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Just in time for Caroline’s graduation open house this weekend, the workers showed up to tear off and replace the front porch of our house. This was a project we planned last year, but the...
A barn beautifully restored in an 8-year endeavor
With a circular saw, a drill, and a bit of construction know-how, you can put together a picnic table in a weekend. Synthetic decking material is a popular choice because it resists weathering, but...
Living the Country Life Radio Program with Betsy Freese
Choose the right wood Listen to this radio show (MP3 download) or read below. Radio interview source: Marlen Kemmet, managing editor, WOOD magazine We have a marsh across the north side of the...
All Around the Homestead: A page written by our readers
Even a small change can lead to a big amount of satisfaction if it saves time or trouble. Here are four inexpensive and simple ideas, straight from experienced country dwellers. With enhancements as...
A potting shed is an ideal place to store garden tools and get your hands dirty
When gardening season rolls around you need everything organized, and space to work.  It can be just a simple garden shed or built specifically to blend in with the garden.It takes a lot of...
Before you construct an outbuilding on your property, take time to do some prep work. Find out about permits and local ordinances, evaluate the proximity to utilities, and assess your needs. Radio...
Here's how to achieve the attractive look and perfect function you want for outbuildings on your country property.
Building a shed A shed should be a thing of beauty to behold, says David Stiles, author of Sheds: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Backyard Builders. "People often make the mistake of thinking of...
If you need to dry wood for projects, there are options. You can let it sit outside in the sun or dry it in a kiln.Get the best of both worlds by building a solar kiln.
Radio interview source: Lucas Peters, How-to-Editor, WOOD Magazine Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below For the do-it-yourself woodworker, a homemade solar kiln can dry lumber in as...
Make a detailed plan before you start building.
Thinking of building a barn or renovating an old one? Whether you want a few stalls, a traditional structure, or a party barn, make a detailed plan before you start building. Radio interview source...