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The colors of Fall are almost here! Check out these five fall-blooming flowers that will give your garden an extra pop of color.
Extend the season and produce beautiful blooms
There’s a big farmer’s market in my area that has some of the most beautiful cut flowers I’ve ever seen. They’re perfect – unlike the flowers in my garden – and I...
Garden design tips and trends from WAVE® PETUNIAS and HGTV’S Kelly Edwards.
rose bouquet instructions
For a country-casual flower arrangement, we'll show you how to combine roses with lady’s mantle, hydrangea, and white coneflower in a vintage enamel bucket.
They come in a kaleidoscope of colors, and even the leaves can be the focal point of the garden
Begonias are one of my go-to flowers every year. They stand out in mass plantings, mixed containers, and hanging baskets. Dennis Patton is an extension horticulture agent at Kansas State...
With a little creativity, farm and household castoffs can become unique and rustic plant containers as demonstrated by Jan Richenburg of Pettengill Farm in Salisbury, Massachusetts.
You can grow just about anything under plastic, but you want to make sure it’s profitable
Produce farmers who want income from their crops for more than just a few months of the year should consider high tunnels. The structures are covered with plastic, which protects plants from bad...
Spring is here! Now let's get to work!
April showers bring May flowers, and April garden chores help determine how your garden will fare all summer. Here's a list of chores broken down by region: Pacific Northwest Southern...
Consider your space, cold hardiness, and the time you can spend on care
Deciding which roses to grow in the garden is a highly personal choice based on fragrance, color, and the time you’re willing to spend on their care.  I’ve had the best luck with the...
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February is the longest month. It's 8 degrees this morning and heading to -7 overnight. I've decided to cheer myself up by looking at photos from my yard last year. Try it! Spring is just...