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This bacterial infection can cause lameness if not treated early
A cow that’s hobbling around might be suffering from foot rot. This happens when bacteria in the soil get into a cut in the skin between their toes, and create an infection. Gregg Hanzlicek...
If the birth rate in your cattle herd has been dropping, check for trichomoniasis
A venereal disease in cattle is spreading rapidly. Trichomoniasis, usually referred to as “trich,” has been around for a long time and is under control in most states. However, due to...
Warts aren't usually harmful, but their appearance can cause problems
Warts are a common skin problem in young cattle. There are several types of bovine papilloma virus that cause warts, and they’re contagious in cattle herds. Dr. Mel Pence is a retired...
A hoop barn protects your cattle from the elements and makes your daily chores easier
Stressful conditions such as extreme heat and cold, wet weather can have a negative impact on cattle performance. Hoop barns are becoming a popular, animal-friendly environment with several...
Cows that ingest sharp metal objects are at risk of developing hardware disease
Cattle aren't picky eaters, they'll even swallow small pieces of metal. Sharp objects aren't good for the abdomen. Grant Dewell is a beef extension veterinarian at Iowa State...
A cow that's healthy and productive adds value to the herd
Radio interview source: Dr. Jane Parish, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, Mississippi State University Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below If you have a "cash cow...
Liver flukes are a big parasite concern for cattle owners
Radio interview source: Frank Hurtig, Veterinarian, Merial   Listen here to the radio mp3 or read below Liver flukes have a more complex life cycle than any other parasite that affects cattle...
Disease is transmitted by ticks and shared needles, and hits hard in the fall
Fall is here, which means it is time for cattlemen to watch their herds for signs of anaplasmosis. This disease, which appears most often in the fall months, can be devastating to some herds if not...
Look closely at your cattle and check for growths on and around the eyeball. Cattle cancer eye can be treated when caught early. If not, you risk losing the animal.
Radio interview source: Rom Lemenager, Beef Extension Specialist, Purdue University Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below   Humans aren't the only species that...
Cattle need a respite from the sun when they're out on pasture all day. Prevent heat stress by providing shade. It can be anything from trees to portable shelters.
Radio interview source: Steve Higgins, Director of Animal and Environmental Compliance, University of Kentucky Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below   Cattle out on...