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Invest in an automatic gate for convenience and safety
Radio interview source: Russell Pimental, sales manager, Amazing Gates               Listen here for the radio story When you live in the...
Dry stone is a great option for a strong, sturdy wall.
Listen here to the radio story mp3 Bricks and mortar aren't always the answer to a solid wall. A dry stone wall will stand up to the ages, as long as you keep it in good condition. Use local...
Keep kitty entertained with a safe place to play
Listen here to the radio story mp3 Installing an outdoor cat fence is a great way to provide your feline companion with a safe place to play. A cat fence is made of a series of tall mesh grids...
A solid fence post starts from the bottom up
Listen to the radio story mp3 Fences add interest to your landscaping, keep out stray wildlife, and clearly mark your property boundaries. However, a good fence requires a firm foundation. When you...
Livestock laws apply to horses as well as cattle, goats, and sheep.
These laws deal with taking up stray animals, returning them to the owners, and, if necessary, selling them at public auction to pay for the expenses of keeping them. They also deal with fencing...
Protect your four-legged friends from roaming outside your acreage by installing electronic pet fencing.
As your pets run around your property, chasing whatever catches their attention, you want to ensure they are safe, especially from busy traffic. With electronic pet fencing, you can keep pets...
If you're looking for a sturdy fence that will last forever with minimal maintenance, vinyl fits the bill.
Like vinyl windows and siding, which are routinely used in homes, vinyl fencing offers significant advantages to the acreage owner. Also known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC fencing, it's easy to...