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Nick Klein feeds fish and rabbits through a unique invention
When Nick Klein moved from a cattle farm in Wisconsin to a small lot in Queen Creek, Arizona, he still had the desire to raise livestock. He bought a few rabbits, which quickly multiplied into many...
This Pennsylvania couple is working hard to show people where quality beef comes from
Angie and Paul Myer of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania both grew up around cattle and decided they wanted the same quality of life for their children. The young family now lives on a 30-acre farm, and...
The Sowders are reconnecting with nature and awakening the wild within
Jon and Nicolette Sowder have always been interested in keeping the environment pure. They learned about permaculture, visited eco-friendly farms, and studied all they could before buying their dream...
Walter and Annie are on a homesteading journey
Annie and Walter Bernauer of Missoula, Montana wanted to become homesteaders. They dreamed of growing their own food and teaching their young daughter about living the simple life. As they were...
School kids are fed from a unique greenhouse
Many greenhouses sit idle in the winter months. But in Fairfield, Iowa, a special greenhouse is growing food year-round to feed the local school kids. Jan Swinton manages the greenhouse. She got a...
The Ellinger's greatest joys on the farm come in pint-sized packages
Jack Hanna is a name you might be familiar with. He has several TV shows featuring many different kinds of animals. One episode in particular sparked the interest of Scott and Theresa Ellinger of...
Alexis Koefoed realized that hindsight was 20/20
For years, Alexis Koefoed of Vacaville, California drove by a bare piece of land that she dreamed of owning. When it came up for sale in the late 90’s, she convinced her husband Eric that they...
Mary Blackmon can tell you where to find fun and fresh food on the farm
Mary Blackmon has lived most of her adult life in cities. A number of years ago she inherited a farm on the border of Arkansas and Louisiana, and was given the choice to keep it or sell it. She...
Matt Reed found his calling thanks to one little bee that flew into his kitchen
One day in 2008, a honeybee flew into Matt and Jill Reed’s kitchen in Portland, Oregon. Matt fed it some honey, took it to the front porch, and let it go. Later on, Jill noticed dozens of bees...
A Colorado man has developed a new funding source for agriculture
When people are raising money, they can create what’s called a “crowd-funding” site on the internet, where others can make donations. Art, films, and music are popular causes for...