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Aim for cool-season plants that produce a lot of volume
Feed costs represent over 60% of the total costs in a cow-calf production system. Get a forage crop in the ground for late-season grazing as soon as possible to help stretch those feed dollars into...
Efficiently store and use forages
When corn is expensive, many cattle producers are being pushed to feed more forages. However, bad growing conditions can also increase the cost of hay. Any waste in your feeding program is going to...
Increase the productivity of your pasture by increasing the number of forage species
A nine-year study done by the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service analyzed the benefits and effects of increasing the number of plant species sown into a pasture. Howard Skinner is a...
Ensure production and longevity with the right development steps
Healthy livestock depend on healthy pastures, and developing a strong perennial pasture benefits both animals and forages. Whether you’re creating an all-new pasture or renovating a tired one,...
Forage advancements and even alternative uses can help the bottom line
More and more land is being converted for growing crops. But with the rising price of all meat animals, livestock owners are looking to maximize productivity with the amount of grazing land available...
A little work this fall can mean big returns next spring and summer
Before you put your pasture to bed for the winter, you have a to-do list. Take a close look at what’s growing and its condition. There are several important things you can do now to keep your...
Spring pastures that came through dry fall and winter weather need extra attention
Springtime usually prompts green, full pastures. But if your pasture has been through fall and winter drought, forage growth and its availability for grazing might be a concern.   Jamie...
In a drought, agronomists encourage cattle producers to consider canola and other brassicas for fall and winter forages
Brassicas, such as canola, turnips, kale, rape, and rutabagas, can be productive, high quality forage options for producers to consider for fall and winter feeding, said Doug Shoup, southeast crops...
How you manage your pastures during the winter months can make all the difference in forage quality, animal growth, and weed control next spring.
Just because your pasture turns green every spring doesn't mean it's productive. Plan your forages to make sure your animals are getting enough food and the right nutrients. Radio...