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1/27/14 | 10:09 AM
An experiment with web technology is helping first responders deal with farm emergencies. The National Farm Medicine Center conducted a pilot project in Wisconsin called “Farm Mapper,” where farmers use a web tool to provide information about hazards on the farm.  ... listen now
1/27/14 | 9:54 AM
No matter how many chickens you plan on raising, it’s important to keep records on them. The information can help you make management decisions for efficiency and productivity. It’s also a tool to help you identify potential problems within the flock. Lynn Bliven is an ag issue... listen now
1/27/14 | 9:37 AM
There is a growing movement in the restaurant industry to source more food locally. If you’ve eaten duck at a restaurant, chances are it was hatched at John Metzer’s hatchery, called Metzer Farms, in Gonzales, California. He sells day-old ducklings to farmers around the country, who... listen now
1/20/14 | 10:33 AM
A venereal disease in cattle is spreading rapidly. Trichomoniasis, usually referred to as “trich,” has been around for a long time and is under control in most states. However, due to cattle being transported around the country because of drought and other reasons, trich is re-emerging... listen now
1/20/14 | 10:26 AM
Fires, tornadoes, and other disasters can wipe out everything in a heartbeat. Whether you’re a renter or homeowner, it’s a good idea to make a household inventory so you know the value of replacing those items. Jamie Rathbun is an extension agent at Kansas State University. She... listen now
1/20/14 | 10:17 AM
People own forested land for many reasons, including income from the wood, recreational purposes, and aesthetics. You can’t afford to ignore the value of this asset, so a well-prepared forest management plan will help you meet your goals now and into the future. Earl Garber is the... listen now
1/20/14 | 10:06 AM
Some people say nature is their “church.” Jane Hawley Stevens of Baraboo, Wisconsin, felt pure joy when she went for walks with her grandmother, who she considered to be a great North woods woman. When Jane went to college, she knew her passion came from the outdoors, so she got a... listen now
1/20/14 | 9:56 AM
Years ago either you grew your own food or knew the people who did. Most Americans today are disconnected to their food suppliers, and may even believe it starts at the grocery store. The Monsanto company is behind an effort to educate consumers about how modern agriculture has evolved, and... listen now
1/13/14 | 12:56 PM
When I go to a farmer’s market, I have my favorites. But it’s also fun to see what the new trends are with growers. If they have something different to offer, chances are they’re going to do well. Lynn Byczynski is the editor of Growing for Market, a magazine dedicated to... listen now
1/13/14 | 12:44 PM
I’ve gone through several corn mazes with youth groups over the years. I’m usually the last person out because I’m directionally-challenged, and also because the mazes were designed to keep you in there awhile.   Gary Roberson is an extension specialist at North Carolina... listen now


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