14/15 | 3:08 AM
For a variety of reasons, you may need to assess the species and numbers of fish in your pond. A biologist will come out to do a fish count and make sure there is still a good balance. Fisheries Specialist Jim Rice at North Carolina State University says one of the techniques biologists use to... listen now
9/9/15 | 10:18 AM
A couple of years ago a friend of mine divided her irises and gave me a few of the rhizomes to plant in my yard. I put them around some daylilies and what a show I’ve had. If you want these elegant perennials in your garden, now is the time to plant them. Kari Houle is an Extension... listen now
9/9/15 | 10:10 AM
We all go a little crazy when the garden fruits and vegetables come on at once. You spend hours in the kitchen getting everything canned. And then you wonder -- Where am I going to put all these jars? Karen Blakeslee is a food scientist at Kansas State University. She says the best place to... listen now
9/9/15 | 9:19 AM
I have a huge perennial garden. The coneflowers, columbine, and a few others have no problem spreading their own seeds in the fall so I get free plants every spring. You can build your own perennial garden by collecting seeds directly from the plants and saving them till next year. David Graper... listen now
9/9/15 | 3:09 AM
A few years ago, we needed a couple of dying trees cut down.  We weren’t home at the time, and unfortunately, the people we hired cut down the wrong trees! Whether you're harvesting trees to sell or just cutting them up for firewood, Forestry Specialist Karen Bennett at the... listen now
9/9/15 | 1:41 AM
My folks have a burn barrel at the edge of their pasture. My dad burns stuff like wood scraps, tree debris and cardboard boxes. He's always careful to note how strong the wind is and if conditions are too dry, he doesn't leave the barrel unattended.   Bill Troup is a fire program... listen now


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