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11/2/15 | 9:58 AM
If you have houseplants you might have annoying tiny bugs flying around them. They’re called fungus gnats, and infest the growing medium of potted plants. Jonathan Larson is an extension entomologist at the University of Nebraska. He says fungus gnats lay their eggs in moist soil, and the... listen now
11/2/15 | 9:47 AM
Nick and Joan Olson live in the perfect spot for a vegetable farm. Their Litchfield, Minnesota acreage is centered in the transition zone between prairie and the state’s northern hardwood forest. Nick says they have good agricultural soil, the lakes and forest, and a restored prairie and... listen now
11/2/15 | 9:41 AM
Koi fish are a beautiful addition to a small pond in the landscape. In many cases you can keep them out there year-round as long as you give them a little T-L-C. Mike Swanson is a pond designer with Koi Acres in Minnesota. He says if you plan to keep your koi in the pond over the winter, the... listen now
11/2/15 | 9:32 AM
Whether you have one nut tree or dozens, they make a mess when the nuts fall to the ground. It’s important to get out there and pick them up as soon as you can before their quality starts to deteriorate, and before the squirrels steal them. But picking up one nut at a time is tedious,... listen now
11/2/15 | 12:50 AM
I love hayrack rides, especially in the fall when the owners of a nearby apple orchard give delightful tours of their farm on the way to the pumpkin patch. Farm Safety Specialist Bobby Grisso at Virginia Tech University says if you're offering hayrides, make sure the driver is responsible... listen now
10/26/15 | 10:36 AM
Pumpkins, ghosts, and treats are part of our Halloween tradition, which long ago was a seriously scary time of year. Jan Brinn is an extension educator at Michigan State University and has researched the origins and legends of Halloween. She says it goes back two-thousand-years to the Samhain,... listen now
10/26/15 | 10:20 AM
I’m going to get a head start on my vegetable garden yet this fall. I’ve got a couple of straw bales that I will let sit outside over the winter. When spring rolls around, they’ll be in a state of decomposition that makes the perfect growing environment for seeds and transplants.... listen now
10/26/15 | 10:10 AM
I can make quick work piling all of the leaves in my yard with a leaf blower. It spares the blisters on my hands from the rake. Shawn Carothers is a marketing manager with TORO. She says each type has a different focus, so the best way to choose is by the task you’ll be using it for.... listen now
10/26/15 | 10:00 AM
When Martin Rude was a boy, he spent a lot of time playing in the barn on his grandparent’s farm. It was his dream to someday renovate a barn into a home. Martin and his wife Cheryl live on 35-acres near Winfield, Kansas. There was an 1881 stone barn on their land and the couple decided... listen now
10/26/15 | 9:54 AM
Currants haven’t been a popular fruit in the home garden because in the past, black currants have been extremely susceptible to white pine blister rust. It doesn’t bother the currant plant, but the disease can kill a pine tree. There are new cultivars available now that have good... listen now


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