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Discovering a thick mat of brown needles underneath your evergreen tree can be quite startling
I have two evergreens in my yard that always seem to have brown needles on them somewhere. The trees aren’t very old, so it’s hard to know if I should be concerned. Extension Forester...
Millions of monarchs are flying south for the winter
One of nature’s greatest spectacles is the annual monarch butterfly migration as they fly south to their winter homes for hibernation. There are no other insects in the world that migrate twice...
Weigh your options
I have a beautiful, mature ash tree in my yard that shades the west side of my house. It’s healthy, and structurally sound. At this point, the emerald ash borer isn’t close by, but it...
This large family of tiny bees is found all over the world
When I’m working outside in the summertime, I’m often annoyed by small bees that would rather land on me than the flowers I’m tending. They’re sweat bees, and range in...
You can't completely bug-proof your home, but you don’t have to make it easy for them
It drives me crazy when I find a spider in the shower and ants in the kitchen. Where do they come from and how did they get in? Shayne Wetherall is the CEO of Envance Technologies, a company that...
A new online resource for your farm and home.
  New website helps property owners find solutions to lawn and pest problems around the farm and home. Information on products for lawn weed and insect control, pasture...
Summer heat and drought are prime conditions for midge flies to make the deer sick
A tiny midge fly is biting deer and infecting the animals with a virus that causes hemorrhagic disease. Emily Flinn is a resource scientist with the Missouri Department of Conservation. She says...
The Colorado potato beetle will chew the leaves of potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants to nothing
The Colorado potato beetle is a familiar pest in the vegetable garden and will munch foliage till there's nothing left. Tom Kuhar is an associate professor of entomology at Virginia Tech. He...
Cicadas are little bugs that make a great big noise every decade or so
The deafening sound in your trees this spring announces the arrival of cicadas. Dan Mozgai is a cicada expert, and owner of the website There are species that appear either every 13...
Blog Post
My niece Tika Marie Siburt posted this photo on Facebook and I shared it with Living the Country Life fans. They loved it, although most had no idea what it was. This is not something right out of a...