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Flies are a nuisance around your chicken coop. Follow these tips to help keep flies away from your chickens.
These three coops have been popular on our site and Pinterest page. Learn more about the stories behind the coops!
Something is killing your chickens, but what?
Anyone who raises chickens has to protect them from predators. But sometimes the unfortunate happens and you're left wondering what got them. Jesse Lyons is an extension poultry specialist at the...
At the Purina Animal Nutrition Center, animal experts feed more than 3,000 animals on a 1,200-acre working farm every day. Here are some helpful tips they’ve learned over the last 85 years.
This unusual bird adds variety to your flock
Turkens don't have feathers on their necks. Often referred to as Naked Neck Chickens or Transylvanian Naked Necks, some people think Turkens are a cross between a turkey and a chicken, but that...
Here are some great ideas for getting your hens to lay eggs in their nest boxes, where you can easily collect the eggs.
Cubalaya Rooster
Great breeds for FFA and 4-H projects, as well as serious show competitions
Blog Post
The highlight of the Super Bowl for many people in rural America, based on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, was not who won the game, but the two-minute commercial by Ram Trucks "God Made a Farmer...
Which breed's best? Plus: Building a chicken coop.
Download this FREE Keeping Chickens Guide PDF courtesy of Living the Country Life. Whatever reason you raise chickens for, one thing's for sure: living in the country is simply better with...
The birds make quick work of the nasty critters
Radio interview source: Lisa and Chris Murano, Owners, Murano Hatchery Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Chris and Lisa Murano and their three kids live on 25-acres near Boyers,...