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Play Superman and soar over the ground
A few years ago my parents built a zipline between a couple of trees in their yard for the grandkids. It isn’t very long and isn’t up very high off the ground, but the kids just love it...
Delight your descendants by preserving your thoughts and relics
Radio interview source: Paul Hudson, Co-Founder, International Time Capsule Society   Listen to the radio mp3 or read below Time never stands still, but you can connect with the future by...
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Bob's sister Carolyn and her three children visited us recently from California. It's always great to watch "city" kids have fun on a farm. The first morning they were up at dawn...
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All good things come to an end. High school ended on Sunday when Caroline and Michelle graduated. Michelle's mother is arriving from Sweden tonight and we are planning fun activities all week....
There's no need to take a fancy vacation to enjoy yourself. Add one of these fun features to your property and make the most of family time at home!