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Peonies are the quintessential cottage garden flower— they have big blooms with big fragrance, and they are beautiful without being boastful.
Nothing lends a touch of romance to the garden like herbaceous peonies. In late spring, they are the rock stars of the garden, taking center stage and flaunting their sumptuous...
The timeless, swoonworthy lilac is the symbol of spring—in the garden and in the vase.
In Love with Lilacs   Whether you have childhood memories of playing beneath Grandmother’s overgrown lilacs or you first noticed Syringa vulgaris at a local ...
These fluttery flowers evoke dainty ballerinas.
Old-fashioned cottage gardens are not complete without columbines dancing in spring. These familiar and charming flowers have seeded themselves for generations, breeding promiscuously...
When you’re ready to expand your horizons beyond classic bulbs such as crocuses, daffodils, and tulips, give easy-care, globe-shape alliums a try. Alliums
Alliums in the Garden These out-of-the-ordinary bulbs tend to have the same globelike bloom shape as their onion and garlic cousins do when they’re allowed to go to flower in...
Adaptable and dependable, redbud blossoms fill their branches to announce spring’s arrival.
  Redbuds (Cercis spp.) are understory trees and are among the earliest to bloom in early spring, just after forsythia and before the dogwoods. Their amazing pink, fuchsia, and purple pea-...
Easily identified by their trio of leaves and three-petal flowers, trilliums are a declaration that winter has been conquered.
Native to North America and Asia, many trillium species occur naturally in the Southern United States. They flourish in deep humusy soil and light sun rather than dense shade. The plants slip into...
Tiny but tough, pearly white snowdrops return year after year to remind us spring is on its way.
In that dreary time after the holiday hubbub, it often feels like the garden will never awaken. But suddenly one day, bluish-green spears erupt through the icy ground. The snowdrops—...
Primroses (Primula) make a splash in the spring garden.
Primroses can be found from the Alps to the Himalayas … and often at your neighborhood supermarket. The more than 400 species come in various shapes and sizes and bear blooms...
Found throughout the eastern United States, these popular ornamental trees have four definite seasons of interest.
Nothing announces spring better than an allee of native flowering dogwoods (Cornus florida) in full bloom. These beautiful trees and their relatives, some 45 or so in the genus...
For the spring garden, cheery daffodils are the perfect flower. They are brightly colored to perk up spirits, hungry deer avoid them, and they are among the first flowers of the season to bloom.
These harbingers of spring have inspired people for ages. In the mid-1700s, botanist Carl Linnaeus gave a wild white flower with yellow cup the botanical name Narcissus, after the...