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1/5/15 | 10:02 AM
In sub-freezing weather, it only takes minutes for exposed skin and underlying tissue to start freezing. Frostbite starts with a tingly feeling, to not being able to feel your fingers and toes anymore.   Amalia Cochran is an associate professor of surgery at the University of Utah and has... listen now
1/5/15 | 9:54 AM
Growing up we had an Irish Setter that loved to romp in the snow. She’d dig and roll around in it, but she’d go back to the barn or come inside with us after a short time. Just because dogs have fur doesn’t mean they can withstand the cold. Lisa Peterson is the director of... listen now
1/5/15 | 9:47 AM
The right bedding in your chicken coop will keep the birds warm and dry. There is no one type of litter that will fit everyone’s needs, but it should be easy to use, absorbent, and biodegradable. Ron Kean is an extension poultry specialist at the University of Wisconsin. He says there are... listen now
1/5/15 | 9:20 AM
There is a section in Living the Country Life magazine called “All Around the Homestead” where we print tips and tricks from our readers to make life easier in the country. Everybody has to deal with unwanted critters from time-to-time, especially when it’s chilly outside.... listen now
1/5/15 | 9:13 AM
Betsy Babcock and her husband Bryan bought five-acres of land on the western edge of the Catskills in Franklin, New York. Their new hobby farm included sheep, chickens, and a few pigs. They also started a bed and breakfast.  Many families from New York City began staying with them to... listen now
1/5/15 | 8:46 AM
Security cameras and other monitoring technologies have allowed farmers to keep an eye on everything from their home office. Now, you can do this anywhere in the world from the smartphone in the palm of your hand. Craig Steen is the president and CEO of Clear2there, a company that offers smart... listen now
1/5/15 | 12:00 AM
This is a tough time of year to keep plants healthy. Doug Jimerson is a retired garden editor from Better Homes and Gardens. He says some of them do best in high humidity, and central heating makes the air in your home really dry. "One of the best ways to keep them is to set the pot in a... listen now
12/19/14 | 4:10 PM
Christmas at my parents’ house is chaotic to say the least. When the whole family is together, there are no less than five dogs running through presents and wrapping paper, and also a few cats if they’re brave enough. Honestly I’m surprised that we haven’t had any animal... listen now
12/19/14 | 4:04 PM
Several years ago my grandmother gave me a beautiful, glass truffle bowl. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it, until I learned about fairy gardening. I filled it with soil, a couple of plants, and some tiny gardening tools. So far I haven’t seen any fairies sitting on the little... listen now
12/19/14 | 3:53 PM
Beth Bohnert had always dreamed of having her own little farm. When Beth and her husband Brett moved to Tazewell, Tennessee, a few years ago, they found a 38-acre fixer-upper. Most of the terrain is mountainside and wooded, so she researched what type of animal would thrive on this type of... listen now


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