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When horses eat their hay slowly, they're healthier and happier
Horses out on pasture will often spend over 14-hours grazing every day. Horses housed in stalls are fed two large meals each day with limited opportunity to forage. Krishona Martinson is an...
Cribbing is a repetitive behavior by horses characterized by grabbing an upright object with the teeth and pulling against it with an arched neck and sucking air.
Without knowing the exact cause for cribbing behavior in horses, prevention can be difficult, explains Dr. Sara L. Mastellar, SDSU Equine Instructor.   "Horses that crib may spend...
American Horse Publications Survey shows 
horse ownership and involvement has stabilized and is likely to rise
The equine industry has found stability and shows positive signs of growth, especially among young adult horse owners and event participants, according to results of a survey by American Horse...
The heat is hard on everyone, including your animals. They rely on you to help them stay cool when temperatures rise.
Vaccination, good management helps offer protection during peak mosquito season.
Peak mosquito activity in the United States occurs July through October, which places horses at the highest risk of contracting West Nile virus (WNV). Much of the United States has experienced...
Kids often can't separate their excitement from safe behavior
What kid isn't excited when they get a new horse? Unfortunately, children often can't separate their excitement from safe behavior. Without proper safety education, there's the potential...
Vaccinations, deworming, and a check of the horse's overall condition is important as we go into the warmer months
As the weather warms up you’re probably planning how you’re going to condition and use your horses. We’re also not too far away from mosquito season and the diseases they can...
Keep your horses safe and infection-free with these tips on hoof care
Keep your horses sure-footed with a regular pedicure. A hoof pick is probably the most important tool in a horse grooming kit. The hooves need to be picked out after every ride or walk to prevent...
The 2015 survey of horse owners is first in a decade. USDA will visit randomly selected equine operations in 28 states and conduct personal interviews.
The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) will launch Equine 2015 in May. This is the third national study of the U.S. equine industry by...
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