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Quick Tips Brought to You by Purina Animal Nutrition LLC
We all know hydration is vital and your cattle depend on you for their hydration.  Water management should be included in your nutrition plan; here are some tips that will ensure your herd...
The ideal fence is designed with your animals in mind
Radio interview source: Jane Parish, Extension Beef Specialist, Mississippi State University   Listen to the radio mp3 or read below Whether you have one cow or an entire herd of cattle, good...
Monitor newly-weaned calves and new stock for respiratory disease
Radio interview source: Dr. Richard Linhart, DVM, Pfizer/Zoetis Animal Health Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Stress can make anyone sick, even cattle. Calves that have...
This ranch manager says bison are a great choice for small producers
Radio interview source: Keith Yearout, Farm Manager Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Keith Yearout and his father had a little pasture with nothing to graze on it, so...
Liver flukes are a big parasite concern for cattle owners
Radio interview source: Frank Hurtig, Veterinarian, Merial   Listen here to the radio mp3 or read below Liver flukes have a more complex life cycle than any other parasite that affects cattle...
The Purina brand is known as a symbol of pride and leadership to producers, dealers and the industry.
Filmed by the American Rancher association this historical Purina animal nutrition video is informational and educational.  When you purchase Purina and see the checkerboard symbol you know your...
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Fall is prime time for calf sales. Bob and I went to Bosch Farms Limousin sale on Saturday. Owner Bob Bosch, Indianola, Iowa, does a great job of penning the animals in like groups and providing...
Grassworks helps people learn grass-based production systems
Radio interview source: David Johnson, President, Grassworks Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Forages and seeds for pastures have improved greatly in the past 15 years, and there...
Cattle sometimes develop a condition that causes their hooves to grow abnormally
Radio interview source: Dr. Grant Dewell, Beef Extension Veterinarian, Iowa State University   Listen here to the radio story mp3 or read below A hoof condition in cattle called 'curly...
Weaning reduces pasture loss, cow stress heading into winter
October is the time for beef producers with spring-calving herds to complete weaning and consider calf marketing options, a Purdue Extension beef specialist says. Timely calf weaning reduces cow...