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Algae Content

Sunlight, warm water, and fertilizer cause this problem to grow.
QUESTION: We just bought a small acreage with a beautiful pond, but now it’s all covered with green slime. ANSWER: The slimy pond scum you see is algae, which often bloom in the...
Researchers are trying to identify upstream factors that could explain the increase in phosphorus in Lake Pepin, located on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border.
In recent years, many lakes in the upper Midwest have been experiencing unprecedented algae blooms. These blooms threaten fish and affect recreational activities. A key culprit implicated in...
There are some things you can do now before it starts looking like pea soup
My favorite time to go fishing is early in the spring when the ice is gone, the water is clear, and the algae hasn’t taken over yet. If algae is a constant problem in your pond, nip it before...
A foamy scum on the surface of your pond could be lethal for animals
Interview source: Roxanne Johnson, Extension Water Quality Associate, North Dakota State University                     Listen to the...
There are few things more unsightly than a stagnant pond, overgrown with algae and producing an awful odor. What's more, a stagnant pond creates an unsuitable environment for producing healthy...