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If ever there was a flower that shimmers in a cheerful spectrum of colors, it’s zinnias, hands down.
Affable, affordable, and infinitely happy-go-lucky, zinnias are the sort of kick-yourshoes-off, toss-away-your-inhibitions kind of flower you want to hang with all summer long. Easy to grow...
Because monarch butterflies cannot live without milkweed, it’s more important than ever to plant from the Asclepias family.
PLANT AT A GLANCE: MILKWEED COMMON NAMES: Milkweed, butterfly weed, pleurisy root, blood flower, Indian root, swallowwort BOTANICAL NAME: Asclepias species and cultivars...
The huge trumpet flowers on this perennial add tropical drama and color even in Northern gardens.
Common names: Hardy hibiscus, rose mallow, swamp mallow, wild cotton, Eastern rose mallow  Botanical name: Hibiscus moscheutos, hybrids, and cultivars  Hardiness: Zones...
Vivid and summery, daylilies stand out as hardy perennial plants that thrive in sunny gardens and bloom when the weather is hot. Each flower opens for just one day, but clumps of daylilies produce a...
Plant at a Glance: Daylily Common Name: Daylily Botanical Name: Hemerocallis spp. Hardiness: Most daylilies are hardy in Zones 3–9. Conditions: Daylilies grow best in full sun to...
Draw the eye skyward with soaring flower spikes
A cottage garden without hollyhocks is unthinkable. We associate certain flowers, including hollyhocks, with old-fashioned gardens surrounding cottages. Hollyhocks often symbolize cottage style...
Plant hardy coneflowers for colorful blossoms from early summer into fall.
  A staple summer perennial in most parts of the country, purple coneflowers (Echinacea purpurea) have recently become trendy and upmarket, embellishing the flower and cottage gardens of...
Tall, exotic, and featuring broad leaves and tropical-colored flowers, cannas will spice up any garden bed.
Flamboyant cannas heat up the summer with bold, tropical-looking foliage that forms a sheath around each stem. The smooth, broad leaves come in hues ranging from purple to stripes of yellow and...
Decorate sunny gardens with these bright, jaunty native flowers. 
Cultivating plants native to North America has become a widespread garden trend. Coreopsis (also known as tickseed), with 100 or so species, is among the foremost in the vast range of...
These "dinner plate" peonies are full of big beautiful blooms.
Peonies are the quintessential cottage garden flower— they have big blooms with big fragrance, and they are beautiful without being boastful.
Nothing lends a touch of romance to the garden like herbaceous peonies. In late spring, they are the rock stars of the garden, taking center stage and flaunting their sumptuous...