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Show the public where their food literally comes from. A new resource is available to help you research and navigate on-farm food service.
From multi-course meals to family pizza nights, farmers are launching dining experiences on their farms which is diversifying their income streams. And the public is eating it up. Lisa Kivirist is...
Here's how a mushroom farm makes it all work
The fresh mushrooms you bought from the grocery store likely came from Pennsylvania. Sixty-four percent of the nation’s mushrooms are commercially grown in that state. Gale Ferranto is a 3rd...
Handwashing stations are crucial on an agritourism operation. This is the number one thing you can do to prevent customers from getting sick.
Kids have so much fun when they visit a farm or petting zoo. They climb on the playground, pet the animals, and then have something to eat and put their hands in their mouth. Yuk. Agritourism...
This might have been the very first cheese made in America
When Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey, she was actually eating cottage cheese. Miss Muffet was an early trendsetter because it’s still a popular food item today...
There are many layers to the law to reduce food-borne illnesses
Over the years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of food-borne illnesses. Angela Shaw is an associate professor and Extension outreach specialist at Iowa State University. She says one-...
Find your perfect pumpkin, and enjoy these sweet and savory treats.
New pasteurization technology could sharply reduce the number of egg-borne illnesses
Less than 3% of the eggs sold in the United States are pasteurized. Currently, pasteurization is done by immersing eggs in hot water, which can lead to cloudy egg whites. New pasteurization...
As berries and other fruits come into season, preserve the juices as a syrup
Making fruit syrup is simple. It takes very little time, is economical, and gives you a sweet treat. The fruit should be in the best condition possible – not over-ripe and not under-ripe. If...
Consumers know what they want, and producers have to respond
The vegetables you ate for dinner last night were probably a lot different than the veggies your grandparents would have eaten. Our food changes over time and so does our response to those changes....
How would you like to have an extra $2,500 at the end of this year?
I’m notorious for buying more at the grocery store than we can eat. I always have good intentions, but a lot of it ends up looking like a botany experiment in my fridge. Joan Ruskamp is a...