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6/1/15 | 9:32 AM
Hedges are quite useful in the landscape. They can provide privacy, hide an unpleasant view, trap snow, and provide habitat for wildlife. Spring is the best time to plant a hedge. Richard Jauron is an extension horticulture specialist at Iowa State University. He says the main consideration when... listen now
6/1/15 | 9:25 AM
When you’ve spent a lot of money and time on koi and other fish for your garden pond, the last thing you want is some critter fishing them out for a meal. Erik Tate is the operations manager of a website called He says garden pond predators vary, depending on what area of... listen now
6/1/15 | 9:20 AM
One of my favorite vegetables is called the “lunch box pepper.” I’ve bought them at the farmer’s market, and love their small size because it makes them perfect for a quick, healthy snack. Steve Bellavia is a researcher with Johnny’s Selected Seeds company in Maine... listen now
6/1/15 | 9:14 AM
I remember getting a drink at my grandparents’ house, and wondering why the water came out of the faucet so funny. Turns out the water was so hard, it was building up inside the faucet. Sharon Skipton is an extension educator at the University of Nebraska. She says as water moves through... listen now
5/26/15 | 10:55 AM
When bugs find your vegetable garden and help themselves to dinner, it can make you feel helpless. Maybe you cry “uncle”, give up, and say you’ll try again next year. But with the help of pest-fighting flowers, you’ll have natural pest control, the upper hand on claiming... listen now
5/26/15 | 10:40 AM
Prior to the 20th century, there were no short-sleeved shirts. Everyone wore hats and long sleeves when they went outside. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, it wasn’t until the 1920’s that tanned skin became popular. Today, the organization says one-in-five of us will develop... listen now
5/26/15 | 10:22 AM
I’ve been gardening all of my life since I was a little girl, helping my mom. I have a garden today, and plan to for years to come. The hobby is relaxing and offers so many tangible rewards. Unfortunately, people become unable to care for the landscaping they love, due to aging, or a loss of... listen now
5/26/15 | 3:08 AM
I have some friends with a few grass carp in their pond. The carp nibble on aquatic grasses and are apparently well-fed because they're huge, and the pond doesn’t seem to have a problem with overgrown vegetation.   Ken Semmens is an aquaculture specialist at West Virginia... listen now
5/26/15 | 1:50 AM
When my kids were little, I just loved taking them on nature hikes. We’d explore water, find cool rocks, and unusual plants. Rebecca Brown organizes scavenger hunts for all ages. She says when you're planning one, consider the audience, the area they'll be poking around in, and the... listen now
5/18/15 | 11:11 AM
There is a cemetery not too far from my house that is very peaceful to walk through. Many of the graves are beautifully decorated with blooming flowers and plants. When a loved one passes on and you’re wondering how to honor their resting place, choose a planting carefully. Every cemetery... listen now


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