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Calving and re-breeding can be a challenge. These tips will help.
    First-calf heifers need to be fed and managed properly to reduce their susceptibility to calving and reproductive failure. To be reproductively efficient, a heifer needs energy,...
Rotational grazing benefits both your pastures and your herd.
  Rotational grazing can provide pastures with higher yields and also allow for more efficient utilization of your forage resources. Here are some quick tips to help you get the most out...
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I attended the Western Veterinary Conference last week with Bob and checked out the latest in new treatments for pets and livestock. This is one of the largest vet meetings in the world, with 15,000...
If the birth rate in your cattle herd has been dropping, check for trichomoniasis
A venereal disease in cattle is spreading rapidly. Trichomoniasis, usually referred to as “trich,” has been around for a long time and is under control in most states. However, due to...
Cattle are tough animals in winter conditions, unless those conditions become extreme
The fall of 2013 will be remembered in South Dakota for the freak October blizzard that killed thousands of cattle. They fell victim to hypothermia, suffocation, and other causes.   Larry...
Mob grazing with cattle is a strategy to improve forage species and quality
Mob grazing is defined as grazing a large number of animals on a small area for a short period of time. The result is a uniform consumption of forage, and distribution of manure and urine. Uneaten...
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Moving On An ATV accident changed this family farm forever. How they learned to adapt. By Betsy Freese; Photos by Caroline Freese The Sawyer family includes (from left) Lorna, Norman, Ruben (4...
Keep your cows healthy, warm, and well-fed by following these suggestions for a successful winter!
Expectations of tight beef cattle supplies and strong demand push cattle prices higher
Finished cattle prices in fall 2013 climbed to $130 in anticipation of small beef supplies in 2014, says Purdue Extension agricultural economist Chris Hurt. Per capita beef supplies, or the...
John Bartheld finally got the rare, miniature calf he's been waiting for
When calves are born to miniature cattle breeds, it's no doubt they're cute. But John Bartheld of Roy, Washington, wanted to go beyond cute – he also wanted rare. John says there are...