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An Iowa family has embraced raising goats
Doug Reynolds never imagined that one day he would have a herd of goats roaming his acreage near Earlham, Iowa. But when his daughter Macy entered 4-H, she wanted to show goats more than anything....
A Missouri family is swimming into the future of fish farming
Unless you caught them yourself, the fish you ate for dinner was probably imported from another country. Randy Constant, an organic farmer from Chillicothe, Missouri saw the need for sustainable,...
She hones her flower market for all seasons
Linda Chapman wanted to stay home with her two kids, and started growing flowers on her Spencer, Indiana, farm as a way to make some money. That was almost 30-years ago. Linda found herself at the...
Kids are learning about social issues through a spokes-pumpkin
There is power in beloved children’s characters. They tell a story, and deliver a message. Combine them with agritourism, and it’s a win-win for farmers, parents, and kids. ...
These Pennsylvania farmers are working smarter, not harder
Jeff Frank and Kristin Illick live on land that has been in her family since the late 1800s. The Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, farm grew processing tomatoes for the Campbell Soup Company until the 1960s...
This California woman explores the link between botany and booze
Grapes give us wine. Scotch comes from barley, rum from sugarcane, and bourbon from corn. In other words, your favorite cocktails started in the dirt. Amy Stewart of Eureka, California is an...
This Iowa woman went through a high tunnel learning curve
In 2010, Sara Pearson and a few of her girlfriends put up a high tunnel on her family’s farm in Wesley, Iowa. She planted vegetables and enjoyed the benefits of an extended planting and...
This New Jersey woman rescues the baby goats nobody else wants
Leanne Lauricella of Annandale, New Jersey, drove by cute little farms every day on her commute to New York City for what she calls a very stressful job.  One day she stopped to visit a farm...
This Indiana family found home and a sense of community on their perfect farm
As soon as they saw the little blue house, the pasture, the creek, and the barn, Carrie and Jerod Davis knew they found home. The young couple wanted away from the city where they spent the majority...
Two men bought a farm that came with birds and a couple of old goats
Greg Graves was out helping his friend dig some topiary at a nursery near Graham, Washington, and was captivated by the charm of the century-old farmhouse, gardens, pasture, and mature trees. When it...