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A Minnesota woman is restoring native habitats on her land
Lynn Steiner is a native plant horticulturist and author of a new book called “Grow Native”. Lynn and her husband Ted live on 18-acres north of Stillwater, Minnesota. It’s a 115-...
A Chicago man is raising fish and vegetables on asphalt
Benjamin Kant has no background in farming, but he is an entrepreneur. He became interested in growing things and decided to prove that urban farming can be profitable. His vision is to grow fresh...
A Texas couple found an interesting source of income on their hobby farm
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and quite often through a camera lens. Kelly and Charlie Gerszewski of Manvel, Texas were looking for a quiet place for themselves and their young...
A haven for livestock species at-risk
Cheryl Bowen-DiTommaso lives on a farm in Scituate, Massachusetts that has been in her family since 1861. In the early 2000’s she found an article in the Boston Globe about rare livestock...
Hans Langeveld has deep roots in the flower bulb business
Hans Langeveld of Lakewood, New Jersey knows flower bulbs better than most people. His family has been in the bulb business for several generations, starting with his grandfather in Holland in the...
A Virginia man is working hard to bring chestnuts back into the food chain
The central part of Virginia was covered in chestnut trees in the early 1900s. A blight wiped out the chestnuts to near extinction by 1940. But, they’re coming back. David and Kim Bryant...
Two men built a business by neighbor-helping-neighbor
Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge were two Manhattan city guys who bought the historic Beekman mansion and 60-acre farm in Sharon Springs, New York. They both had a rural upbringing and thought it...
Daniel Salatin says his success comes from mimicking nature
The land on Polyface Farm of Swoope, Virginia has been worked for over two-centuries. You’d think it would be tired out, but owner Daniel Salatin says they’re healing the land and the...
Teenagers are managing a Kansas City farm from seed to sales
Urban teenage boys in Kansas City, Missouri, are cultivating business and life skills on the farm. John Gordon, Jr. is the founder of Boys Grow, a non-profit organization where the boys learn...
A New York company draws inspiration from its headquarters on the farm
Mackenzie Childs is a designer and manufacturer of home furnishings based in Aurora, New York where they still make their handmade ceramics and hand-painted furniture. Its global headquarters aren...