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5/12/14 | 10:23 AM
I like to baby my tomato plants. I get a little worried about the fertilizer though, because I’m not always sure if they’re getting the right stuff. Bob Westerfield is an extension horticulturist at the University of Georgia. He says tomatoes thrive on nitrogen, phosphorous, and... listen now
5/12/14 | 10:16 AM
Have you ever seen a huge, buzzing cluster of honeybees hanging from a tree branch? To me, it’s both frightening and fascinating. Ric Bessin is an extension entomologist at the University of Kentucky. He says swarms come from a very strong beehive colony. Because there are so many bees... listen now
5/12/14 | 10:07 AM
No horizontal space for vegetable gardening? Grow a vertical garden in a wooden pallet, and create a living wall. Joe Lamp’l is the host and executive producer of the show “Growing a Greener World,” which airs on public television. He says to look for a pallet with the... listen now
5/12/14 | 9:54 AM
The next time you dip into your favorite guacamole, thank the avocado growers of California. They produce about 90% of the nation’s crop. Because of the plant’s cold sensitivity, they’re tough to grow many other places. You could start an avocado tree from seed, but it’s... listen now
5/12/14 | 9:46 AM
When people are raising money, they can create what’s called a “crowd-funding” site on the internet, where others can make donations. Art, films, and music are popular causes for this avenue of fundraising. Jesse Lasater of Bayfield, Colorado, says agriculture is an important... listen now
5/12/14 | 9:21 AM
Growers who raise vegetables, small grains, and corn silage would benefit by planting a cover crop to compensate for bare ground left after the summer harvest. Sunn Hemp is a fibrous, fast-growing, warm-season legume. It thrives in the heat of the summer, even in drought conditions. Konrad... listen now
5/5/14 | 12:03 PM
If you’re looking for an unusual plant to grow this year, try growing your own loofa sponges. Jeanine Davis is an extension specialist at North Carolina State University.  She says the loofa is a member of the gourd family and grown like any other squash. However, the plant needs to... listen now
5/5/14 | 11:53 AM
I’ve been vermicomposting for a couple of years now. My small bin of worms love the kitchen waste I feed them and have rewarded me with plenty of rich compost. Last summer I made a bucket of compost tea and gave my plants a nice, healthy drink.   Dawn Pettinelli is an extension... listen now
5/5/14 | 11:37 AM
I have a birdbath that I keep filled with water year-round. I’m rewarded with all kinds of birds coming to my back yard. Even squirrels enjoy a drink. Larger wildlife, such as deer, would also benefit from having water available when it’s hard to find. Dotty Woodson is a water... listen now
5/5/14 | 11:27 AM
When you need to get water from point-a-to-point-b, a good garden hose comes in handy. It can be tough to shop for a hose because there are so many choices. Denny Schrock is the Master Gardener Coordinator for Iowa and says start your selection process by choosing the length. Think about the... listen now


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