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Dry weather can mean bacterial infection on the rise
Drought can mean dry skin and more insect bites for horses, and that can be trouble. Philip Johnson, a professor of equine medicine and surgery in the University of Missouri College of Veterinary...
New advancements in seed technologies maximize alfalfa use
Radio interview source: Randy Welch, Forage Agronomist, Croplangenetics Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below New technologies have emerged for production crops and machinery,...
Animal branding provides proof of ownership and risk management
Radio interview source: John Hall, Extension Beef Specialist, University of Idaho   Listen here to the radio story mp3 or read below Horse and cattle owners have branded their animals for...
You can often tell a horse's mood just by watching it in the stall
Radio interview source: Carey Williams, Equine Extension Specialist, Rutgers Equine Science Center   Listen to the radio story mp3 or read below Horses that are bored or nervous can't be...
If you're looking for a docile, safe horse that's also very versatile, consider the Gypsy Horse
Radio interview source: Mary Graybeal, President, Gypsy Horse Association Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Gypsies traveled the roads of Europe for hundreds of years in...
Operation Gelding Clinic offers cheap castration of stallions
Drought or not, feeding and caring for unwanted horses can pose big financial problems for their owners. Three years ago, 13-year-old 4-H’er Lacey Edge decided to do something about it for her...
Not all horses are alike. Use this breed guide when selecting a horse for your family.
When there's a weather crisis, livestock owners may have difficulty finding hay and pasture for their animals. Alternative forage products may be the solution.
Radio interview source: Kevin Kline, Extension Horse Specialist, University of Illinois Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below   Weather disasters may make it...
Miniature horses are prone to overeating, which can cause health problems. If your mini eats like a horse, give it a special diet meant for the smaller equine.
Radio interview source: Chris Goodwin, Marketing Manager Horse Business Group, Purina Mills Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below   The nutritional needs of...
Sorry to say -- It starts with counting parasite eggs in feces
It is important for horse owners to stay abreast of the latest recommendations for parasite control, say experts at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana. Back in the...