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Garden pests encompass insects, diseases, animals, and weeds that cause problems for cultivated plants. Follow these tips to identify and avoid them.
With their brilliant colors and transparent wings, you can't help but be transfixed by their movement over the water
There are lots of dragonflies at the lake near our house.  I love to watch them hover and dart around, but they used to scare the kids. They're large insects and those long abdomens do look...
If you see a frothy, foamy mass among the needles it was put there by a spittlebug
If you look closely at your evergreen trees this spring you might see what looks like frothy masses of spit in the branches. Unless somebody has an ax to grind with you, I’m willing to bet...
Not all bugs in the garden are harmful. Some are there to help you by eating the bad bugs.
I plant chives and let some flower because I've heard they repel Japanese beetles. But I don't want to repel all insects from my garden because some of them eat bad bugs such as aphids and...
This Indiana man once had “three-million head” for sale
How many times have you heard one chirping cricket and want to kill it so you could get some sleep? Crickets are music to Barry Farmer’s ears. The Leopold, Indiana, man is an entrepreneur at...
It's a major invasive pest of hardwood trees
An enemy of many hardwood tree species is the gypsy moth. The caterpillar eats the tree leaves and if the defoliation is severe enough, the tree becomes stressed and weak. The male gypsy moth is...
Don't believe the old wives tales
A walk through the woods or even playing in the yard could expose you to ticks. They can be harmful, but it’s important to understand the facts – and the myths about them in order to...
Early detection and diagnosis of pests will help keep them under control
I love walking into greenhouses, especially in the cooler months of the year. The warm temperatures and humidity make them so inviting. Unfortunately the bugs think so too, and can wreak a lot of...
Definitely an ick factor when you find them
Nothing can turn off my craving for pancakes quicker than opening up the box and finding little bugs squirming in the pancake mix. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, tiny moths, beetles...
Small, unwanted pests may catch a ride into your home on the Christmas tree
Picking out a real Christmas tree from a local tree farm is a tradition for many. However you may be bringing small creatures inside the home as well - and we're not talking elves. Keith Jarvi is...