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Winter and spring can present a number of challenges for nearly all livestock and outdoor animals - horses are no different. While their diet, exercise and time outside may be altered, horses are...
Stirred up dust in the barn can have an effect on the health of your horse
A lot of our equine companions spend a good part of the day confined to their stall. A horse that’s coughing, wheezing, and has nasal discharge might appear to have a cold, but could in fact be...
If you saw one you probably wouldn't know it
Mules are the product of a male donkey and a female horse. On the flip side, a hinny is the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey. Hinnies aren’t nearly as common, but if you saw one...
Teach them about personal space
It’s a bad habit when horses nip at visitors. In the horse world, nipping and biting is how they play, groom, and investigate. But it's not good communication with humans. Cherry Hill is...
Equine veterinarians say a healthy topline can help reduce injury and contribute to overall well-being.
Horse owners who want their horses to be as healthy as possible should focus on developing their topline. That conclusion is based on a survey of American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP),...
Prevent problems with routine exams every year
The horse that's grazing in the pasture is filling his tummy, but he's also using that grass to keep his constantly-growing teeth at the right level and in good shape.  You want to be...
Give them the once-over to be sure they're healthy
When a mare gives birth, everything usually goes okay. But immediately after the foal is born, there are some things you should pay attention to. You can't always have a vet there at the...
Zoetis introduces the first licensed vaccine to help protect horses from leptospirosis caused by L. pomona.
In November 2015, Zoetis announced the introduction of LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR®, the first and only vaccine licensed for use in horses, six months of age or older, to aid in the prevention...
Trail rides can shake things up for horses that are bored in the arena.
The demands of training can leave horses worn down, sour, and bored. It’s time to get out of the arena and onto the trails! Horses are naturally roamers, says trainer Wendie Holt O’...
Vesicular Stomatitis and Seneca Valley Virus look like, but are not, Foot and Mouth Disease.
"Doctor, there's a veterinarian on the line who wants to talk to you about some blisters he's seeing in a group of pigs."   That doesn't sound like a big deal, right? But...