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Keep your dog safe Listen to this radio show (MP3 download) or read below. Radio interview source: Mike Alexander, president, L Bar M Ranch When I was a kid, my dad built a two-run kennel under...
Dogs don't ask for much other than a loving family and a cozy place to hang out. If your pet spends a lot of time outside, it will appreciate a well-built doghouse. Radio interview source: Kathy...
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All-weather bird feeder We had a problem with snow and ice clogging our bird feeders, so I cut a hole about half way up a plastic cat litter container and painted it green. The birds loved it! As...
Provide your pooch with a comfy place to hang out
Listen to the radio story mp3 If you consider your pooch to be a member of your family, it's only natural to want to make sure he has a safe place to rest. Your dog's living quarters can be...