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5/25/17 | 9:53 AM
Many landowners have spots in their fields that tend to hold water and it pools on top of the soil. Crops that have wet feet for 24-hours or more after a rainfall aren’t going to do well, and yield margins start to go down in those areas. Tile drainage under the soil carries the water away at... listen now
5/25/17 | 9:46 AM
We have about 30 species of toads hopping around the United States. They’re actually just a specific type of frog. Toads are stout-bodied and warty and can be found in a variety of habitats. Steve Johnson is an associate professor of wildlife ecology at the University of Florida. He says... listen now
5/22/17 | 10:44 AM
There are lots of dragonflies at the lake near our house.  I love to watch them hover and dart around, but they used to scare the kids. They're large insects and those long abdomens do look menacing. Ken Holscher is an extension entomologist at Iowa State University. He says there's... listen now
5/22/17 | 9:54 AM
When you need the variety and versatility of implements that a tractor can handle but not the size and cost, consider a two-wheeled walk-behind tractor. Joel Dufour is the owner of a Kentucky company called Earth Tools. He says the type of landowners that are typically interested in walk-behind... listen now
5/22/17 | 9:43 AM
If your dogs like to run and you like to ride, Daphne Lewis knows how to please both of you. She trains dogs to pull humans in two-wheeled carts called sulkies. She calls it “urban mushing”.  Daphne got into it years ago in Seattle while trying to find an exercise outlet for her... listen now
5/22/17 | 9:36 AM
Small-to-mid-sized non-traditional farms have unique lending needs. They often don’t fit the traditional requirements for agricultural credit programs. In response, the Farm Service Agency created a flexible microloan program for these non-traditional borrowers. There are two types available... listen now
5/15/17 | 11:30 AM
The right management of your woodlot will provide a lot of cozy fires and heat for your home. Charlie Barden is a forestry professor at Kansas State University. He says the average ten-acre woodlot can produce about five cords of firewood per year. This is enough fuel to provide heat for an... listen now
5/15/17 | 11:20 AM
Doug Reynolds never imagined that one day he would have a herd of goats roaming his acreage near Earlham, Iowa. But when his daughter Macy entered 4-H, she wanted to show goats more than anything. What started as a couple goats, has blossomed into a herd of 30. Getting started with goats can be... listen now
5/15/17 | 11:15 AM
The Yamaha Motorsports company wants us to have safe access to recreational trails, public lands, and riding and hunting areas. If you’re out there on an ATV or UTV, they’re hoping you know how to handle the machine so nobody gets hurt. Steve Nessl is a division marketing manager... listen now
5/15/17 | 1:46 AM
It’s tough to get across a small ravine on your land that has water running through it during rainy stretches. Martin Melville is the owner of a forestry services company and says building a timber bridge over a small stream is a good solution. Before you lay the first log, be sure to... listen now


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