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In our new issue, I wrote a story about Neal Sawyer and his grass-fed beef farm near Princeton, Iowa. Photographer Mitch Kezar and I visited Neal and took photos of him riding around his pastures...
Keep safety in mind as you zoom over snowy terrain
You can enjoy the great outdoors by riding a snowmobile. But remember, this is a powerful machine, so make sure to ride safe, and have the right equipment. After a nice snowfall, chances are good...
Learn to gauge the right protection for the activity
Radio Interview Source: Dr. Theresa Schulz, President, National Hearing Conservation Association Listen here to the radio story (mp3) about preventing hearing loss Although tractors, combines,...
As with any equipment, there are safety rules to follow
According to the Farm Bureau Safety Program and the CDC, ATVs are a popular form of recreation and a useful tool on the farm. An ATV is a three-or four-wheeled vehicle with low-pressure tires,...
Before you climb aboard, make sure you have the right helmet
Radio interview source: Eric Anderson, Helmet Expert, Vroom Network Click here to listen: Choosing an ATV helmet When an ATV rider falls off and hits his head on the ground, the ground is...
Know how to keep your children safe
Radio interview source: David Schweitz, Executive Director, Farm Safety 4 Just Kids Click here to listen: ATV safety for kids The increased popularity of all-terrain vehicles also means more...
Anyone who drives or rides on an ATV or UTV should take safety classes
Radio interview source: Amber Purcell, Chief Instructor, ATV Safety Institute Listen here for radio story (mp3) or read below If you're buying an ATV, be sure to check out classes offered by...
Proper handling, fit, driving skills, and equipment all contribute to a safe and fun ride.
Radio interview source: Amber Purcell, Chief Instructor, ATV Safety Institute Click here to listen: ATV riding tips ATV's are a joy to ride, but drivers and riders should learn how to handle...
Learn about your state's requirements for young riders
Radio interview source: Ray Paige, trails program specialist, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Click here to listen about snowmobile safety for kids Teenagers aren't allowed to drive a car...