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10/24/16 | 11:04 AM
Linda Zimmer and her husband Don Olson live on 80-acres in Blue Rock, West Virginia. Their farm sits at a three-thousand-foot elevation in the mountains, which creates a perfect climate for growing a stand of sugar maples. Linda says they’ve been tapping their 800 trees since 2009, and were... listen now
10/24/16 | 12:00 AM
Mice and rats are creatures of opportunity. The contents of your outbuilding or shed might be their good fortune. Bob Pierce is an Extension fish and wildlife specialist at the University of Missouri. He says droppings and signs of gnawing on the walls are indicators of rodent activity. The... listen now
10/24/16 | 12:00 AM
I love fall, but it’s sad to see my flowers fade and die. Drying these beauties is a perfect way to preserve and hang on to them. David Trinklein is an Extension floriculture specialist at the University of Missouri. He says the best time to harvest flowers for drying is when they’re... listen now
10/18/16 | 12:14 PM
Staying ahead of weeds in the pasture can be a chore, especially woody weeds such as Buckbrush, Black Hawthorn, and Multiflora rose. Scott Hagood is an extension weed scientist at Virginia Tech University. He says the reason it's so hard to get the upper hand on woody perennials is because... listen now
10/18/16 | 9:44 AM
I’ve spent hours planting spring-flowering bulbs in the garden, only to find them dug up and gone soon after being put in the ground. There are a lot of chipmunks in my yard. I’m sure they were watching me plant the bulbs and drooling over their meal possibilities. Terry Messmer is... listen now
10/18/16 | 9:35 AM
Mike Reichner spent 18-years as a Washington State park ranger. When he decided it was time to leave that career and put down some roots, he bought land near Sequim, Washington. The farm boy in him wanted to grow something. Because of the climate, Mike and had a hunch that the best roots for the... listen now
10/18/16 | 9:09 AM
The National Animal Nutrition Program has put together a database of research-based information on the nutrient needs of livestock. It’s available online, and designed to help develop feeding strategies that will allow for better productivity and lower costs. Merlin Lindemann is a... listen now
10/18/16 | 3:08 AM
Muskrats are seldom far from water and just might find your farm pond as the perfect place to hang out. They build homes out of mud and vegetation and raise a few litters of young muskrats every year. They’re valuable fur-bearers, but the problems begin when they dig tunnels in the bank of... listen now
10/18/16 | 1:00 AM
You can cut firewood with an axe and a lot of sweat, but slicing tree trunks into manageable pieces is a lot easier if you have a wood splitting machine.  Josh Larrabee is the owner of Big Timber Forestry Products in Minnesota. He says the force delivered by a wood splitter is measured in... listen now
10/17/16 | 12:48 PM
A hoof condition in cattle called 'curly toe syndrome' or 'corkscrew claw' is painful to the animal and causes lameness. The outside wall of the hoof grows faster than the inside wall, causing the sole to be pushed upward. The tip of the hoof claw then rotates in an upward and... listen now


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