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The huge trumpet flowers on this perennial add tropical drama and color even in Northern gardens.
Common names: Hardy hibiscus, rose mallow, swamp mallow, wild cotton, Eastern rose mallow  Botanical name: Hibiscus moscheutos, hybrids, and cultivars  Hardiness: Zones...
Harness the glimmer and gleam of light-catching glass as a decorative element in the garden with one of these sparkling options.
Instead of using a calendar, manage planting and pest control with growing degree days.
 Try using growing degree days to plant your vegetables. This method measures accumulations of heat required for insects and plants to flourish.   Len Coop is an assistant professor...
Keeping the basic historic elements of their home, homeowners of this basic, four-square house welcomed a makeover to turn their porch into a cozy, Bohemian-inspired retreat ripe with eclectic style...
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The humble wire tomato cage has much more potential than simply bracing up a rambling tomato plant. It can have other special roles in the garden. Not long ago, I passed a stack of tomato...
Decorate sunny gardens with these bright, jaunty native flowers. 
Cultivating plants native to North America has become a widespread garden trend. Coreopsis (also known as tickseed), with 100 or so species, is among the foremost in the vast range of...
Watering cans are beautiful tools, and vintage models are just as useful and attractive as the day they were made, especially to gardeners and collectors. William Bryant Logan, in The Tool Book (...
These "dinner plate" peonies are full of big beautiful blooms.
If ever there was a garden fixture with potential, it is the garden shed. Practically speaking, no garden can function without a place to store tools and other miscellaneous gardening paraphernalia....
Shed Considerations: Check local building codes and zoning guidelines. Many towns require permits before you construct a shed. It’s always wise to know the rules prior to...
Peonies are the quintessential cottage garden flower— they have big blooms with big fragrance, and they are beautiful without being boastful.
Nothing lends a touch of romance to the garden like herbaceous peonies. In late spring, they are the rock stars of the garden, taking center stage and flaunting their sumptuous...