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1/26/15 | 9:40 AM
A lot of people getting into backyard chicken ownership are finding it’s not all it’s cracked up to be and are now trying to get rid of the birds. Phil and Jenn Tompkins of Freeport, Pennsylvania, have a large, successful egg-laying flock of their own, but also had friends who struggled... listen now
1/26/15 | 9:28 AM
My friend Lisa had a rather unpleasant surprise as she was doing laundry in the basement – there was a fox snake coiled up in her washing machine! She screamed and ran, but by the time she got the courage to go back, it was gone. Steve Johnson is an associate professor of wildlife ecology... listen now
1/26/15 | 9:06 AM
Every day, farmers face hazardous work and living environments. The Iowa Center for Agricultural Safety and Health developed a “Certified Safe Farm” program in 1996, and it is now offered in several states. Brandi Janssen is the director of the Iowa program. She says it’s a... listen now
1/26/15 | 8:23 AM
Whether or not you consider yourself Paul Bunyan, cutting down a fencerow or a tree is much easier with a chainsaw. If you’re in the market for one, take the time to do some research so you get a chainsaw that will fit your needs. Bob Hunter is the tools editor for WOOD magazine. He says... listen now
1/26/15 | 12:45 AM
I have two evergreens in my yard that always seem to have brown needles on them somewhere. The trees aren’t very old, so it’s hard to know if I should be concerned. Extension Forester Yvonne Barkley at the University of Idaho says she gets a lot of calls every year from people who... listen now
1/26/15 | 12:39 AM
Most people who raise chickens let the hens do their thing and hatch the chicks out themselves.   Poultry Specialist Morgan Farnell at Mississippi State University says hens instinctively know what it takes to hatch a chick, but sometimes for various reasons, you need an incubator. The hen... listen now
1/19/15 | 12:14 PM
Every breed of chicken that has ever lived is descended from the wild and reclusive Red Junglefowl. It inhabits the remote forests of India – and Fitzgerald, Georgia. Andrew Lawler is a writer for Audubon magazine. He’s done a lot of research on the Red Junglefowl. He says the bird... listen now
1/19/15 | 12:01 PM
Horses can develop bad habits, and one of them is cribbing. Carey Williams is the equine extension specialist with Rutgers Equine Science Center in New Jersey. She says cribbing is the act of a horse gripping a solid edge with his front teeth. "Usually it's fences, but it can be... listen now
1/19/15 | 8:56 AM
Fifty-four-percent of the sugar grown in the United States comes from beets. Sugar beets are grown throughout the northern states. In general, if you live in the middle of the country, you’re eating beet sugar. If you live in the south or on the coasts, you’re putting cane sugar on the... listen now
1/19/15 | 8:47 AM
I’m a sucker for watching birds, squirrels, and any other critter that wants to come by my place. Wildlife live closer to our homes than we realize, and some of us make it very enticing for them to visit. Becky McPeake is an extension wildlife professor at the University of Arkansas. She... listen now


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