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Conservation and cheese go hand-in-hand for this Florida couple
John and Nancy Mims of Hawthorne, Florida, milk around 200 Jersey cows. They sell their milk to a local cooperative, and a few years ago they decided to try making their own cheese. John says they...
The cows are getting a lot of attention in Whiteland, Indiana
Amy Kelsay, her husband Joe, and their three children live on a six-generation dairy and crop farm in Whiteland, Indiana. The farm has been in operation since 1837 when it was land-granted to the...
Wes and Missy Kroninger found their dream farm and the animals to go with it
Wes and Missy Kroninger bought 17-acres near Springfield, Ohio in 2011 to fulfill Missy’s lifelong dream of raising animals and living off the land. When Missy fell in love with a sweater made...
AJ and Kellie Blair are using farm practices to help protect water quality in the Gulf of Mexico
The state of Iowa is a long way from the Gulf of Mexico, but a young Dayton, Iowa, couple is doing what they can to prevent excess nutrients from flowing downstream into the gulf waters. AJ and...
A powerful storm gave this farm a new purpose
Five years ago Lyle Weeda of Dysart, Iowa woke up early in the morning to a strange noise. After checking out the situation from the main floor, Lyle returned upstairs to find the attic and roof gone...
Patty Hanson is helping women make fond memories on the farm
Patty Hanson remembers how her father took such pride in his 101-acre farm near Orangeville, Illinois. Gene Meads also loved to entertain and share the place with friends and family. When he passed...
Nick Klein feeds fish and rabbits through a unique invention
When Nick Klein moved from a cattle farm in Wisconsin to a small lot in Queen Creek, Arizona, he still had the desire to raise livestock. He bought a few rabbits, which quickly multiplied into many...
This Pennsylvania couple is working hard to show people where quality beef comes from
Angie and Paul Myer of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania both grew up around cattle and decided they wanted the same quality of life for their children. The young family now lives on a 30-acre farm, and...
The Sowders are reconnecting with nature and awakening the wild within
Jon and Nicolette Sowder have always been interested in keeping the environment pure. They learned about permaculture, visited eco-friendly farms, and studied all they could before buying their dream...
Walter and Annie are on a homesteading journey
Annie and Walter Bernauer of Missoula, Montana wanted to become homesteaders. They dreamed of growing their own food and teaching their young daughter about living the simple life. As they were...