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Meet some of the cattle, dogs, chickens, and other animals our readers adore. These photos were shared in our online gallery and on our Facebook page.
Don't throw away those old farm machinery tires. Hook them up to a water supply, and you've got an excellent watering tank for livestock
Livestock need a continuous supply of fresh water, but many producers are concerned about the cost and durability of water tanks. Recycled machinery tires are heavy-duty, and the animals can't...
Aaron has turned chores for his sons into a new business
Aaron Steele of Ames, Iowa, wanted his sons to be responsible for chores on the family acreage, so he bought them a few goats. The plan was to have them around during the summer, then sell them in...
Goats are popular animals to keep on an acreage, but what's your goal?
Goats are great animals for a small farm. They're easy keepers and popular in the show ring. Goat meat is also the most frequently consumed meat in the world. If you plan to raise a herd, you may...
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This time last year we had this cute set of quads on the ground. However, their caretaker -- Caroline -- went off to college, so all the goats were sold after the county fair. I miss them, but Bob...
The Messer family has many blessings thanks to their goats
Radio interview source: Phillip Messer, Owner, Red Gate Farm   Listen to the radio mp3 or read below Money won't get you everything. Sometimes all it takes to go to college is a goat....
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Lisa Prater built a funny slideshow today called 16 Wacky Animals. She found an old photo of mine from the first year we raised goats. At that time I couldn't believe a goat would climb all the...
Goats tough out the winter well, but only with the proper care
Radio inteview source: Linda Spahr, Extension Educator, Penn State University Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Goats are hardy animals in winter. However, they require a higher...
Blog Post a redneck. Oh, the sound of goat hooves on tin. All evening long.
There's nothing like the taste of fresh artisan cheese, and if you happen to have a dairy cow, goat or sheep, you can actually make it yourself. Believe it or not, you don't need a bunch of...
Radio interview source: Anne Topham, Cheese maker, Fantome Farm Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Once you’ve had the fresh flavor of artisan cheese made on...