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The livelihood of a Washington State man depends on the fragrance of a purple flower
Mike Reichner spent 18-years as a Washington State park ranger. When he decided it was time to leave that career and put down some roots, he bought land near Sequim, Washington. The farm boy in him...
Todd Geisert is creating a local foods powerhouse
The pigs on Todd Geisert’s farm in Washington, Missouri are free to roam around and play in the sunshine and fresh air. Little has changed in the way hogs have been raised on the family farm...
This upstate New York woman talks about her plans and advice on owning new land
Like most country women, Toby Wollin of Norwich, New York, has many skills. A couple of years ago, Toby and her husband Darryl Wood bought 123 acres of abandoned farmland – and her skill set...
Scott Roush uses ancient techniques to create blades
Scott Roush of Ashland, Wisconsin, is a blacksmith. Through his work he’s also become a bladesmith. He uses fire and a hammer to create artful, useful, heirloom steel blades for knives, axes,...
Kara Brook farms exclusively for her bees
Kara Brook lives on the east coast of Maryland, and uses beeswax in her artwork. One day she accidentally boiled over a big vat of the wax and decided it would be more sustainable to raise her own...
This young woman is allergic to the subject of her future plans
Lexi Delaney has been around hogs and cattle all of her life. She grew up raising the animals on the family farm near DeWitt, Iowa. Lexi showed pigs in 4-H and FFA, and is now an animal science major...
An Oregon family started a business trying to solve a skin problem
Dwight and Marilee Johnson tried everything they could to help their young son Chance find relief from eczema, an itchy skin inflammation. They found the remedy in their goat pen. The Bend, Oregon...
This Massachusetts woman's motto is “eat it to save it”
Eli Rogosa of Colrain, Massachusetts is a food anthropologist who wanted to bake with ancient, artisan wheats. But she couldn’t find any. Eli worked in Palestine and Israel in the winter for...
An Iowa man shares his secrets for getting produce ribbons at the state fair
Mike Meyer had a small garden as a kid and grew up proudly taking his produce to compete in the Illinois State Fair vegetable competitions. Mike and his wife Katie now live in Norwalk, Iowa, on a...
A Minnesota woman is restoring native habitats on her land
Lynn Steiner is a native plant horticulturist and author of a new book called “Grow Native”. Lynn and her husband Ted live on 18-acres north of Stillwater, Minnesota. It’s a 115-...