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7/11/14 | 2:14 PM
The varroa mite is a very serious pest of honeybees, destroying colonies worldwide. All hives have varroa mites, it’s just a matter of how many -- because if left to get out of control, they will kill the hive. You have to monitor the hives from time-to-time to determine if treatment is... listen now
7/11/14 | 2:03 PM
There are three bacterial diseases that tomato growers don’t want to find on their plants: Speck, spot, and canker. If they show up, it could mean the end of the entire crop. Mohammed Babadoost is a fruit and vegetable pathologist at the University of Illinois. He says prevention is the... listen now
7/11/14 | 1:53 PM
It drives me crazy when I find a spider in the shower and ants in the kitchen. Where do they come from and how did they get in? Shayne Wetherall is the CEO of Envance Technologies, a company that develops non-toxic pest control solutions. He says moisture helps build a perfect environment for... listen now
7/11/14 | 1:44 PM
There are a few spots in my yard where the soil is rock-hard. Needless to say, nothing will grow there, either. Soil compaction is the worst environmental condition for plants. Air pockets in the soil are crushed and water doesn’t drain, so plants aren’t able to get the water, nutrients... listen now
7/11/14 | 1:34 PM
Angie and Paul Myer of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania both grew up around cattle and decided they wanted the same quality of life for their children. The young family now lives on a 30-acre farm, and rent pastureland from neighboring farmers to focus on producing pasture-raised beef. Paul says... listen now
7/7/14 | 11:59 AM
If there’s one magic bottle-of-stuff to have around the house, it’s vinegar. If you don’t have any, get some, because I asked our Living the Country Life Facebook friends how they use vinegar and they have all kinds of ideas. Marilae and Dee told us you’ll need to keep... listen now
7/7/14 | 11:46 AM
My daughter Michaela just adores chickens. She also loves to hold them – if she can catch them. Unfortunately most of the birds do not like her. Melissa Caughey raises pet chickens in Massachusetts. She says some breeds are naturally more interested in humans than others. The Buff... listen now
7/7/14 | 11:34 AM
A well that’s been inundated with floodwater could end up with debris, bacteria, and other contaminants in your drinking water. It has to be cleaned out and tested before it’s safe for humans and animals to use. Because wells are complicated, you’ll need to get ahold of a licensed... listen now
7/7/14 | 11:17 AM
Jon and Nicolette Sowder have always been interested in keeping the environment pure. They learned about permaculture, visited eco-friendly farms, and studied all they could before buying their dream homestead. They found 40 acres near Grand Rapids, Michigan that includes 25-acres of woodlands... listen now
7/7/14 | 11:08 AM
Native prairie plants have been around for centuries. Their toughness is enticing gardeners to add their low-maintenance beauty to the landscape. The compass plant stands tall above most, and also has an interesting history. Leonard Perry is an extension horticulturist at the University of... listen now


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