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6/2/14 | 9:42 AM
A couple of years ago, Jason and Lucie Amundsen of Wrenshaw, Minnesota sold their first pasture-raised egg from their backyard chicken flock. All of their hens are named Lola, and their business is called “Locally Laid.” Lucie, who calls herself the “marketing chick,” says... listen now
6/2/14 | 9:36 AM
Weeds are vermin in a hayfield. They compete for nutrients, reduce yield and quality, and cause toxicity issues.   Paul Gonzalez is an ag extension agent at North Carolina State University. He says a weed is anything in the field that you don’t want there. Your line of defense starts... listen now
6/2/14 | 9:28 AM
There is a concrete pipe that drains storm water runoff next to our back yard. When we get a lot of rain, I’m amazed at the gunk that comes out of that pipe. As storm water flows over the land, it picks up all kinds of contaminants. Research shows that drinking water wells inundated with... listen now
6/2/14 | 8:54 AM
Wildflowers have survived floods, drought, sandy soil, clay soil and other extremes for millions of years. They’re still around and offering tremendous assets to our ecosystems, including helping pollinators. Miriam Goldberger owns a wildflower farm in Canada and has written a book about... listen now
6/2/14 | 8:41 AM
Every summer my mom brought home flats of strawberries from a farm market. We’d eat them fresh and she’d freeze some, too. But my favorite way to extend the berry bounty year-round is by making jam. I’m going to share our family recipe with you. It’s simple, and the flavor... listen now
5/23/14 | 9:05 AM
You probably have an old garden hose that leaks, lost its connectors, and can’t do much other than take up space in the shed. Why do we have a hard time getting rid of them? Is there anything else they’re good for other than spitting out water? I asked our Living the Country Life... listen now
5/23/14 | 8:57 AM
I’ve seen giant zucchinis and other funny-looking vegetables, but there is an Italian heirloom climbing squash called Rampicante that’s right there with them. It’s also known by several other names such as “trombone squash,” and the Italians like to call it the “... listen now
5/23/14 | 8:46 AM
Mary Blackmon has lived most of her adult life in cities. A number of years ago she inherited a farm on the border of Arkansas and Louisiana, and was given the choice to keep it or sell it. She couldn’t bear to let it leave the family, so she left Los Angeles and moved back home. Mary says... listen now
5/23/14 | 8:40 AM
We have a gas grill that sits on our deck just outside the kitchen and we use it year-round, especially for steak and burgers. I have a favorite big spatula that gets used every time the grill is fired up. Chris Hartley is the vice president of marketing for Blue Rhino, a maker of grilling... listen now
5/16/14 | 3:27 PM
When I was a kid, I always winced when the veterinarian gave our 4-H calves their shots, but they didn’t even flinch. Cattle are much braver than I am. Some livestock producers do the injecting, rather than hiring a veterinarian. Steve Tonn is an extension educator at the University of... listen now


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