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Let them eat whenever they want, or keep the feeding under control.
There is no right method for getting the chickens fed. Do what works for you and your birds. Auburn University Extension Poultry Specialist Joe Hess says chickens only eat when they need to....
Weight = value
Whether you're raising a small herd of cattle to sell or to use as beef for your table, it's important the animals grow at an economical rate. Dan Loy is an extension beef specialist at...
When horses eat their hay slowly, they're healthier and happier
Horses out on pasture will often spend over 14-hours grazing every day. Horses housed in stalls are fed two large meals each day with limited opportunity to forage. Krishona Martinson is an...
If you want a food plot for deer, offer them forage soybeans
I see deer out in the soybean fields all the time. They love to eat young soybean plants, and farmers hate that. But if you are planting a food plot for deer, you can't go wrong with forage...
Proper grain storage helps reduce feed costs, and make chores easier.
If you feed grain to livestock, proper storage of that grain is important for quality control and to reduce waste.    Kathy Anderson is an extension horse specialist at the University...
Alvaro Garcia, South Dakota State University Extension Dairy Specialist, shares this checklist of feeding strategies to reduce drops in cow intake during hot weather.
This suet feeder offers high-energy food to a variety of birds through the winter.
This easy project is perfect for getting children involved. While an adult will need to do the drilling, kids can do just about everything else. They'll be excited to watch the birds eat...
Choosing the right bird feeder is key to your success.
If you want to attract birds to your window this winter make sure you have the right feeder and the correct bird food. Food and water are needed for maximum benefit to the birds. CLICK ON OUR...
Know how to recognize when a lamb isn't getting enough to eat
Radio interview source: Bill Shulaw, Extension Veterinarian, Ohio State University   Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below In all mammal babies, getting colostrum from...
The 30% Protein High Energy Tub provides protein supplementation when cattle are fed transitional forages which have less protein and available energy.
  Purina Animal Nutrition infomational and educational video on their 30% Protein High Energy Tub for cattle.       Copyright Purina 2012