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11/9/15 | 11:34 AM
In the Sierra Nevada foothills of Sonora, California, don’t be surprised if you hear turkeys gobbling. The Diestel family has been raising turkeys on their ranch since 1949. Heidi Diestel is the 4th generation on the farm and says they still grow their gobblers the old-fashioned way.... listen now
11/9/15 | 10:32 AM
Our family loves to go camping and enjoy the peace and quiet – until someone else in the campground fires up a loud, tooth-rattling generator. An alternative to these ear-splitting units is an inverter generator, which produces D-C power and transfers that into clean, consistent A-C power... listen now
11/9/15 | 2:12 AM
I see a lot of deer in a field near my house. I’ve counted them as a herd, and have seen as many as a dozen at a time. This is by no means an accurate assessment of the numbers in our area. White tail biologist Grant Woods says the scientific way to determine deer density is by setting out... listen now
11/9/15 | 12:52 AM
  When the winter winds start blowing we bring firewood inside to burn and help keep us warm. Unfortunately, there may be insects in the wood that are more than happy to share our cozy space. Jonathan Larson is an extension entomologist at the University of Nebraska.  He says there... listen now
11/9/15 | 12:43 AM
I’ve grown several types of roses over the years, some more fussy with their care than others. But like most gardeners, the big dilemma in the fall is when to cover them up for the winter, and how. Dennis Patton is an extension horticulture agent at Kansas State University. He says in the... listen now
11/2/15 | 10:26 AM
When you rake your leaves and other yard waste, don’t throw it over the pasture fence. It should be disposed of or composted in an area far away from horses and other livestock so they don’t eat it and get sick. Ann Swinker is an extension horse specialist at Penn State University.... listen now
11/2/15 | 10:18 AM
Welcome the birds, field mice, and other rodents in your fields this winter. They’re helping you fight weeds. But they can only do this if you don’t till the weeds in after harvest. Bob Hartzler is an extension weed specialist at Iowa State University. He was part of a study that... listen now
11/2/15 | 9:58 AM
If you have houseplants you might have annoying tiny bugs flying around them. They’re called fungus gnats, and infest the growing medium of potted plants. Jonathan Larson is an extension entomologist at the University of Nebraska. He says fungus gnats lay their eggs in moist soil, and the... listen now
11/2/15 | 9:47 AM
Nick and Joan Olson live in the perfect spot for a vegetable farm. Their Litchfield, Minnesota acreage is centered in the transition zone between prairie and the state’s northern hardwood forest. Nick says they have good agricultural soil, the lakes and forest, and a restored prairie and... listen now
11/2/15 | 9:41 AM
Koi fish are a beautiful addition to a small pond in the landscape. In many cases you can keep them out there year-round as long as you give them a little T-L-C. Mike Swanson is a pond designer with Koi Acres in Minnesota. He says if you plan to keep your koi in the pond over the winter, the... listen now


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