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Duane Dahl wants to connect you with a local farmer
So where does your food come from? Duane Dahl of Seattle, Washington had that question too, and founded a website called “Agrilicious” to connect consumers with local and organic farmers...
A New York woman is teaching kids about agriculture her way
Charlene Spoth of Clarence, New York, was an ag education major in college. But when she and her husband, Patrick, took over her family’s farm, Charlene wanted to teach agriculture her way,...
How one family is utilizing their 25-acre farm for classic sleigh rides and more!
Business Partners, Joyce and Ken Wood, have been making memories with their horse drawn carriage business for over 42 years. Wood Acres Farm is centrally located in Terryville,...
An Iowa woman is telling the female story of agriculture through her camera lens
When Marji Guyler-Alaniz of Urbandale, Iowa, sat down to watch the 2013 Super Bowl, she had no idea that it would totally change her career path. She was awestruck by Paul Harvey’s “God...
A California family goes out on a limb to provide the best walnuts
Olivia Wenger of Paso Robles, California, is keeping a close eye on the drought situation. Her family farm is Limerock Orchards, which includes 23-acres of heirloom English walnut trees. The trees...
Elizabeth Millard grows vegetables in the wintertime
Elizabeth Millard and her partner Karla Pankow run Bossy Acres, a 5-acre community supported agriculture operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They started the farm in late summer and got the soils...
Bob and Sally Fitz focus their farm on children and community
After living in big cities and working for large companies for many years, Bob and Sally Fitz wanted to go back to Bob’s rural roots with a farm to call their own. They found 63-acres of...
Jack Maloney found out that tragedy can happen with the push of a button
Jack Maloney is a corn and soybean farmer in Brownsburg, Indiana. He also educates people about farm safety. Several years ago, Jack lost his lower left arm in a grain auger while preparing corn for...
A Virginia woman shares her tips on how to raise chickens like the old-timers did
Lisa Steele’s family has been raising chickens for five-generations, and she now has her own small flock on her Suffolk, Virginia, farm. She’s also a writer and thought others would be...
A Maine family is coupling self-reliance and new technology on their farm
Peter Hedden and Tracy Wilkerson of Bethel, Maine are working hard to sustainably develop their 100-acre farm. They grow much of their own food and hay for the animals, which includes the draft...