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Our small farm is green and growing! Bob was able to mow the first cutting of alfalfa last night. It was choked full of invasive wild mustard. We are going to need to reseed our fields with Roundup...
They need to put down roots before spring
A couple of years ago a friend of mine divided her irises and gave me a few of the rhizomes to plant in my yard. I put them around some daylilies and what a show I’ve had. If you want these...
Destroy dead iris leaves to prevent disease and pests
Pay special attention to your iris beds as you're cleaning up the garden for spring. Destroy dead iris leaves to prevent disease and pests from taking over these perennial bloomers. Ward Upham is...
Are you looking for plants that will really make your place come to life this spring? Consider these options.
Living the Country Life Radio Program with Betsy Freese
Not too deep Listen to this radio show (MP3 download) or read below. Radio interview source: Susan Appleget-Hurst, garden editor, Better Homes and Gardens I can always count on my irises to put...
If your iris beds weren't vibrant this year, it's time to dig them up and divide them. Dividing irises and replanting them every few years makes them healthier and prettier. Radio interview...