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A children's book with a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) format to help children learn about agronomic, crop and soil sciences.
Soybeans are cool. That’s the message of Coolbean the Soybean, now available as an interactive book for grades 3-5. Author Shawn Conley is an agronomy professor and the Soybean and Wheat...
A playhouse combines imagination and physical activity
When my brother and sister and I were small, we had our very own playhouse. It was a one-room structure with two windows, carpeting, and even a front porch.  My parents have kept it maintained,...
Give kids their own special space with a bedroom that is designed around their interests. Any child would be thrilled to have one of these fun rooms!
Kids love horses, but riding or being around them can be dangerous. Follow these tips from Farm Safety 4 Just Kids ( to help keep everyone safe and happy.
Going on a hike with the kids is a great way to combine quality family time with exercise and exploration
My family loves to camp and we’ve gone on hikes through mountains and prairies. The kids enjoy it and we always discover something new. If you haven’t shared this experience with your...
You'll be surprised at how many ways kids come in contact with pesticides
All pesticides can pose a health risk to children. Their bodies are going through developmental processes that can be affected by pesticide exposure. The extent depends on the toxicity of the...
The Ericksons teach kids responsibility through farm animals
Radio interview source: Bruce and Kathleen Erickson Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Kids and animals just seem to go together. And what a child learns from the experience...
Protect your kids from farm hazards by creating a safe play area for them
Interview source: Tammy Ellis, Education Outreach Specialist, National Farm Medicine Center                 Listen to the radio story mp3 Young...
ATVs are fun to ride, but they aren't toys. Follow these tips to help prevent injuries to your kids.
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With three boys, our schedules can get pretty busy, especially during baseball season. We just finished another year of baseball, and one of the biggest challenges for me was feeding my family. We...