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Make sure your calves are on the path to success this calving season by providing them with immediate immune protection.
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I attended Ag Connect Expo this week in Kansas City. My favorite session was by Cheryl Mohn, founder of Udder Tech in Lakeville, Minnesota. Cheryl was milking full-time on the family dairy...
Being prepared is key for a successful and profitable calving season
Spring calving is right around the corner. Being prepared is key for a successful and profitable calving season, says Kalyn Waters, South Dakota State University Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist...
Weaning reduces pasture loss, cow stress heading into winter
October is the time for beef producers with spring-calving herds to complete weaning and consider calf marketing options, a Purdue Extension beef specialist says. Timely calf weaning reduces cow...
Feeding corn high in nitrates can result in livestock death
With drought stretching across the United States, plants such as corn and sorghum are accumulating high levels of nitrate in the lower leaves and stalk of the plant. "Nitrate toxicity in...
Springtime in the country means one thing: babies!
Our readers are very proud of their cattle! These are just a few of the cow pictures submitted to a recent Facebook photo contest.
Get a plan in place to minimize cattle input costs and maximize profit.
All-Natural Protein
A 14% All-Natural Protein Feed Supplement for Growing Cattle and Calves on Forages and Grasses Purina® All-Natural Protein Stocker Grower Helps Maximize Forage Utilization by Cattle and Calves...
You've got questions, we've got answers
Q: How many acres do you need for a cow and calf? A: The acreage required for a cow-calf pair will depend on several things: mainly soil fertility, pasture quality and how much rain you get in...