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Basil is easy to grow and comes in many varieties
Sun-kissed basil (Ocimum basilicum) is one of the most popular and useful herbs in the kitchen garden. Distinct varieties of the plant originated in Italy, Greece, Thailand, India, Africa, South...
This ranching business is a bit buggy
The United States is one of the few places in the world where the thought of eating bugs makes our stomachs turn. But Taylor Ferguson and Wendy Lu McGill of Denver, Colorado are hoping to convince us...
New grading efforts are bringing consistency to the dinner table
There are 85,000 producers of lamb meat in the United States. Different breeds and raising practices have led to consistency issues in cut size and taste in the meat product. Industry partners are...
Benji Ballmer built a local food system with a network of small farmers
Benji Ballmer wants you to ask yourself every day, “Who grew my food”?  The Mount Vernon, Ohio man created the Yellowbird Foodshed, a venture that networks with small farmers and...
The slow money movement matches locally-produced food and products with fresh capital investment
As we ask ourselves who will be farming in the future, there is an emerging funding model that could help people get into agriculture. The “slow money” movement matches local food and...
Making candy can be just as fun as receiving it
This is a sugar addict’s favorite time of year. Making candy to give as gifts to others – or to eat yourself – is a fun and tasty way to enjoy the holidays. Lynn Blanchard is the...
Share food and get to know the members of your community
I make really good strawberry jam and my neighbor makes mouth-watering Kringla. If we got together with others in our area to trade our specialty foods with each other, we’d have what’s...
The labeling of a meat product is important – if you know what it means
Go to the meat case in the average grocery store and you’re bombarded by over 135 different types of products. And on each of those products is a label. Maybe it says “natural,”...
These main course dishes will fill your family's bellies and warm them up on a cool night. The leftovers make great next-day lunches!
The best place is cool, dry, and dark
We all go a little crazy when the garden fruits and vegetables come on at once. You spend hours in the kitchen getting everything canned. And then you wonder -- Where am I going to put all these jars...