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Antler production involves nutrition of the animals, their age, and genetics
A majestic buck is truly a beautiful sight to see. Steve Demarais is a wildlife biologist at Mississippi State University. He says whitetail deer max out on antler growth when they're 5- to 6-...
Give birds and other wild things a drink
I have a birdbath that I keep filled with water year-round. I’m rewarded with all kinds of birds coming to my back yard. Even squirrels enjoy a drink. Larger wildlife, such as deer, would also...
Protect your trees and landscape plants from becoming a deer buffet
When winter makes it hard to find food, deer will zero in on your trees and landscaping. They’re creatures of habit so they’ll come back again and again, and may even bring their friends...
Summer heat and drought are prime conditions for midge flies to make the deer sick
A tiny midge fly is biting deer and infecting the animals with a virus that causes hemorrhagic disease. Emily Flinn is a resource scientist with the Missouri Department of Conservation. She says...
Planting a food plot for wildlife is a lot easier with the right equipment.
Radio interview source: Gary Wallander, Senior Product Support Coordinator, Brillion Farm Equipment   Listen to the radio mp3 or read below Maintaining a healthy wildlife population includes...
Deer are unpredictable so be ready for them
Radio interview source: Randy Romanski, Safety Program Chief, Wisconsin State Patrol   Listen to the radio mp3 or read below Dusk and dawn are the prime time for deer movement so if you see a...
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A neighboring farmer reported $1,000 worth of tire damage to his combine last week when he ran over a huge rack from a dead buck while harvesting corn. Other farmers are finding bones and carcasses...
The minerals might not produce trophy bucks, but they won't hurt either.
Landowners interested in improving the health of whitetail deer and antler development often put out mineral licks.   Brian Murphy is a wildlife biologist with the Quality Deer...
Ever wonder what might go "bump in the night" in your backyard? Well, with the advent of technology and inspiration from the hunting community, wonder no more. The proof is in the digital...
Living in the country means you share your property with deer, foxes, or even bears. Our readers share photos of their favorite wild neighbors.