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I'm pleased with the progress of my garden, but worried about rain. I don't like to water. The potatoes in front I planted. The potatoes coming up in the middle and back of my garden...
When you're living the country life, fair time is a huge deal! Here are some favorite fair photos from our readers and staff.
Get a jump on spring planting by starting select flower and vegetable seeds indoors!
After falling in love with a local artist's craft, a Missouri woman puts the artwork on display.
With the right planning, you can create an escape that will add a whole new dimension to your backyard. Here's how to do it.
Water garden
Adding a water garden to your acreage gives you a place to relax and unwind. Here are some great examples from our readers.
Less than a half-hour commute from the big city sits a delightful oasis for both humans and animals.
Photo gallery of John and Barb Bauman's swim pond and Minnesota home.
This family was not blessed with scenic rolling hills on their property, but it didn't stop them from making a natural oasis out of flatlands.
A zen garden in Ohio
As you drive the half-mile lane to Jerry Burton's home in Morrow, Ohio, you'll encounter a sheer wall of bamboo along one side. You might feel as if you've entered an Asian zen garden,...