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Small, unwanted pests may catch a ride into your home on the Christmas tree
Picking out a real Christmas tree from a local tree farm is a tradition for many. However you may be bringing small creatures inside the home as well - and we're not talking elves. Keith Jarvi is...
Ripe fruit is ravaged right on the plant by this bug
The spotted wing drosophila is a new insect that enjoys fresh fruit as much as you do. Amy Dreves is a research and extension entomologist at Oregon State University. She says the bug is a type of...
You can't completely bug-proof your home, but you don’t have to make it easy for them
It drives me crazy when I find a spider in the shower and ants in the kitchen. Where do they come from and how did they get in? Shayne Wetherall is the CEO of Envance Technologies, a company that...
Nothing can ruin a barbecue faster than a swarm of mosquitoes. Here are some tips and tricks to help protect your family.
1) Insect repellent apparel, such as Insect Shield Clothing & Outdoor Blankets, will last 70 washings and are appropriate for use by the entire family.   2) Eliminate...
Your property is the beetles' buffet, so if you have an infestation, cut off their food supply
I have some knockout roses and a couple of butterfly bushes that become a Japanese Beetle buffet every summer. Japanese beetles have green heads and copper wings. As grubs, they destroy lawns and eat...
Be smarter than the bugs and save your crop
Leafy greens are among the most popular plants grown for home use and farmer’s markets. Unfortunately, insects like eating salad too.   Rick Weinzierl is an extension entomology...
Dinner is right outside your door.
Download this FREE Garden-to-Table guide; a full-color, 16-page reference tool on garden planning, soil maintenance and pest control.
Get the upper hand on these creepy crawlies by eliminating their favorite hangouts
Radio interview source:  Doug Ross, Entomologist, Bayer Animal Health   Listen to the radio story mp3 or read below Cockroaches have been around since the days of dinosaurs. If they get...
Dragonflies are charming insects to watch. With their brilliant colors and transparent wings, you can't help but be transfixed by their movement over the water.
Radio interview source: Ken Holscher, Extension Entomologist, Iowa State University Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below   Colorful dragonflies like to spend a lot...
Not all bugs in the garden are harmful. Some are there to help you by eating the bad bugs.
It's normal to plant certain flowers because they're rumored to repel pesky insects. However, you don't want to scare them all away, because some of them eat bad bugs such as aphids...