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7/7/14 | 11:46 AM
My daughter Michaela just adores chickens. She also loves to hold them – if she can catch them. Unfortunately most of the birds do not like her. Melissa Caughey raises pet chickens in Massachusetts. She says some breeds are naturally more interested in humans than others. The Buff... listen now
7/7/14 | 11:34 AM
A well that’s been inundated with floodwater could end up with debris, bacteria, and other contaminants in your drinking water. It has to be cleaned out and tested before it’s safe for humans and animals to use. Because wells are complicated, you’ll need to get ahold of a licensed... listen now
7/7/14 | 11:17 AM
Jon and Nicolette Sowder have always been interested in keeping the environment pure. They learned about permaculture, visited eco-friendly farms, and studied all they could before buying their dream homestead. They found 40 acres near Grand Rapids, Michigan that includes 25-acres of woodlands... listen now
7/7/14 | 11:08 AM
Native prairie plants have been around for centuries. Their toughness is enticing gardeners to add their low-maintenance beauty to the landscape. The compass plant stands tall above most, and also has an interesting history. Leonard Perry is an extension horticulturist at the University of... listen now
6/27/14 | 12:08 PM
My family has an old hand-crank ice cream maker that used to give my arms a good workout when I was a kid. I have an electric machine now and my arms are thankful. Amelia McGrew is a food safety extension agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. She says ice cream recipes can be... listen now
6/27/14 | 11:56 AM
I love listening to tree frogs sing, but they sure let out an amazing amount of noise for critters only two-inches long. Some people find them downright annoying, and we had one radio listener ask us what she could do about them.   Naturalist John Himmelman says tree frogs spend the winter... listen now
6/27/14 | 11:40 AM
A highly-contagious virus called Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea, or PED, has been spreading rapid-fire through American swine herds. The disease is transmitted from pig-to-pig through fecal material and close contact. As local and state fairs open their gates this summer, some people wonder whether... listen now
6/27/14 | 11:28 AM
Annie and Walter Bernauer of Missoula, Montana wanted to become homesteaders. They dreamed of growing their own food and teaching their young daughter about living the simple life. As they were pursuing that dream, all they could afford was a fixer-upper, but in 2013 found four-and-a-half acres... listen now
6/20/14 | 2:35 PM
I have some knockout roses and a couple of butterfly bushes that become a Japanese Beetle buffet every summer. Japanese beetles have green heads and copper wings. As grubs, they destroy lawns and eat through plant roots. As adult beetles, they ravage plants. These insects are throughout the U.s.... listen now
6/20/14 | 2:22 PM
Like most people, I have bare space or thinning grass underneath a few of my trees. No matter how hard I try to get the grass to fill in, it doesn’t work. But another option is an edible ground cover. You make use of the space and sneak in something good to eat at the same time. Charlie... listen now


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