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2/16/15 | 9:53 AM
Most plants thrive in well-drained soil. But if your soil is sandy, that’s over-kill. Water and nutrients run through it quickly, and plants have a hard time surviving in this kind of environment. Fortunately, there’s a fix for turning your barren soil into a thriving garden. Gene... listen now
2/16/15 | 9:42 AM
Who says you have to slow down in retirement? Not Joel Tira. The Coal City, Illinois man retired from being a middle school shop teacher – and now he’s busier than ever. Joel and his wife Cindy bought 27-acres with rolling hills, pastureland, and 200-year old oak and hickory trees.... listen now
2/16/15 | 9:37 AM
My cousin lives in a suburban area with tiny yards. But down the street from her is a parcel of land that has been divided up into individual garden plots. The neighborhood has developed a community garden, bursting with all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s also become a social... listen now
2/16/15 | 9:30 AM
A full-size llama staring you down across the fence can be quite intimidating. Miniature llamas are the same species, but won’t tower over you. They were bred down in size from small adult llamas over the past 20-years or so. They eat less and don’t take up as much space. Julie... listen now
2/16/15 | 9:22 AM
You’ve got a chainsaw and you’ve finally decided to cut down some of those bothersome trees in the back-40. Grab your safety glasses, a helmet, and earmuffs and analyze how you’ll follow through your project before making a cut. John Olson is a design editor for WOOD magazine.... listen now
2/16/15 | 2:12 AM
Years ago we bought a pop-up camper. Even though it’s not considered a heavy trailer to tow when it comes to campers, we were still careful to make sure it fell within the towing weight guidelines of our vehicle.   Travis Mai is known online as "The Hitch Guy" and works for... listen now
2/9/15 | 10:01 AM
Missing a sock? Maybe the dog ate it. Dogs eat some strange things and if yours is munching its way through the laundry, it's important to find out why. Sara-Louise Newcomer is a clinical instructor at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. She says the strangest thing she... listen now
2/9/15 | 9:52 AM
Inheriting land after the death of a family member often comes with a lot of emotion. What a wonderful gift. I have so many memories there. Or maybe you never even knew the land existed. Everyone who goes through this has to make some decisions and ask questions. How has the land been used now and... listen now
2/9/15 | 9:43 AM
Violet Stone of Ithaca, New York, happily remembers visiting her grandparents on their 90-acre farm. When her grandmother shut the door to the house for the last time, it became abandoned. It’s been 20-years since anyone has lived there. It’s amazing the memories and emotions that... listen now
2/9/15 | 9:34 AM
Spiders give me the heebie-jeebies. And there’s one in particular that I never want to meet – the venomous brown recluse – which can be found just about everywhere in the United States. Holly Schwarting is an entomology research associate at Kansas State University, and has... listen now


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