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Does your lane look rough?
My grandparents had a long, gravel lane that was in constant need of a blade. There always seemed to be big holes, even though they had a pile of gravel handy to fill them in.   Russ Lanoie...
There's no need to send your budget up in flames, because it's easy to build a fire pit.
One of the best summer pastimes is to sit by a fire pit on a beautiful evening. Whether roasting marshmallows, or just enjoying the ambiance of the fire, it's a relaxing break from the day....
Carefully plan for your needs and choose a contractor wisely
Having enough room to store everything on a small farm can be a challenge. Putting up an outbuilding can be the answer. It takes careful planning to get exactly what you want. The location needs...
These handcrafted homes are carved without power tools and are more energy efficient than conventional stick frame houses
Blog Post
Just in time for Caroline’s graduation open house this weekend, the workers showed up to tear off and replace the front porch of our house. This was a project we planned last year, but the...
A barn beautifully restored in an 8-year endeavor
With a circular saw, a drill, and a bit of construction know-how, you can put together a picnic table in a weekend. Synthetic decking material is a popular choice because it resists weathering, but...
Living the Country Life Radio Program with Betsy Freese
Choose the right wood Listen to this radio show (MP3 download) or read below. Radio interview source: Marlen Kemmet, managing editor, WOOD magazine We have a marsh across the north side of the...
Crossing a stream on your land can be tricky if there isn't a bridge. If the stream is small and has firm, stable banks, it's fairly easy to build a log bridge over it. Radio interview...
All Around the Homestead: A page written by our readers
Even a small change can lead to a big amount of satisfaction if it saves time or trouble. Here are four inexpensive and simple ideas, straight from experienced country dwellers. With enhancements as...