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Oxen can do just about anything that a tractor can do and the equipment is less expensive
Oxen have been the beasts of burden for centuries. Their ability to work the land and plod their way across the countryside helped build our nation. Despite all the machinery and technology we have...
A few colorful Karakul sheep and an Anatolian shepherd guard dog make Kathy and Joe Donovan's Virginia acreage a mountaintop dream come true.
We love hearing from our listeners, and sharing their stories with you. Today, we're featuring Sarah Holbert, who is using her 4-H experience with dogs to help others. Radio interview source:...
Let your goats help keep your lawn neat and tidy
Radio interview source: Tammy Dunakin, owner, Rent-A-Ruminant         Listen to the radio story here Living mowers Goats need a job. It's their...
Goats are useful animals on many acreages. Shelter them properly and they will keep the weeds down
Goats don't need a fancy place to live, but they do stress out if they're not protected from the rain, wind, and cold. Keep your goats happy and healthy by providing shelter in their pen or...
Llamas are effective against both four-legged and two-legged intruders
Listen to the radio story mp3 If you're having problems keeping dogs and coyotes away from your sheep, a guard llama may be the perfect solution. Since their ancestors were hunted by mountain...
To prevent the predation of their flocks, many sheep producers have turned to the use of guard llamas. Llamas have an instinctual fear of canines and canine-like animals from their ancestors being...