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6/26/17 | 1:40 PM
How many times have you harvested a carrot with two legs, laughed about it, took a picture, then thrown it away? Why didn’t you eat it? It has the same nutrients as a carrot with only one leg. Jordan Figueiredo says misfits need love, too. He’s an anti-food waste activist and creator... listen now
6/26/17 | 3:08 AM
Fertilizers and lawn products are beneficial to grass but they can wreak havoc in your pond. If your pond has algae problems, your pristine yard may be the cause.   Some people have ponds that are located within a well-manicured lawn, and mow right up to the water's edge. But if you... listen now
6/19/17 | 10:03 AM
Spiders of any kind give me the heebie-jeebies. And when I’m working in my garden and become face-to-web with a big, black and yellow garden spider, I’m out of there. But once I get my wits about me, I welcome the creepy critter because it’s doing me a great service. Jonathan... listen now
6/19/17 | 9:56 AM
When the weather’s hot and dry for an extended time, many of us have irrigation systems to keep everything growing. The water is good for the plants, and it can also attract wildlife looking for food and drink. Terry Messmer is an Extension wildlife specialist at Utah State University. He... listen now
6/19/17 | 1:45 AM
 Try using growing degree days to plant your vegetables. This method measures accumulations of heat required for insects and plants to flourish.   Len Coop is an assistant professor of entomology at Oregon State University. He also works with a website that collects data from 15,000... listen now
6/12/17 | 1:07 PM
A vegetable garden that’s healthy and growing well is often a cause for concern when you see flowers on the plants, but they don’t produce any fruit. Ward Upham is an Extension horticulturist at Kansas State University. He says one problem that can affect a lot of plants is... listen now
6/12/17 | 12:49 PM
Years ago, there was a small fruit and vegetable stand next to the road that I traveled to and from work. It had high quality produce and I stopped there quite often to buy some. Starting a roadside stand takes some planning. You’ll have to abide by your local laws and then decide how you... listen now
6/12/17 | 9:12 AM
Making fruit syrup is simple. It takes very little time, is economical, and gives you a sweet treat. The fruit should be in the best condition possible – not over-ripe and not under-ripe. If you have bad fruit, you'll have bad syrup, too. Karen Blakeslee is an extension food scientist... listen now
6/5/17 | 9:52 AM
It always seems a shame to set out pumpkins in the fall and then throw them away once the calendar says November first. In many countries around the world, people eat their pumpkins when they’re done decorating with them. But these aren’t your average orange jack-o-lanterns. They come... listen now
6/5/17 | 9:47 AM
The spotted wing drosophila is a type of fruit fly that has the potential to damage many fruit crops. The bug is an invasive species that has quickly spread around the entire country. It likes to dine on soft-skinned fruits such as strawberries, cherries, raspberries, and blueberries just as the... listen now


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