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Hanna's Upside Down Fainting Goats
Learn about fainting goats, and how a family in New Virginia, Iowa, created their own fainting goat farm!
A productive nanny goat can nourish many newborn animals
If you have a couple of dairy goats, you’ve got a nice supply of milk. And maybe more than you know what to do with. When a goat is nursing her young, the milk can also be used for other...
The Jonas family of Indiana created Goat Milk Stuff with the help of their children.
Pygmy goats are becoming the new “it” pet for both rural and urban dwellers alike
The cutest farm animals come in pint-sized packages.  Adult pygmy goats are about the size of a medium-sized dog, and are a nice fit for owners with limited space. Dori Lowell is the business...
PJ Jonas wanted the best for her kids and in the process created a family business
Jim and PJ Jonas wanted the best milk they could find for their five children.  They were a single-income family and the organic milk they bought at the grocery store added up. They lived on...
Meet some of the cattle, dogs, chickens, and other animals our readers adore. These photos were shared in our online gallery and on our Facebook page.
Don't throw away those old farm machinery tires. Hook them up to a water supply, and you've got an excellent watering tank for livestock
Livestock need a continuous supply of fresh water, but many producers are concerned about the cost and durability of water tanks. Recycled machinery tires are heavy-duty, and the animals can't...
Aaron has turned chores for his sons into a new business
Aaron Steele of Ames, Iowa, wanted his sons to be responsible for chores on the family acreage, so he bought them a few goats. The plan was to have them around during the summer, then sell them in...
Goats are popular animals to keep on an acreage, but what's your goal?
Goats are great animals for a small farm. They're easy keepers and popular in the show ring. Goat meat is also the most frequently consumed meat in the world. If you plan to raise a herd, you may...
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This time last year we had this cute set of quads on the ground. However, their caretaker -- Caroline -- went off to college, so all the goats were sold after the county fair. I miss them, but Bob...