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Fainting goats are a hoot to watch
A hereditary condition called Myotonia Congenita can cause muscles in your legs to stiffen up when you’re tense. Myotonic goats, also known as fainting goats, stiff-legged goats, or wooden-...
Spin up a nice profit by selling the fiber
The next time I put on my softest sweater, I’m going to thank a fiber goat that gave its hair so that I could be warm. Ronald Pope is an animal fiber research scientist for Texas Agrilife...
Deb Miller's journey from corporate America to the green pastures of northeast Oklahoma.
Why Deb Miller thinks "a bad day on the farm is still better than a good day in the office."
Blog Post
Summer just isn't summer without making homemade ice cream. It's even better when it's shared with friends, and better still, I learned, when using goat milk! Our neighbors have added...
This Iowa family built a business around their family's needs. With goats and sheep they create homemade skin products and artisan cheeses.
Hanna's Upside Down Fainting Goats
Learn about fainting goats, and how a family in New Virginia, Iowa, created their own fainting goat farm!
A productive nanny goat can nourish many newborn animals
If you have a couple of dairy goats, you’ve got a nice supply of milk. And maybe more than you know what to do with. When a goat is nursing her young, the milk can also be used for other...
The Jonas family of Indiana created Goat Milk Stuff with the help of their children.
Pygmy goats are becoming the new “it” pet for both rural and urban dwellers alike
The cutest farm animals come in pint-sized packages.  Adult pygmy goats are about the size of a medium-sized dog, and are a nice fit for owners with limited space. Dori Lowell is the business...
PJ Jonas wanted the best for her kids and in the process created a family business
Jim and PJ Jonas wanted the best milk they could find for their five children.  They were a single-income family and the organic milk they bought at the grocery store added up. They lived on...