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12/12/16 | 10:20 AM
Grinding your own grain to make whole-wheat flour is playing a huge role in the artisanal bread movement around the country. Fresh-ground flour is beneficial over store-bought because it doesn't lose its nutritional value when used immediately, and the taste and texture of baked goods are... listen now
12/12/16 | 10:06 AM
The yard light has been a safety feature and welcoming beacon on the farm for decades. The purpose hasn’t changed, but the technology has. Scott Sanford is a distinguished outreach specialist at the University of Wisconsin. He says the old mercury vapor lights have been discontinued, so... listen now
12/12/16 | 9:54 AM
Specific boundary lines and other fencing issues can create rifts when your land encroaches on somebody else’s. Rusty Rumley is a senior staff attorney with the National Agricultural Law Center. He says anytime you can work out an agreement with the adjacent landowner, it’s much... listen now
12/12/16 | 9:19 AM
Randy and Pam Moore never dreamed that they could make a living on 105 acres, but they’re doing just that. The Wilmington, Ohio, couple live on the farm that has been in Randy’s family for generations. Instead of raising crops like his ancestors, Randy learned how to raise meat animals... listen now
12/12/16 | 2:08 AM
If you’ve talked about installing a dock in your pond but haven't quite got around to it yet, now might be a good time because you can lower the water level. Marty Brunson is a former Mississippi State Fisheries Professor. He says late fall or early winter is the prime time to lower... listen now
12/12/16 | 12:37 AM
Mules are durable, versatile creatures that are used for packing, riding, and other chores on the farm. A mule has a donkey father and a horse mother, and you can spot one by the long ears and short mane.   Amy McLean is an equine reproduction specialist at the University of California-... listen now
12/5/16 | 11:23 AM
Canning has become popular again and jars of your homemade food can make wonderful gifts. It’s a good idea to know who you’re giving it too because some people are skeptical of home-canned products and are afraid they’ll get sick. It might be the best tasting stuff ever, but to a... listen now
12/5/16 | 11:15 AM
When we’re camping, my two favorite pans to cook in are a cast iron skillet and Dutch oven. I usually use a liner when I bake something in the Dutch oven because it makes cleanup easier, but food does occasionally spill out and cook onto the pan. Sometimes I can scrape it out, sometimes I can... listen now
12/5/16 | 11:09 AM
I have some old deck chairs that need updating and I think spray-painting them will be the best way to do it. Spray paint is easy to use and you get a really nice finish if you do the prep work first, and keep the can moving as you’re spraying. Mark Wilgen is the director of small project... listen now
12/5/16 | 10:50 AM
If you have liquid pesticides that need storing over the winter, make sure they don’t freeze. Jan Hygnstrom works with pesticide safety in Nebraska Extension. She says the freezing point of many liquid pesticides is lower than 32-degrees due to the hydrocarbon solvents or inert ingredients... listen now


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