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8/24/15 | 10:37 AM
Landowners who don’t want people traipsing around their property should have no-trespassing signs and fences clearly marking the boundaries. But, it doesn’t always work. Bob King is an agriculture specialist at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York. He says when you find... listen now
8/24/15 | 9:50 AM
I’ve seen chicken coops that are almost nicer than my house. Pampering the poultry isn’t required for their survival, but at the very least, a coop should provide protection from bad weather, protection from predators, and ample space for the birds to be comfortable. Wayne Martin is... listen now
8/24/15 | 9:36 AM
Sphagnum, commonly known as peat moss, is used for all kinds of horticultural applications as a soil conditioner and growing media. I have a big bale of it that I work into my garden to help loosen up the clay soil. The majority of peat sold in the United States comes from Canada. Sphagnum... listen now
8/24/15 | 9:25 AM
When you talk about leaving an inheritance to family members, most people think of it in terms of money. But Jerry Botts’ grandkids are getting trees. Not just any trees – valuable black walnuts. Jerry lives in Atchison, Kansas and retired from the banking industry in the late 1990s... listen now
8/24/15 | 1:46 AM
There are two big pine trees in my yard that scatter pine cones everywhere. We also have a tree that drops a lot of twigs, which I bring inside to add some interest in flower arrangements. Instead of scanning your property for the next chore, cast a creative eye on it. You might be surprised at... listen now
8/24/15 | 1:40 AM
Several years ago some friends of ours lost their barn in a huge fire. Everything was destroyed, even a couple of beloved horses. Ironically, many fires start by trying to cool the animals down. Laurie Loveman is a barn safety consultant, and says the number one cause of barn fires in the summer... listen now
8/14/15 | 10:32 AM
An enemy of many hardwood tree species is the gypsy moth. The caterpillar eats the tree leaves and if the defoliation is severe enough, the tree becomes stressed and weak. The male gypsy moth is brownish in color, and the female is white with black chevrons on her wings.  It’s... listen now
8/14/15 | 10:25 AM
A huge brush pile in the field, a back corner of the yard, or along the edge of a timber can provide shelter and quality habitat needs for small animals and birds. Scott Shalaway is a wildlife biologist in West Virginia. He says it’s perfectly fine to toss your trees and other herbaceous... listen now
8/14/15 | 10:17 AM
Community supported agriculture programs, or CSA’s, are a great way to get fresh food every week from the farm. Most offer specific seasonal produce. Mike Kwasniewski of Beverly, West Virginia, raises beef cattle, hogs, chickens, vegetables, and more. He provides what’s called a “... listen now
8/14/15 | 10:12 AM
If you’re looking for a pig breed to raise that’s an easy keeper and produces quality meat, try the Large Black. The animals do well in both warm and cold climates, and simply need a shed to run into when the weather is bad.   Felicia Krock is the secretary and registrar of the... listen now


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